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   SoundwavesOblivion.com; The Transformers and all its subsidiaries is a registered trademark of Hasbro and Takara Tomy

Soundwave's Oblivion began back in 1999 using the now defunct Geocities. The site back then was very basic and listed my Transformer toy and media collection, mainly so I could keep track of everything all in one place. At this time there weren't many Transformer focused websites and certainly very few which listed the toy releases. I decided to make one myself and I moved from Geocities to another hosting company in 2001. Making the toy lists I also decided to include Takara's Transformers series as well.

Alongside my toy lists I created a sub-website to store my toy photographs. Initially I used a flatbed scanner until I bought a digital camera. I knew nothing of photography or light tents and the first photographs were rather bad looking back on them. I used Geocities to host my photographs as my main website space was very limited. Geocties space was limited to 15mb so I had to shrink the file sizes as well as create multiple Geocities sites.

I merged my sub-website with my main website so the toy list pages had links to the character pages rather than two of my websites having separate toy lists.

In 2006 I had the idea to have a repository for all of Takara's Transformer tech specs / bios. I had seen translations here and there but never a whole series in one place. Using auction websites and a few Japanese websites I was able to get hold of good photographs of the back of boxes or the bio cards as well as from my own collection and I wrote down all of the tech specs which took some time. At that point I only included English translations as a few older browsers required plug-ins to view the Japanese text. Now of course I have included these on my website. Currently I'm revisiting some of these older translations to improve them.

In 2014 I started a blog to keep my website fresh and share information that wouldn't necessarily fit in a toy archive. Around this time I invested in a proper light tent and new camera. I decided to scrap the individual character pages as they were getting unmanageable, especially when I was changing my website layout.

At the moment I use Flickr to store all my photographs as I have unlimited space. Each of my photograph sets are in individual albums and I link these to the toy archive pages. A number of legacy links to my sub-website still remain and I'm looking to replace these links to my Flickr albums when I have the time.

Transformers is a hobby for me and its great escapism. I appreciate being able to share with my visitors for the past 21 years. Unfortunately when you get older the one thing you have less of is time and that means I'm not able to spend more time on my website as I once did due to work commitments and family. I intend to carry on updating with improved and new content wherever I can. Thank you for visiting.

Monoform: A big thank you to Monoform for contributions to G1, Beast Wars, Transformers Prime, Micron Legends, Transformers Legends, 2007 Movie, Titans Return, Generations and Masterpiece listings sections.

Toy Archive Webography:
-tfgalaxy.co.uk (closed)
-skywarp.co.uk (closed)
-Prime Saber (closed)
-Playskool Gobots (closed)

Toy Archive Box Photographs:
Transformers @ The Moon
Transformer Generation Fool
Mosquito Bite Collection
Dork Dimension

Translation Sources for the Japanese Tech Specs where they are not mine:
-Doug Dlin (Beast Wars Second, Beast Wars Neo, Car Robots, Micromaster reissues, Binaltech Asterisk Alert & Sunstreaker, Binaltech System Descriptions & Micromaster Story)
- Hydra (United Story, United EX story, Robot Masters RM-20 & RM-24, MP-9B Black Rodimus extended bio)
-Fantofan.jp & Torsten B. Abel [Nevermore] (Binaltech Tech Specs & Story)
-Ranark: Logoff (Binaltech Story)
-Transformers Kiss Kiss (Melissa Fairborn, Kiss Position Cassettes long bio's & Kiss Play Sparkbots)
-Bete Noire (TFW2005 poster): (Transformation! Henkei! Transformers! C-01, C-02, C-03, D-01, D-02)
-RobotoChan (TFW2005 poster): (Binaltech Story BT19 & BT20)
-Quez (Allspark poster): (Binaltech Story BT21 Arcee & BT22 Convoy)
-eHobby shop (e-hobby exclusives)

Episode Lists:
-DrSpengler (TFWiki) Beast Wars Returns Japanese air dates