Transformers Alternity Translated Story

Courtesy of TFWiki Swift & Quez for Convoy, TFW SydneyY for Megatron, Doug Dlin for Bumble & Cliff, TFW SydneyY for Starscream, Skywarp & Thundercracker


"From Here to Alternity" (With Alternity Convoy)
[World ID: Primax 109.0 Beta]

The time is 2009. The place is another Earth. There the robot life forms called Cybertrons and humanity live peacefully together. However, a quarter century after they first met, an unknown threat endangers the world. On the four outer planets of the solar system, large marks resembling the claws of a beast have simultaneously appeared.

On Earth, following the appearance of the marks, a mysterious ring of light appeared in the skies above Vancouver, America. When the Cybertron army deployed there, the ring of light floated above their heads in the shape of a closed racetrack, and around it was racing something that appeared to be a silver sports car. When Commander Convoy saw this strange sight, he whispered, “The promised time has arrived,” and he stopped his compatriots as they prepared for battle. “That visitor is our friend. To be more precise, that is the me of another world. It is Convoy.”

Two years before, he had met a messenger from another world and made a secret promise. In the year 2009, the evil Megatron would bring the terrifying Beast of Time and come to destroy the Earth. The beast “Hytherion” was a super-dimensional life form and a powerful enemy that those on Earth could not even touch. The only thing that could act against this threat was the power of the multi-dimensional space protectors called “Alternity.” Convoy agreed that when the danger appeared, he would become a member of Alternity and fight alongside them.

In the centre of the ring, a space time window opened and a shining metallic frame appeared from within. Convoy fused with the frame, and before the Cybertrons’ eyes, he was reshaped and transformed into a form matching that of the silver visitor. In that instant, he was reborn as a manifestation of the Alternity super-beings. As Convoy raised his hand into the skies and cast aside the veil of the dimensions, the row of Hytherion’s giant fangs became visible covering the heavens. And so, with modern Earth as its stage, an unimaginable battle began.


"To Mega Therion" (With Alternity Megatron)
It was the year 2009 when Super-Dimensional life form Hytherion had begun its attack on Earth and Alternity Convoy "Auto Avatars" had gathered from various worlds to launch the offence against it.

Megatron observed the battle from his battleship hidden inside trans-warp space, and his mind traced back the problems he had encountered. He had been compromised to a frozen status during a battle in his original BT world, and when he awoke, he discovered that the balance of the power had changed completely and Destrons were near extermination. While many Cybertrons were on the path to some supreme being called "Alternity", the Destrons were left behind. The difference of their technical advancement was already several hundred thousand years' worth.  Furious, Megatron embarked on a long journey over the time and space to find a way to reverse the situation. In search of the power mighty enough to counter Alternity, he researched, refined his scientific technology and strengthened his mind. He gathered force with other Megatrons from different worlds, and finally came to one scheme after a long, long time.
The moment the Convoy Troop delivered the final shot to Hytherion, Megatron activated the gigantic Chaotiser machine inside his battleship. He turned into "Identity Code" and wrote himself onto the beast (Hytherion)'s nerve centre. It enabled Megatron to fuse with the Beast of Time and control its body.
"To achieve the fusion, Hytherion had to be in the state of apparent death. I have had an emitter giving out a time-signal which the beast favours, and it was drawn to this unprotected world. I lead it to a battle against Alternity, to turn it into a raw material I needed."
The gigantic form of Hytherion gradually shifted to something more human-like, then finally vanished to the higher world. Right at the same time, two sports cars which were parked on the street suddenly changed their forms to Megatrons! They were newly activated Megatron Auto Avatars which had been set up in advance.
"Hytherion is an Alternium-based lifeform like you Alternity beings, and now, we have the equal power to you!"
Megatron drew his swords and slashed at Convoy.
"This is the end of your peaceful reign. Now I will show you the devastation and destruction of the infinite galaxy, again and again."


"The World is Flat" (With Alternity Bumble)
One fact had been confirmed from the number of avatar battles to date: Megatron had stopped somewhere in the vicinity of the year 2009 with some purpose in mind. To discover his objective, Bumble, the Alternity's intelligence expert, and Elita-Seven, a member of the Protectors support organization, headed for a certain dimensional world in the "2009 line". Their destination was the Shikoku region of Japan on Primax 905.0 Beta, popularly known as the "Binaltech Asterisk" world.

"This is the approximate timeline of the 'BT World'. No readings of native Transformers within a 100 km circumference." As Elita-Seven, in a synthetic human body resembling an Earthling, scanned their surroundings, Bumble floated next to her at about her eye level, peering at the scanner readout.

"Well, this world's a happier place than others. We don't want to cause a big fuss."

"Agreed. I...hey! Quit following me like a fly with that frame of yours--it's unnerving!

"Aw, come on, a fly? At least say I'm like a bee or a fairy!"

Despite the minimal clues, Bumblebee had reached a general view regarding Megatron's purpose. "At some point in 2009--it could be today, tomorrow, or five minutes from now--a new type of dimensional flux will occur. Megatron is trying to get hold of whatever's its source."

"A new type? What kind of--" But the instant Elita began to pose the question, the phenomenon commenced! The first anomaly occurred at a certain art museum not far from their landing point. This institute possessed reproductions of masterpieces made with the "touhenga" (ceramic tile art) technique, and a number of the masterpieces began distorting all at once, changing as if their images were being stirred about. With this as its starting point, the phenomenon propagated all over the world almost instantly. Around the world, all "icons" were disrupted and rendered meaningless, from all sorts of printed matter, including pictures, text, and paper money, even to computer screen displays.

"What's going on...?! If this keeps up, civilization will be destroyed!"

"Yeah, this happy world's gonna be ruined. First things first--let's head for the source."

Stepping into the museum where it began, the two of them spotted three figures who clearly stood apart from the other visitors. On the floor which was apparently the epicenter of the incident, they were heading for an enormous display piece which no longer kept its original form, holding up a strange, tablet-shaped device.

"So they're the ones behind the anomaly?"

"Nope, those are investigators, like us."

"Minions of Megatron! Which means he's also started gathering agents like the Protectors!"

The two of them leapt into action. Elita blew on a whistle, getting the men's attention. "No photography allowed on this floor!"

"Who are you?"

"We've been found out!" Glaring at her, the three men deactivated their "Pretender camouflage". "Reflector, attack!"

"Are you serious?" Bumble appeared above their heads, snatched up the tablet, then turned to face the trio and snapped his fingers. Reflector's "Z-axis" value went to near zero, and the three of them became nearly as flat as film and collapsed. "That's a fitting form for characters like you, don't you think?"

"You fools!!" Just then, Megatron's angry roar echoed from the heavens like a clap of thunder. A dimension-spanning slash attack grazed Bumble, tearing up the entire building among friend and foe alike!

By the time the attack was over and the dust had settled, Reflector had already vanished. The tablet was completely destroyed, and at the same time, it appeared that the anomalies all over the world returned to normal.

"So, just what happened here?" Elita asked as she wiped off the dust.

"An invasion from Flatworld...that is, a two-dimensional world."


"That tablet was a device for seizing "Flatworlders". I saw these splotch-like...or crest-like moving, living beings captured within it." It might have been his imagination, but...when he saw them, the "moving crests" seemed to take the shape of symbols that were somehow familiar.

Just as Alternium, the super-dimensional substance, was created on the BT World, it seemed that even lower-dimensional worlds were on the verge of a similar techonological explosion. Even the Flatworlders were aiming to evolve into dimensionally transcendent beings. In their case, they apparently encroached on this world by making the "icons" on this Earth into windows.

"So that's what caused the disaster we had today. And that's why Megatron is after it."

"He's bound to have spotted some greater value to it. We can't let down our guard-we have to be ready for the next invasion!"

"Hold it a sec. Before you go back to the land of the fairies, let's fix all the damage done to this world first."


"Ace of Swords" (With Alternity Cliff)
Protectors team member Cliff's current assignment was aiding the suppression of Hytherion in a world to which the Alternity couldn't travel directly, in the past beyond the "2007 Line".

Having arrived at coordinates some 2.4 billion years ago, where a distant, nameless galaxy spread out before him, he sat down on a drifting rock to await the monster's appearance. A being that devoured time, Hytherion would be coming to consume this galaxy's star formation stage--the "beginning moment" stage at which vast numbers of fixed stars were created. If this attack were permitted to happen, then the countless billions of life-bearing worlds that would surely later be born in this galaxy would be lost. To protect the future from this threat--this was truly the Protectors' job. Cliff seemed proud that there were roles only they could serve, even though they did not have the Alternity's level of power. It was not yet time to go to "the other side".

Then, as if a silver liquid were oozing onto the black fabric of space, Hytherion, the Beast of Time, appeared in the third dimension! Normal optical senses would have needed millions of years to view the spectacle, but with the super-senses he'd borrowed from the Alternity, Cliff was able to catch sight of his enemy's form in realtime.

Its ultra-gigantic body masked an entire quadrant of the galaxy, vastly greater than any "beast" he'd encountered before. Yet even as he locked up in fear, Cliff recalled the advice he'd received from the Alternity: "He is strong even when small." In other words, Hytherion's "size" changed depending on its permeation level into three-dimensional space, but its strength was fixed, no matter how great or small that level was.

"Don't glitch yourself just 'cause he's stupidly huge...! There's someone down here too that's strong despite bein' small!" Even as he was buffeted by the dimensional vibrations, he trained his dual wave-functional pointer-guns on Hytherion. Naturally, these pistols weren't nearly powerful enough to bring down the "Beast of Time". However, their irradiated wave-functional markers, which could travel over an extraordinary spatial range, transmitted Hytherion's absolute coordinates to the awaiting "Alternity main body". Cliff's role was to guide the fearsome remote space-time weapon they were to fire accurately to its target.


At Cliff's signal, the Alternity main body unleashed an all-out assault. A nebula-like collection of light and gases appeared to take the form of a gargantuan blade. This sword of the heavens flashed like a knife slicing apart a galaxy, piercing deeply into the vital points on Hytherion where Cliff had guided it!

The beast raised a scream that shook even the soundless reaches of outer space and was made to bend back deeply on itself. The great sword changed into a black pillar of the heavens, wrapped around the beast writhing it its death throes, and condensed down and vanished in a twinkling.

Even as Cliff leapt about, shaking in delight, he let out a disgusted thought: "The Alternity are totally full of it."

He then reported the completion of his mission to Protector Central and, glancing back on the galaxy he had returned to silence, muttered, "'Course, if I could pull that trigger, I get the feelin' I'd be full of it too."


"Foreshadows" (With Alternity Starscream)
Megatron wielded his power like a malevolent deity and destroyed many galaxies. But each invasive assault he had conducted from the outer dimension was restored and invalidated by the guardians of the multi-dimensional universe, Alternity. He became irritated as most of his actions proved futile and put his plan of bringing the Alternity themselves down into action. As a preliminary step, he sent his elite troop of Destron Alternity candidates picked from various worlds to the Earth below. In one world, Starscream encountered a Convoy Avatar and fired his dreadful Nullifier while the enemy was still taken aback by his unexpected transformation from a sports car.
"I hear you are called gods by some....", he coolly declared as he looked down the crumbling Avatar body, "but you should know that many myths end with their Ragnarök". But the Convoy Avatar showed no sign of tragic bravery and gave a reply Starscream didn't expect. "We foresaw the eventual twilight in the future of Alternity. We have already been prepared."

"Hunt for the Planicrons" (With Alternity Skywarp)
Skywarp searched various dimensional worlds on the "2010 Timeline" following Megatron's order and successfully eluded the Cybertron Alternity's watchful eyes before he finally located the target he had been after. The subject was "Planicrons", residents of a two dimensional universe called Flatworld. Through the Dimensional Recognition filter, the creatures looked as if they were moving symbols on a boundless board. Skywarp and the others were not informed of their actual worth yet, but among the Questor agents it was rumoured that the object of their search would be the best trump card to destroy Alternity. Skywarp would soon know if the rumour was true or false. His expectation rising, he sent a signal to Megatron with a vicious smirk on his face.

"Alternation" (With Alternity Thundercracker)
The guardians of the multi-dimensional universe, Alternity - fused with the super dimensional material Alternium, these Transformers from the future were awakened as higher level beings and have faced some dreadful realities; the worlds they had once belonged to were suffering as a result of their own time and space manipulations and were under threat from malicious lifeforms from upper worlds. Thus Alternity had become the healers of the universe as well as hunters to fend off the invaders. Their activities covered every era of every world, and subjectively went on for a billion years. Even though their reign was seemingly eternal, it was coming to its final hours because of the battle against Megatron.
Shortly after Megatron was fused with "The Beast of Time" Hytherion and gained higher dimensional powers, he detected the presence of certain lifeforms hiding in a deep dimensional abyss. They were buried in a lower world very far down and Megatron could hardly see them, but he knew that they would be a useful tool. As he learnt more about his target, he became more fascinated by their secret abilities.
Those "Planicrons" were in fact the lower-world equivalent of Cybertronian species; they were the Transformers of the Flatworld. Planicrons were mechanical lifeforms with geometrical outlines, but now they formed a gestalt of a cosmic scale as a result of combining with each other and other species and materials.
They devised a super spatial theory and a warp technology as the necessities of communication. During the process of their extreme evolution, their mental function had become one with the law of nature. They were the "living braneworld" and the first Transformer race that accomplished "All are One", although it was perhaps possible because their two dimensional world was limited in space. They also functioned as a cosmic sized two dimensional computer, and in accordance with their logic and intelligence, the Planicrons were good-natured.
What intrigued Megatron most was the fact that they were the "Cosmic Driver" - the control board of the universe. He was at the Questor’s base located in a ruined city on planet Menonia, and observing the Planicrons through a dimensional tablet. Thundercracker saw the anxiety in the two dimensional lifeforms, and appeared to be doubtful about Megatron's plan.
The aggregate of Megatrons waged war against the main body of Alternity. They stood on a circular frame of the Planicrons’ universe and exchanged lightning of thrashing blades held in their multiple arms. Megatron summoned 6 Hytherions out of the void and they, too, attacked Alternity.
At that moment, Starscream entered the scene with another tablet. He claimed that he knew what those tablets were for - a magic - to the other Questor soldiers' surprise. Freezing them with his evil quadruple optics, he gloated how he had already entered a "continue to fold infinitely" command to the Planicron universe inside the tablet to destroy it. But Megatron had foreseen the treachery, and Starscream saw a "command < SS-Zero >" message on his tablet instead. That was when something had been activated inside his body, and the Hytherion's somatic cells that were infused with him began to cover his body as they increased their mass.
Megatron revealed that the reason why Starscream had been given such a body was to see if a lifeform with Alternium in its body could actually be killed.
Megatron then made a spell; as he drew strange letters on the tablet, the Planicrons inside changed their formation into an unfamiliar shape. He then pointed at Starscream with a shout. Starscream's body suddenly emitted light and the brightness made him look like the sun.
As Starscream writhed in pain, he screamed something, but his voice could no longer reach anyone. Starscream exploded with incredible heat and an unpleasant noise.
"I have seen him die many times, but funny how I never tire of it", Megatron put the tablet back into Thundercracker's arms with a contented look on his face, and without bothering to answer his subordinates' questions turned his mind back to the battle in the celestial world.
In the higher world, Megatron and Alternity continued their battle, although Alternity appeared to be more concentrated on the Planicrons than to defeat Megatron and Hytherions. Megatron seized the chance to push back Alternity, and held up the Planicron tablet. With his five arms, he began to draw strange letters on it again.
Just as Starscream shrewdly perceived, Megatron's secret weapon was "magic" - the ancient craft considered as a taboo by many mechanical species. The Planicron "Cosmic Driver" would activate the ancient technique to turn Megatron's super dimensional thinking power and his will for the destruction into reality. It would change Alternity to "Doomsday Model", bringing instant death. Because the magic was an ancient and hidden technique, Alternity had no means to fight it.
In the world designated < Primax 109.0 Beta >, where the Hytherion had first appeared on earth, Cybertron Auto Avatars assembled in Vancouver, Washington and were shooting covering fire to the higher world when they all suddenly froze in front of the Protectors who were accompanying them. Although they rebooted after a few minutes, they also revealed a dreadful fact to the Protectors. "The aggregate of Alternity has been destroyed!" The main body of Alternity in the higher world was defeated by Megatron's unknown attack. Shock and dismay began to spread among them, but Convoy calmly appeased them. Even though the aggregate had been destroyed, the life essence of each Cybertron was urgently transported to their Auto Avatar and everyone survived.
"But you can't use your godlike power without the main body any more?" Elita-7 asked worriedly as she herself felt the power given by the Alternity ebbing.
"We can keep on fighting for a little while longer by using the power stored in our Alternium frame," Convoy, who was no longer an Avatar, answered.
Another Convoy, the red one, said, "Don't worry, Elita, this is still within what we have foreseen."
"We do not have much time left, but before it runs out, we must save the Planicrons and stop Megatron!"
"No one can stop our God of Destruction!"
Among the rejoicing Questor soldiers, Thundercracker was staring into the tablet filled with dead Planicrons. Every time Megatron used his super dimensional magic, many lives were used and lost, and the Planicrons had no means to fight it as their existence was limited in the lower world.
However, the surviving Planicrons indicated that they were aware of being watched. Even though Thundercracker felt they were seeking help, he just shook his head and started walking away. But Skywarp's angry shout halted him. Thundercracker did not know what happened, but when he looked at the tablet, he saw that the "Release Trap" command was being executed and the Planicrons were escaping to the bottom of the dimensions and out of Megatron's sight.
Thundercracker opened his optics wide and looked hard at the blank screen.
"Have I done this? But there should have been four protocols to go through...."
"How dare you?", Megatron roared, approaching in anger, and it made Thundercracker overcome the fear and panic he was feeling. He coolly said, "Megatron, you don't deserve the place of the god".
He shot his pursuer with a powerful Nova Concussion, and took off to leave the universal zone immediately.
The former Avatars and the Protectors met the astral body of the ancient Transformer, Vector Prime. Vector Prime revealed that the Alternity contacted him before their aggregate was destroyed, and he communicated with the Planicrons' combined consciousness while the Avatars were buying time in the higher world. The former Avatars were glad that Vector Prime confirmed their belief - the Planicrons were indeed worthy successor of the Alternity - but firstly they must avoid their imminent extinction and go through the "Correct Door" to evolve. The "Door" is a certain diagram existing on Earth. The Planicrons apparently came to Earth to make contact with it, but somehow lost their way. Everyone was momentarily confused because they did not know which Earth their destination was. Then Bumble came up with the answer - it must be the "BT World"!
In the BT World year 2006, the Cybertrons were at the brink of defeat and executed operation "Kill Switch" as the last resort. It was a success, but at the same time the Quintessons were alerted to the thriving Binaltech civilisation on Earth and began scheming against it. After one year the Quintessons used their "Quadrant Lock" technology to seal the sidereal system the BT World belonged. The whole system was contained within a warped space and time had been frozen. However a spaceship with an Alternium sample managed to escape at the last moment and left for planet Cybertron. It was during this travel the expansion and corrosion of the Alternium had occurred, and it was considered to be the beginning of Alternity.
The Cybertrons saw the corrosion as a potential disaster for the whole galaxy, and kept the Quadrant Lock on the solar system to protect Earth from it. After 900,000 years, the seal was broken as Alternity was born and the unrest in the galaxy was settled.
That was how the BT World peculiarly remained as it was in the year 2010 even though it existed in the galaxy 900,000 years later. Rewind, a member of the Protectors explained to his comrades, "That's the main reason why Alternity Avatars are based on the automobiles from 21st century - the sample of an Auto Avatar was built with the 2009 BT technology."
It was also because of this time freeze the Planicrons lost the coordinates of the BT World and were still unable to find it; measures to protect the time and space of the BT World timeline had been taken to secure the origin of Alternity.
"So, when they appeared in a Japanese art museum a while ago, It was like they opened a wrong door looking for the exit?", Elita-7 said sympathetically. (A-03 Bumble Story) Convoy "Silver" nodded and declared resolutely, "We must show them the correct path next time; it is the Alternity’s final task."
The news of Thundercracker's revolt and the resulting release of the Planicrons had reached the Cybertrons and they regrouped to begin their mission; a small number of them would travel to the BT World to prepare the "Correct Door", Vector Prime was to guide the Planicrons and the rest of them were going to attack the aggregate of Megatron to give the Planicrons time to go through the door.
Prowl and other tacticians proposed to destroy Megatron's Auto Avatars all at once in various worlds because they functioned as the anchors that held Megatron's ego together - if large numbers of the Avatars were destroyed at the same time, the beastly nature of Hytherion would resurface and cloud Megatron's thoughts. Bumble, Elita-7 and Convoy "Black" activated Timaeus Drive to leave for the BT World 900,000 years away.
The galaxy of 900,000 years time is familiar ground to the Protectors such as Elita-7 or many Alternities. But the BT World at the < Primax 903.0 Beta > coordinates appeared to be the same as the 21st century Earth they had just left, and Elita-4 had a very strong sense of incongruity.
Soon after their arrival, two Transformers showed up to greet them, one was in a black pick-up truck Binaltech body and the other was a gigantic Cybertron warrior wearing a golden crown.
"Grimlock! The muscle car body you had before was cool, but now you have become just magnificent!" Bumble said.
"They give me Grimlock dino body at last. This, masterpiece! Dinobot friends all came back, too!"
"We can catch up as much as we want later. Have you located the 'Correct Door'?"
Primal answered, "We have already calculated its position from the information provided by Vector Prime. It is called 'Kritias Gate".
"Way to go, Boss Monkey, very sharp!" Elita gave her superior a thumb's-up.
"Kritias Gate" is the name of a super dimensional material reactor, and it was being researched at the same time as "Timaeus Project" that produced Alternium. Its outward appearance consisted of a circular formation of artificial intelligence circuits surrounded by Energon accelerator rings that led to the Timaeus Drive theory. It was expected to create a new super material that would surpass Alternium, but the project was still incomplete and the reactor was yet to be constructed. But what they needed was not the "Gate" device itself.
"Are you really sure? You only want the "circuit plan" drawing of the whole Gate, not the device!", said the human scientist in charge of Kritias Project.
"Black" Convoy answered to him, "Indeed. The Planicrons are trying to evolve by going through the dimensions via a diagram drawn by a human. Your concept drawing of the Gate was exactly what they have been looking for - the best interface."
"I'm honoured to assist the birth of a new "god", anyway....", with that, the scientist went back to set up the projector.
The reflective screen was set up in the field of Mackay Stadium in Nevada, and at a signal from Bumble the temporary towers projected the image from all directions to show 3000 square metre diagram of the "Gate" on the surface. "The Door is here - come right now!"
Elita warned, "The time and space shield for the BT World is becoming weak, Megatron will find us in no time!" As everyone watched intensely, a spark sprang out of the diagram on the field. "That is Vector Prime leading the way!" Then something appeared and crowded together behind the diagram on the field, and the projected lines turned into "real" lines and were etched on the screen.
Suddenly, a pattern of bright light shone out of the geoglyph and concentrated itself into a shape of a magatama in the sky above Stadium. The shape also resembled a foetus of a creature from another angle. "The Planicrons! Their form is becoming three-dimensional!"
The body grew so large it covered the sky and its whole shape became indistinguishable, then hammering sounds thundered as the ivory coloured body began to disappear bit by bit as though it was being gouged.
"Don't worry, this is a growth process to the super dimensional stage. The parts that have gone beyond our recognition capability are becoming invisible to us", Convoy told Elita as she covered her ears. "It was just like this when Alternity was created. It won't be long now!"
At that moment, a raging Megatron - or rather, a gigantic half beast "Megatherion" appeared from the other side of the sun and attacked the Planicrons. "I will not allow some audacious tools to become my equal!!"
However, he only hit the air and started to writhe in agony. It was because his 667th Auto Avatar had been destroyed in another world by the Cybertron troop's fierce attack and he lost his last tie to his ego. Megatherion realised his consciousness was becoming dull, but he still yelled, "Defeating Alternity is merely a preface of my ambition! Even the power I possess now is far from perfect! I will surely - "
The Planicrons gradually changed their indefinable shape to something somewhat more humanoid, and hit the now defenceless Megatherion with the same attack as the one Megatron used against the Alternity before. The Beast of Time gave out a roar that shook many universes and exploded, taking the aggregate consciousness of Megatrons with it.
The Cybertrons on the ground cheered in excitement and triumph at the surreal scene of victory, and they celebrated the birth of a new protector of the universe. As the Planicrons turned around elegantly, their body slowly became transparent and expanded as if to fill the universe, then disappeared.
The great battle was over, and the Destrons had suffered a defeat again. Some of Megatron's Auto Avatars had survived, but they were not sighted by anyone yet. Many of them were dragged into Megatherion's explosion and scattered across the abyss of the universe.
Thundercracker returned to planet Menonia, now scarred by the intense battle, and he reproached himself harshly among the ruins of the base, "Is this the result of something I did without realising it?"
After a while, he glanced at one of the wrecked objects and noticed the letters on the burnt sign started to wriggle. He could not believe his eyes for a moment, but it was not an illusion. The Planicrons were trying to convey a message to him. "If you mean gratitude by that, you are indeed consoling me a little", he said quietly. But then, he sensed a presence moving past behind him.
"No, you'll never be forgiven", he heard a faint voice and turned around. Though there was no one, the voice echoed again, "You are the true traitor, Thundercracker."
Thundercracker stood paralysed and looked up at the sky. He thought Starscream's shadow was there among the grey ruins, just outside his visual field.
"Alternity's powers and missions were succeeded to new lifeforms. They will watch over us from a higher dimension, and will not be likely to use Auto Avatars to appear in the world below. The menace of the Hytherions still remains, and we have to be positive that the successors will deal with the situation well. But if needed, the Cybertrons are always prepared to fight.
How shall we call the new gods? Some of us have already nicknamed them 'Flaternity', but neither that or the 'Planicrons' are worthy of them because they are no longer two dimensional beings."
For the former Alternity members, who were now without their aggregate, it was becoming more difficult to recall what they went through in the higher dimensional world. The downgrading of their recognition ability had blurred their memory spanning as long as a billion years.
The Auto Avatars were going to hold their last meeting and official dissolution on planet Athenia and return to their own time and world by Timaeus Drive. The Protectors' future was also uncertain, but there were many who wished them remain active.
"You missed out on becoming a god after all, right, Cliff?" Elita-7 said, and her lower eyelids were slightly red.
Bumble chimed in jokingly, "You know what, with the higher dimensional vision, your body was see-through and looked like an anatomical chart. I think you look better when I see you with these optics." Other Auto Avatars nodded with a wry smile.
"What a bunch of bad losers! Nobody's honest enough to say he's crushed?"
"One day, the time might come for us to advance on our own accord....but until then, I'd rather distance myself from the bother such as time and space, or dimensions", with that, Convoy looked up at the stars in the heaven and thought of the things of the past.
"It feels wrong to think 'We were a great existence once' - yes, to be proud that 'We have accomplished great things' is the more deserving way to describe the Alternity era. So we can do great things many times more in the days to come."
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