# Title Western Title Writer Broadcast Date (Japan)
1 Enter the Super Robot Lifeform Transformers Beast Wars, Part 1 Bob Forward 01/10/1997
2 Beat the Destrons Beast Wars, Part 2 Bob Forward 08/10/1997
3 Cheetus's Crisis The Web Larry DiTillio 15/10/1997
4 Operation: Time Bomb Transfer! Equal Measures Greg Johnson 22/10/1997
5 Convoy Disappeared Chain of Command Jesse Winfield 29/10/1997
6 The Aerial Mountains Explode Power Surge Larry DiTillio 05/11/1997
7 Solitary Warrior Tigatron Fallen Comrades Bob Forward 12/11/1997
8 Kick of the Spider Woman Double Jeopardy Jesse Winfield 19/11/1997
9 Goodbye Rattle!? A Better Mousetrap Chris Weber & Karen Willson 26/11/1997
10 The Assassin Virus Gorilla Warfare Greg Johnson 03/12/1997
11 New Weapons of Terror! The Probe Craig Miller & Marv Wolfman 10/12/1997
12 Make a Dramatic Comeback, Destrons Victory Wendy Reardon 17/12/1997
13 Rhinox Rampages! Dark Designs Ian Weir 24/12/1997
14 Two Dinobots? Double Dinobot Rowby Goren 31/12/1997
15 Falcon Warrior Airazor The Spark Larry DiTillio 07/01/1998
16 Floating Island Death Match Part 1 The Trigger, Part 1 Bob Forward 14/01/1998
17 Floating Island Death Match Part 2 The Trigger, Part 2 Bob Forward 21/01/1998
18 Inferno, the Ant Warrior from Hell Spider's Game Larry DiTillio 28/01/1998
19 Revive, Beast Power! Call of the Wild Bob Forward 04/02/1998
20 Around and Around the Jungle Dark Voyage Samuel Warren Joseph 11/02/1998
21 The Immortal Starscream Possession Ian Weir 18/02/1998
22 Stop the Sneezing The Low Road Bob Forward 25/02/1998
23 Fare Thee Well, Tigatron Law of the Jungle Mark Leiren-Young 04/03/1998
24 They Come! Before the Storm Larry DiTillio & Bob Forward 11/03/1998
25 The King of Terror Arrives! Other Voices, Part 1 Larry DiTillio & Bob Forward 18/03/1998
26 To Protect the Peace… Other Voices, Part 2 Larry DiTillio 25/03/1998
Beast Wars: Super Robot Lifeform Transformers Episode List (1997 - 1998)

Generation One
It is a world transformed. Where things are not as they seem. It is a world of the Transformers...A world of the Heroic Autobots and Evil Decepticons!
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