# Title Western Title Writer Broadcast Date (Japan)
1 New Chapter! Transformers Transform and Roll Out, Part One Marty Isenberg 03/04/2010
2 Hero, The name is Autobot Transform and Roll Out, Part Two Marty Isenberg 10/04/2010
3 Secret of the Allspark Transform and Roll Out, Part Three Marty Isenberg 17/04/2010
4 Operation: Soundwave Sound and Fury Henry Gilroy 24/04/2010
5 Unwipeable Memories The Thrill of the Hunt Andrew Robinson 01/05/2010
6 The Immortal Megatron Home Is Where the Spark Is Michael Ryan  08/05/2010
7 Challenge of the Burning Giant Total Meltdown Rich Fogel  15/05/2010
8 Birth of the Dinobots! Blast from the Past Kevin Hopps 22/05/2010
9 Trap Time Nanosec Marty Isenberg 29/05/2010
10 Shadow of the Spider Woman Along Came a Spider Rich Fogel 05/06/2010
11 Fierce Battle on the Lake Bottom Lost and Found Steven Granat 12/06/2010
12 Showdown! Dinobots Survival of the Fittest Michael Ryan 19/06/2010
13 Stop the Headmaster! Headmaster Michael Ryan 26/06/2010
14 Megatron's Resurrection, Part 1 Megatron Rising, Part 1 Marsha Griffin 03/07/2010
15 Megatron's Resurrection, Part 2 Megatron Rising, Part 2 Marty Isenberg 10/07/2010
16 Elite Guard The Elite Guard Rich Fogel 17/07/2010
17 Headmaster, Once Again! The Return of the Headmaster Michael Ryan 24/07/2010
18 Blast-Extinguishing Complete! Mission Accomplished Marsha Griffin 31/07/2010
19 Wreck-Gar's Rampage Garbage In, Garbage Out Marty Isenberg 07/08/2010
20 Ratings Race! Velocity Len Uhley 14/08/2010
21 Increasing Enemies A Fistful of Energon Andrew Robinson 21/08/2010
22 Swindle's Scheme SUV: Society of Ultimate Villainy Dean Stefan 28/08/2010
23 Double Agent Autoboot Camp Michael Ryan 04/09/2010
24 Heart of the Spider Woman Black Friday Rich Fogel 11/09/2010
25 Respective Expectations A Bridge Too Close, Part 1 Marsha Griffin 18/09/2010
26 The Enormous Power A Bridge Too Close, Part 2 Marty Isenberg 25/09/2010
27 The Secret of Sari TransWarped, Part 1 Marty Isenberg 02/10/2010
28 Sari, Transform!? TransWarped, Part 2 Michael Ryan 09/10/2010
29 Megatron's Raid TransWarped, Part 3 Marsha Griffin 16/10/2010
30 The Tough Dirt Boss Three's a Crowd Rich Fogel 23/10/2010
31 Wasp's Revenge Where Is Thy Sting? Todd Casey 30/10/2010
32 Memento of the Master Five Servos of Doom Andrew Robinson 06/11/2010
33 Sorrowful Lifeform Predacons Rising Larry DiTillio & Bob Forward 13/11/2010
34 The Autobots Became Humans Human Error, Part 1 Henry Gilroy 20/11/2010
35 The Virtual Reality Trap Human Error, Part 2 Tom Pugsley 27/11/2010
36 Chase the Spaceship Decepticon Air Michael Ryan 04/12/2010
37 Fanzone Goes to the Planet Cybertron This Is Why I Hate Machines Rob Hoegee 11/12/2010
38 Take Off! Optimus Prime Endgame, Part 1 Rich Fogel 18/12/2010
39 The Final Decisive Battle! Suppress Megatron Endgame, Part 2 Marsha Griffin 25/12/2010
  The Space Monster That Invokes Death! Nature Calls Todd Casey Unaired In Japan
  Scrapper and Mixmaster Rise of the Constructicons Stan Berkowitz Unaired In Japan
  House-sitter Sari Sari, No One's Home Todd Casey Unaired In Japan
Transformers Animated  Episode List (2010)

Generation One
It is a world transformed. Where things are not as they seem. It is a world of the Transformers...A world of the Heroic Autobots and Evil Decepticons!
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