# Title Writer Broadcast / Release Date (Japan)
Transformers Zone
1 Dai Atlas To The Rescue Toyohiro Ando Video Only
TV Magazine Comic: Zone Series
1 The Cybertron Z-Project Begins! Masumi Kaneda February 1990
1 This is the World of Transformers: Zone! February 1990
2 Micro Warriors Into Action! March 1990
2 Secrets of the 3 Micro Teams and Rocket Base! March 1990
3 Cybertrons Battle on the Water Planet! April 1990
3 The 3 Teams and 4 Commanders That Beat the Destrons! April 1990
4 Debut of the New Cybertron Supreme Commander! May 1990
4 Dai Atlas Carried Out Operation Z! May 1990
5 Protect the Galaxy, Dai Atlas and Zone Base! June 1990
5 Dai Atlas' Friendship is his Strategy! June 1990
6 Burst! Two Heroes' Powered Action! July 1990
6 The Two Heroes Combine! This is Sky Powered July 1990
7 Out at Last! All About the OVA August 1990
7 Dai Atlas' Rival Metrotitan Emerges! August 1990
8 Metrotitan Attacks Zone City! September 1990
8 Face Off: Dai Atlas Vs. Metrotitan September 1990
9 New Hero Roadfire Emerges! October 1990
9 This is Roadfire's Transformation! October 1990
9 The Latest Micro-Transformer Info October 1990
10 The Mightiest Decepticon Emperor, Violen Jiger, Emerges! November 1990
10 Triple Combination Big Powered in Pursuit! November 1990
11 Supreme Commander Dai Atlas’ Full Power Unveiled! December 1990
11 Explode! Final Blade! Double Powered Cutter! December 1990
12 The Powered Masters’ Final Battle! January 1991
12 Let’s Build a Peaceful New World! January 1991
12 Battlestars Begins! January 1991
Transformers: Zone, Battlestars & Operation Combination Episode List / Comic Series            (1990 - 1992)

# Title Writer Release Date (Japan)
TV Magazine Comic: Return of Convoy / Battlestars Series
1 I'm the Leader of the Battlestars, Sky Garry! Masumi Kaneda February 1991
2 Great Six Combination Warrior Sixliner! N/A
3 Go Forth, Grandus of Justice! N/A
4 Resurrect the Legendary Hero, Convoy N/A
4 It's the Supreme Commander Star Convoy! N/A
5 Star Convoy's New Strategy! N/A
6 Decepticon Emperor of Destruction Super Megatron has Appeared! N/A
7 Triple Combination, Battlestar Attack! N/A
8 Arrival! Strongest Emperor of Destruction Ultra Megatron N/A
9 The Battlestars Final Battle! N/A
10 You Did It, Battlestars! February 1992
# Title Writer Release Date (Japan)
TV Magazine Comic: Operation Combination Series
1 Birth of the Five-Part Combiner Rescue Warrior: Guard City! Masumi Kaneda March 1992
2 Free-Combiner, Guard City! April 1992
3 The Destrons' Wicked Five-Part Combiner: Battle Gaia! May 1992
4 Big Pinch, Cybertrons! June 1992
5 The Road Army vs. the Jet Army! New Destrons Appear! July 1992
6 The Rivals of the Road Corps and Jet Corps Collide!: August 1992
7 The Destrons' Attack on Earth! September 1992
8 Conclusion October 1992
Generation One
It is a world transformed. Where things are not as they seem. It is a world of the Transformers...A world of the Heroic Autobots and Evil Decepticons!
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