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# Name Western Name Notes Cost (Yen) Links:-
My 1st Transformers
C-001 Jet-Kun Jet Basic jet Transformer 2000 Photo
C-002 Dump-Kun Dump Truck Basic dump truck Transformer 2000 Photo
C-003 Racer-Kun Race Car Basic race car Transformer 2000 Photo




# Name Western Name Notes Cost (Yen) Links:-
GO-01 Max Gorillabot   980 Photo
GO-02 Billy Buzzer-Bot 980 Photo
GO-03 Chuck Cheetor   980 Photo
GO-04 Greg Reptron Orange version with added blue stripes 980 Photo
GO-05 Beck Strong-Bot Bulldozer 980 Photo
GO-06 Robert Fire-Bot   980 Photo
GO-07 Smith Prowl-Bot   980 Photo
GO-08 Ted Speedbot 980 Photo
GO-09 Paul Mirage-Bot   2500 Photo
GO-10 Peat Policeman Pete   980 Photo
GO-11 Chopper Charlie Chopper 2500 Photo
GO-12 Michael Aerobot / Aero-Bot   2980 Photo
GO-13 JJ Silver-Bot   2980 Photo
GO-14 Kid Aero-Bot II 980 Photo
GO-15 Paul Jr Speed-Bot II   2500 Photo
GO-16 Gong Strong-Bot Dump Truck   980 Photo
GO-17 George Tigertron 980 Photo
GO-18 Roy Rescue Roy   3980 Photo
GO-19 Randy Scrap-Bot Steam Roller. Remould of Bulldozer Scrap Bot 980 Photo
It is a world transformed. Where things are not as they seem. It is a world of the Transformers...A world of the Heroic Autobots and Evil Decepticons!
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