Beast Wars Returns Episode List (2004 - 2005)

# Title Western Title Writer Broadcast Date (Japan)
1 Rebirth of the Legend The Reformatting Marty Isenberg & Bob Skir 06/11/2004
2 Breaking of the Wild Master of the House Marty Isenberg & Bob Skir 07/11/2004
3 Wounds of Love Fires of the Past Marv Wolfman 13/11/2004
4 The Transformation of a Dear Wish Mercenary Pursuits Michael Reaves 14/11/2004
5 Forbidden Fruit Forbidden Fruit Steven Melching 20/11/2004
6 The Promised Dawn The Weak Component Rodney Gibbs 21/11/2004
7 The Power of Love Revelations Part I: Discovery Brynne Chandler Reaves 27/11/2004
8 Memory of a Friend Revelations Part II: Descent Marv Wolfman 28/11/2004
9 Message of the Stars Revelations Part III: Apocalypse Steven Melching 04/12/2004
10 The Innards of the Machine Survivor Brynne Chandler Reaves 05/12/2004
11 The Silence of Iron The Key Marv Wolfman 11/12/2004
12 The Water of Life The Catalyst Marty Isenberg & Bob Skir 12/12/2004
13 The End End of the Line Steven Melching 18/12/2004
14 The Cost of Victory Fallout Marty Isenberg & Bob Skir 19/12/2004
15 The Monster's Anguish Savage Noble Len Wein 25/12/2004
16 The Monster's Awakening Prometheus Unbound Marv Wolfman 26/12/2004
17 The Beast's Gratitude In Darkest Knight Steven Melching 01/01/2005
18 The Spiral of Hatred A Wolf in the Fold Brynne Chandler Reaves 02/01/2005
19 The Plant's Rebellion Home Soil Meg McLaughlin 08/01/2005
20 Capture of the Spirits Sparkwar Pt. I: The Strike Brooks Wachtel 09/01/2005
21 The Illusion's Guidance Sparkwar Pt. II: The Search Michael Reaves 15/01/2005
22 Eternity's Friendship Sparkwar Pt. III: The Siege Steven Melching 16/01/2005
23 The Terrifying Red Sphere Spark of Darkness Nick Dubois 22/01/2005
24 The General Offensive of Hell Endgame Pt. I: The Downward Spiral Michael Reaves 23/01/2005
25 Hope's End Endgame Pt. II: When Legends Fall Steven Melching 29/01/2005
26 The Fate of the Future Endgame Pt. III: Seeds of the Future Bob Skir 30/01/2005
It is a world transformed. Where things are not as they seem. It is a world of the Transformers...A world of the Heroic Autobots and Evil Decepticons!
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