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A big thank you to Monoform for pointing out several errors and suggesting improvements on the Transformers Prime, Micron Legends, Transformers Legends, Titans Return, Generations and Masterpiece listings sections.

Translation Sources for the Japanese Tech Specs:
-Doug Dlin (Beast Wars Second, Beast Wars Neo, GF Primus 00, Car Robots, WSTF, Micromaster reissues, Binaltech Asterisk Alert & Sunstreaker, Binaltech System Descriptions & Micromaster Story)
- Hydra (United Story, United EX story, Robot Masters RM-20 & RM-24, MP-9B Black Rodimus extended bio)
-Fantofan.jp & Torsten B. Abel [Nevermore]  (Binaltech Tech Specs & Story)
-Ranark: Logoff (Binaltech Story)
-Transformers Kiss Kiss (Melissa Fairborn, Kiss Position Cassettes long bio's & Kiss Play Sparkbots)
-Bete Noire (TFW2005 poster): (Transformation! Henkei! Transformers! C-01, C-02, C-03, D-01, D-02)
-RobotoChan (TFW2005 poster): (Binaltech Story BT19 & BT20)
-Quez (Allspark poster): (Binaltech Story BT21 Arcee & BT22 Convoy)
-eHobby shop (e-hobby exclusives)
-Soundwaves Oblivion - (Fight Super Lifeform, 2010, Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory, Zone, Return of Convoy, Operation Combination, Generation Two, Beast Wars, Beast Wars Metals, Micron Densetsu, Superlink, Galaxy Force, Masterpiece, Binaltech Asterisk, Kiss Play, Robot Masters, Car Robots - the 2003 spychangers; Beast Wars Neo - description of alternate modes, Encore Reissues, edited Transformation! Henkei! Transformers!, Henki Astrotrain & Ramjet, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Stuntron Wildride, Cybertron Streak, Prowl, Lambor, Ironhide, Galvatron, Transformers Encore, United, Arms Micron, Generations

Episode Lists:
-DrSpengler (TFWiki) Beast Wars Returns Japanese air dates
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