Transformers: Controverse

Controverse is a mini comic published in Transformers Generations 2014 Vol 1, both written and drawn by Hirofumi Ichikawa, a Transformers fan and artist who has contributed to many Transformers media. I was contacted by @ArrvlFrmCybrtrn back in 2015 who asked me to translate the comic, which I did. The translation made its way to many forums and I was quite surprised by the negative feedback. I could see why as the initial translation was literal and it did not flow as a comic would. I updated the translation so it would flow much better and it is presented below. The scans are supplied by @ArrvlFrmCybrtrn with his permission. If you use the below please credit the source.
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Transformers Masterpiece
Translated Tech Specs
Controverse Page 1
Controverse Page 2
Controverse Page 3
Controverse Page 4
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