Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers 2010 & Scramble City Episode List (1986 - 1989)

# Title Western Title Writer Broadcast Date (Japan)
Scramble City (Video Only)
- Scramble City N/A Toyohiro Andō April 1986
- Scramble City 2 (Addendum with toys stop motion) N/A Toyohiro Andō April 1986
Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers 2010
1 A New Battle Five Faces Of Darkness Part 1 Flint Dille 14/11/1986
2 The New Emperor of Destruction Revives Five Faces Of Darkness Part 2 Flint Dille 21/11/1986
3 The Trap on Planet Goo Five Faces Of Darkness Part 3 Flint Dille 28/11/1986
4 The Secrets of the Matrix Five Faces Of Darkness Part 4 Flint Dille 05/12/1986
5 Conspiracy of the Quintessons Five Faces Of Darkness Part 5 Flint Dille 12/12/1986
6 Metroflex VS Dinosaurer Thief In The Night Paul Davids 19/12/1986
7 Starscream's Ghost Starscream's Ghost Megeen McLaughlin 26/12/1986
8 The Shadow of Convoy Dark Awakening Antoni Zalewski 09/01/1987
9 Time Trap Forever Is A Long Time Coming Carla Conway & Jerry Conway 16/01/1987
10 Four Captives The Killing Jar Michael Charles Hill & Joey Kurihara Piedra 23/01/1987
11 Death Crystals Chaos Paul Davids 30/01/1987
12 Daniel in Wonderland Madman's Paradise Craig Rand 06/02/1987
13 Surprise Party Surprise Party Steve Mitchell & Barbra Petty 13/02/1987
14 Challenge of the Music Planet Carnage In C-Minor Buzz Dixon 20/02/1987
15 Fight or Death!? Fight or Flee Tony Cinciripini & Larry Leahn 27/02/1987
16 Starscream's Resurrection Ghost In The Machine Michael Charles Hill & Joey K. Piedra 06/03/1987
17 Spider Webworld Webworld Len Wein & Diane Duane 13/03/1987
18 The Vampires of Planet Cybertron The Dweller In The Depths Paul Dini 20/03/1987
19 The Quintessons, the Merchants of Death The Quintesson Journal Richard Mervin 27/03/1987
20 The Ultimate Weapon The Ultimate Weapon Arthur Byron Cover 03/04/1987
21 The Big Broadcast of 2010 The Big Broadcast Of 2006 Michael Reaves 10/04/1987
22 Human Transformers Only Human Susan K. Williams 17/04/1987
23 Black Money Money Is Everything Carla Conway & Jerry Conway 24/04/1987
24 Nightmare Planet Nightmare Planet Beth Bornstein 01/05/1987
25 Grimlock's New Brain Grimlock's New Brain John Davids 08/05/1987
26 Call of the Primitives Call of the Primitives Donald F. Glut 15/05/1987
27 Save the Telepathy World The Face of the Nijika Mary Skrenes & Steve Skeates 22/05/1987
28 The Too-Heavy Burden The Burden Hardest To Bear Michael Charles Hill 29/05/1987
29 Daniel's Adventures - Clip Show (Japan Only) 05/06/1987
30 Good's Desperate Fight - Clip Show (Japan Only) 12/06/1987
31 The Resurrection of Convoy Part 1 The Return of Optimus Prime Part 1 Marf Wolfman & Cherie Wilkerson 19/06/1987
32 The Resurrection of Convoy Part 2 The Return of Optimus Prime Part 2 Marf Wolfman & Cherie Wilkerson 26/06/1987
Misc (Released on the Headmasters Laserdisc)
- Birth of the Headmasters The Rebirth, Part 1 David Wise N/A
- The Destrons' Counterattack The Rebirth, Part 2 David Wise N/A
- The Galaxy's Greatest Crisis The Rebirth, Part 3 David Wise N/A
20 minute promotion for Transformers The Movie (Released on Video, Laserdisc & DVD only)
- Transformers the Movie: Apocalypse! Matrix Forever     1989
Transformers The Movie (Limited Charity Screening in Tokyo and Osaka followed by a release on Video and Laserdisc)
- Transformers the Movie   Ron Friedman 09/08/1989
Transformers: Earthrise War for Cybertron Trilogy
Episode List
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