In the year 2003, the Cybertrons are slowly being destroyed by a powerful
corrosive rust set upon them by the evil Destrons. With Megatron and his
troops advancing and the humans increasingly in danger, a final, desperate
project is put into action - human created Transformers. Thus, the newest
Transformers are born via a new technology: Binaltech!

Chapter 1 (Comes with Smokescreen & Lambor)


The year is 2003, a little more than a decade since transformers and humankind made first contact. The world went through big changes after that, construction of Cybertron City, formation of EDC (Earth Defence Corps.) And space travel. Mankind and Cybertrons has adapted to each other's lifestyle and share a common destiny. Utilizing a techno-virus "cosmic-rust", the Destrons managed to damage most of the Cybertrons to the extent beyond repair, using these tactics; most of the Cybertrons Earth's defence force fell. At the same time, Megatron was close to conquering Seibertron and managed to cut off the Cybertrons supply line between Earth and Seibertron. With a diminishing force, low supply and no reinforcement, the Cybertrons and mankind are almost on the verge of defeat when EDC came up with a last resort, "develop man-made transformer", thus project Binaltech was launched immediately.
With the coordination of the mother computer, Teletran-1, the world's leading industries and research facilities began to pour their resources to develop a humanoid transformable machine so as to counter this crisis.
The result is a range of earth made robot mould. By transferring the sparks of the damaged and infected Cybertrons to these new bodies, the warriors were reborn. This is the story how mankind and Seibertron's last hope, Binaltech transformers were born.

Chapter 2
(Comes with Streak, Hound & Tracks)
Binaltech is…
Almost 20 years have passed since the first contact between Transformers and humans, and situations around the world have changed tremendously. Humans and Cybertrons have now formed an invaluable community bound by a common destiny. Through a mutual fusion of their technologies, they have revived a new generation of warriors, Binaltech Transformers, and successfully achieved phenomenal military results against the threat of the Destrons, who are stronger than ever before. At the same time, Megatron has finally launched a war of conquest on Seibertron, where the Destrons have held superiority for some time, in order to wipe out all Cybertron resistance forces. As the renowned warriors of the Cybertron forces rush out into violent combat, the Earth, their vital source of energy, is exposed to even greater menace as a target of capture for their enemies. Thus the fate of Earth and the Cybertrons is entrusted into the hands of the Binaltech Transformers, their warriors of hope!

Chapter 3
(Comes with Deadend)
Arise! Evil Binaltech’s
The EDC and newly reformatted Binaltech Cybertrons were able to drive the Destron forces out of the solar system. In full retreat, the Destrons broke into small groups and went into hiding on various planets across the galaxy, to make repairs and wait for a chance to strike back.
Meanwhile, on Earth, the evil scientist Dr. Arkeville, who was determined to break the Earth / Cybertron alliance, became human’s greatest threat by forming a secret organisation dedicated to the cause. Believing the key to dissolve this alliance is to destroy the Binaltech project, seen as the symbol of Earth / Cybertron alliance. The existence of this secret organisation came to the knowledge of Starscream, who was in charge of the assault on earth, he made contact with Arkeville, both believed they can use the other for their own goal. Built on distrust and evil intent, a dark alliance was thus formed as they work together against the common enemy, the EDC and the Cybertrons. Using a hypnotising device developed by Dr Arkeville, known as the Hypno Chip, and combined with a cerebro shell of the psychological warrior, Bombshell, a new advance method of brain washing technology was created. With it, they were able to infiltrate and take control of various scientific institutes as well as industrial cities without anyone knowing. They were also able to convert several EDC personnel into spies working for them. This allowed them to obtain the plans for Binaltech and perform it on their damaged Destron warriors, who now reactivated to be as powerful as the Binaltech Cybertrons. The general population, still unaware that some of them now lived under the control of this dark alliance, even helped to revive their enemies, are about to realise one of their worst fears. The one hope for humankind, Binaltech, has now become their greatest threat!

Chapter 4
(Comes with Smokescreen GT)
GT units online!!
Binaltech transformers are the new race of warriors reborn with the help of Earth’s humans utilising Seibertrons latest technology.
The appearance of evil Binaltech warriors impacted the Earth-Seibertron alliance strongly, but their shock did not stop there. Expecting the Destrons to launch a major counter offensive, the alliance prepared their defence by producing new Binaltech units. However, even with a host of new units, they lack the system to control them. Existing Cybertron forces that were upgraded into Binaltech bodies were still not enough against the Destrons, who were superior in number. Without a life-force of a transformer, the spark, the Binaltech units could not be activated, unlike regular programming and data files that can be copied; the spark contained the personality of the transformer. Each spark is unique in its own way, emitting a unique energy signal that is responsible for controlling the body. Even if the personality signal can be replicated, the technology to achieve that currently does not exist. But that did not stop chip chase, a pioneer researcher in transformers and a long time friend of the Cybertrons, to come up with a bold solution. He suggested using subspace communication links on the copied personality programmes in the Binaltech units, allowing the same spark to fuel and control the copied units regardless of time and space. This became the new technology known as GT “Geneotronic Translink” system, with this system, one or more GT copied units can possess the same memory and “kind” personality as the host unit. With the GT system, a whole new frontier is now open to the Binaltech project.

Chapter 5
(Comes with Meister)
Operation Car Wash:
The Binaltech transformers are a group of new Cybertron soldiers revived by the humans entrusted with Seibertron's technology. The Binaltech project, a symbol of the Earth / Cybertron alliance, rendered shock to the allies involved in reviving the Destron soldiers. With this event, an innocent team member was suspected. Fearing a rift in the project, the allies concealed the news with extensive movement, and prepared an emergency launch to find the truth, and breach in the Binaltech project by the Destrons: operation Car Wash. With this, the expert team led by Dr. Fairborn executes the secret investigation. Likewise, the Cybertrons also send out their top agents for investigation and resolution.

Chapter 6
(Comes with Swindle)
“True faces of evil revealed.”
<From agent Fairborn's transmission>
Based on our investigation so far on the incident behind Destron warriors reformatting using Binaltech technology, we have uncovered that it is linked to a secret organisation who call themselves the “concurrence”. The objective of this organisation is to destroy the alliance of humans and Cybertrons, made up of various criminal groups believed to have united through social clubs. Heading  the group are 2 notorious terrorist leaders, Baron von Raney and general Krieger, and were financially backed by the vengeful lord Chumleigh and Shawn Berger jr; who claimed their life was destroyed by the transformers. While it seems foolish that this group of people with stature would team themselves with the Destrons, it seems that someday they intend to get rid of all transformers, their ultimate agenda would be to turn the solar-system into robot prohibit resort area. It has been confirmed that none of the Binaltech project members are in the concurrence group. This is why brainwashing techniques were used to control some of the Binaltech project members, making them victims in this incident. We must contact Ultra Magnus of Cybertron City immediately and inform him about this. He must locate and find a way to neutralise the brainwashing device as soon as possible. My transmission will end here, they will be breaking through the door soon… please tell my family that I will be spending a bit more time on moon colony for now…

Chapter 7
(Comes with Grimlock)
“Beast in the Machine.”
On Seibertron, far from Earth, in an attempt to defeat Megatron and his war, a drastic battle took place with the main Cybertron army led by Convoy. Though the war continued to sway, the balance was broken by a fatal blow by the Destron army. It was a psychic attack using a primitive telepathic alien life-form called the “Unleashers”. Due to this, the Dinobots – the leading military strength in the Cybertron army – lost control, one after the other, turning into savage beasts and caused the allied troops to suffer heavy losses. To put an end to this catastrophe, though a reluctant solution, they had to destroy the raging Dinobots with their own weapons. Afterwards, Grimlock alone recovered consciousness, and from his diagnostic results, the unknown psychic action was discovered to make the subroutine programs, f their natural and primal instincts of their dinosaur modes, go out of control. The removal process of the telepathic imprint was a difficult procedure, and with the increased lack of supplies from prioritised recovery operations, the Dinobots recovery seemed hopeless. However, the technician Wheeljack, noticing how the other Cybertrons were unaffected by the psychic imprinting, reported a backup plan to revive Grimlock through Earth’s Binaltech project, until a definite cure was found. Carrying Grimlock's brain core, Wheeljack rushed straight to Earth.

Chapter 8
(Comes with Ravage)
“Ghosts from the past.”
With the arrival of the Transformers, numerous artefacts of Seibertronian origin were being discovered throughout the world. These artefacts were gathered by a secret intelligence agency, the “III” (Triple I), formed in the late 20th Century America. Among these artefacts, an item in the form of a capsule of unknown elements was dubbed the “Schrödinger’s Box.” Even after the agency was disbanded, some former Triple I staff members continued to secretly store these artefacts. Acquiring the advanced analysis equipment provided by the latest Transformer technology, they were able to find out that the box was actually a flight recorder from a Seibertronian spacecraft that stemmed from centuries into the future. Discovering that the device contained the memory records of the pilot who they were surprised to learn was the future version of one of their notorious enemies, the Destron Jaguar. They successfully made contact with “Central Conscious file X-9”, they were able to communicate with it. In exchange for technology and knowledge of the future, they made an agreement with X-9 to provide him with a new body. By setting up a fake Binaltech project, X-9 became the new Binaltech warrior, “Ravage”. But as Ravage discovered that the present had not changed at all, he realised that his attempt to alter the future, set out in the prehistoric battle known as The Beast Wars, had failed. Therefore he went back on his agreement, erasing all evidence and records of his rebirth, including the people involved. Not wanting to see the Destrons being defeated once more, Ravage now embarks on a mission to change history.

Chapter 9
(Comes with Overdrive)
“Reality Check.”
Receiving reports that the main Cybertron military force on Seibertron were struggling against the odds, the Earth military, led by Ultra Magnus, pulled through the Destron attacks many times, and continued sending Cybertron City’s energy reserves to the planet. After a certain period though, a number of the strategies planned by Overdrive, for the defence systems, were broken through by recurrent unnatural accidents. Coincidently, this led to a major incident when a transportation shuttle preparing to send energy reserves to Cybertron City, suddenly exploded. This was all a series of history-altering experiments carried out by Destron soldier Ravage, secretly behind the scenes in order to change the future. Needless to say, this had gone unnoticed by everyone. However, having the experience using the quantum dial and travelling through parallel worlds, Overdrive sensed a reality fluctuation at the time of one of the shuttle disasters, one similar to that felt during dimensional travel. This was indeed proof that someone out of their timeframe had twisted the history to be. Overdrive immediately explained the possibility of a “Time Attack” to the allied forces and urged them to be on full alert. If this were so, how could they possibly fight this threat that held such an absolute advantage?

Chapter 10 (Comes with Laserwave)
“Changing Lanes.”
Despite the Alliances desperate investigations, Ravage continued to set his plans to alter history in motion. However, the steps he took in order to initiate his plan were incomprehensible to anyone else. Hijacking Wheeljack’s shuttle which was temporarily returning to base, Ravage landed on the devastated Destron territory, in search of the remnants of the ‘Chronosphere’, a time machine once developed by Laserwave.
Shortly afterwards, determined to deliver the final blow to the Cybertrons who were on the verge of defeat, Megatron commanded his fleet of mobile fortresses to commence the assault. Realising they could not hold their ground on Seibertron any longer, Convoy reached a decision and was about to order his forces to retreat to their moon bases. Just at that moment, the approaching armada of warships was suddenly surrounded by a large sphere of light and then disappeared without a trace. Ravage had managed to repair the Chronosphere and now used it on Megatron and his main assault force, transporting them into a rift in the space-time continuum, and sealing them there. Their leader and half their forces gone, the remaining Destrons were unable to hold back the Cybertrons counterattack and thus were quickly defeated. This outcome of the final battle of the year 2005 wad different from the original course in history and ended with the defeat of the Destrons. As Ravage activated the time machines automated homing device, he uttered, “For the future of all Destrons. In time, a great darkness shall come, and there is no one who can stop it. Might as well let the Cybertrons face it alone, and when everyone has been weakened by the disastrous battle, Megatron shall return again!”

Chapter 11
(Comes with Wheeljack)
“Project: Body Shop”
In the year 2005, with the victory of the Cybertrons, their home planet had finally been freed from the clutches of the Destrons. However, a disgruntled Wheeljack ignored his comrades’ celebrations, as he knew their sudden victory was the work of an enemy from the future.
Right before the end of the war, when Ravage had hijacked Wheeljack’s shuttle, he unveiled his plan to Wheeljack and even showed him images of the future from his memory. There inside the attacked shuttle, he saw the discarded bodies of Brawn and Prowl, as well as the dead bodies of Windcharger and himself in a corner of Cybertron City.
“If I change this future, then at least some will be saved. But you will be terminated one step earlier here.” Barely escaping, Wheeljack was rescued by allied forces and subsequently witnessed the sudden change of history. The flow of time has changed indefinitely for now; however, is there a guarantee that they did indeed escape their deadly fate? If this reality is that of the one twisted by evil, then what waits beyond this victory is a dreadful trap. It must be returned to its proper flow before its too late – but that would also mean bringing tragedy for his beloved comrades. Burdened by a heavy dilemma, Wheeljack pondered:
“There must be a way to cheat death.” He immediately contacted Chip Chase on Earth.

Chapter 12
(Comes with Prowl)
“Prowl & Chase”
While investigation for remaining Destrons continued in various regions of the universe, on Earth, the production of the duplicate shells were progressing; likewise, the transplantation of each Cybertron personality data was nearing a finish under Project Body Shop. Meanwhile, an emergency comm. Link was received from Prowl who was investigating Destron activity near the rings of Saturn, stating a situation of heavy enemy pursuits. ‘His fate scenario has begun,’ sensed Wheeljack. Though reluctant due to the long distance, he decided to activate the GT system, successfully transferring Prowl’s life core into subspace, the very moment enemy forces led by Laserwave breached the space ships hull, attacking Prowl. But just when they thought it was safe, due to the unstable nature of the subspace link, the connection was suddenly severed and Prowl’s separated core unit signal was lost. Wheeljack was overcome with loss. The next day, Chip Chase thought back in front of the BT unit once meant for Prowl. “Twenty years ago, we met up through your online communication. Your battle computer was damaged, and I substituted…” Suddenly, something flashed across Chips mind. “Your knowledge and your personality are already installed in this unit. If that’s the case…” Calling Wheeljack and Ratchet, he said, “I believe that someday he will come back, but right now, the world needs Prowl’s capabilities. Therefore, let us light this unit with the spark of life. Please initiate preparation for mind transfer.”

Chapter 13
(Comes with Skids)
“Darkest Hour”
Thanks to the lightening strike operation conducted by Prowl and Overdrive, the mastermind behind the history alterations, Ravage, was captured at long last. But inside his secret base, Ravage told them, “Unfortunately, even though I would like to congratulate you, your efforts are to no avail. Look!” Shown on the monitor was an enormous celestial body moving towards Seibertron. “That is Unicron! The planet eater and Chaos Bringer!” Those words marked the beginning of a nightmare. Seibertron’s defence fleets were destroyed within an instant, and the Moonbase served as food for the monster planet. Right after that, countless robot soldiers who appeared to be under Unicrons command swarmed in, and many warriors sacrificed their lives trying to defend their headquarters. “So far, so good.” Ravage said. “But do not let Convoy die. The only chance to stop Unicron lies within the Matrix which your commander carries.” Convoy, now realising the true intention behind Ravage’s sinister scheme, reached a decision, and together with Ultra Magnus, he boarded a shuttle, heading towards Unicron. “Even though this future might be hopeless, we still have duties to attend. Order Skids on Earth to initiate “Operation Distant Thunder!” Operation Distant Thunder is a last resort to counter the enemy’s alterations of space and time by sending back Wheeljack’s memory data to a point in time before history was altered, in an attempt to warn their earlier selves. This last resort can only be put into effect at a specific location on Earth, namely Dinobot Island, where a time-warp had been created at a time when energy was losing its balance there. After many years of research, Skids had managed to find a way to control the warp to some degree. Fully aware that what he is about to do is going to intervene with the flow of time, Skids keeps telling himself, “This is all for restoring it back to how it was supposed to be.” If everything goes well, the Body Shop Project could even help erase all the tragedies that happened in the “Original History.” As he operates the energy converter installed on the remote island, trying to recreate the warp, Skids’ sensor suddenly alerted him of a squadron of Destrons approaching his position at a rapid pace. Will he be able to carry out Operation Distant Thunder in time?

Chapter 14
(Comes with Black Convoy)
"Binal Time"
"I am not the chosen one..." said Ultra Magnus as he cast off his outer shell, revealing the white armour inside. Looking at the Matrix in his hand, given to him by Convoy who had been damaged during their assault within Unicron and had to be left behind on the battle lines. "But you didn't have a choice either. So either you have the power manifest now, or we will be destroyed together. You have to decide here and now!" Right after that, a blinding light appeared from within Unicron's body, destroying him as his anguish cries shook the universe. "Its not over yet" felt Prowl as he witnessed the destruction of the giant planet eater. Not when Laserwave, who couldn't be located anywhere at this point, still held the key to releasing Megatron and his main force from the space-time rift. "If Skids' operation failed, we won't be able to escape destruction the next time." Initiating a recall on all remaining Cybertrons, Prowl prepared a full retreat from Seibertron.
Meanwhile on Earth in order to repair the warped history caused by Ravage, "Operation Distant Thunder" continued to be executed. After Skids and Earth's tactical team had narrowly managed to fight back the enemy's attack and opened the time warp gateway, they launched the drone containing a warning message and data into the past. If all went as planned, they would be experiencing instant changes as their reality was being rewritten. However, everything around them remained the same. At the same time, countless warp holes began to appear everywhere on Earth and continued to expand out of control! "It was impossible after all! Instead of repairing it, we are destroying history!" Just then a robot appeared in front of them out of nowhere. The robots silhouette, which resembles Convoy began to extend his hands. A huge light orb, with Dinobot Island at its centre, began to form and expanded until it engulfed the entire planet. When the furious shockwave subsided, all the warps had been destroyed.
As soon as Skids had come back to his senses, he cautiously approached the black 'Convoy2, and stopped in front of him, "Did you stop the out of control warps for us? If so, thanks for that...even though the operation failed, at least Earth is saved."
"It didn't fail." answered the black Convoy. "The warning was received, necessary preventative actions have been taken and all of you have saved one history."
Everyone looked perplexed at his comments. If the operation was successful, how come everything in this reality remained unchanged? "And this world will continue to exist using the power which resides within me." Using the space-time energy from the time warp, the "original history" and this world have been completely separated. "Both realities can now coexist independently." Shocked by his words, Skids and the others were thrown into a commotion. Their entire struggle to prevent their fate of destruction had been futile and meaningless.
The team escorted the black Convoy back to EDA's Antarctic base. Joined by Convoy's retreating forces which had arrived on Earth, they began a thorough investigation and interrogation of black Convoy. Despite occasionally showing his displeasure, black Convoy answered all the questions without hesitation. "Within me resides a 'Spark' that comes from the future." A Spark is the soul of a Transformer. "It is on a mission. It has been provided with the necessary power and sent here. The one who sent it will be known as 'The Protector' for now."
Based on what it had said, they now believed that the world they belonged to was apparently a very important timeline, which could give birth to certain great beings in the far future. Those beings would bear the role of protecting and ensuring prosperity in multi-dimensional galaxies. "Therefore, it is imperative this reality continues to exist."
"This is ridiculous!" shouted Sunstreaker, "You are saying this world exists only because of someone or something that hasn't even been born yet? What about us?"
"To survive and be strong even in time of storm! This is the Protector's wish. The great existence, the 'Alternity', whose origin you Binaltech's will become apart of."
At the shocked silence of everyone, Convoy rose and approached the black Convoy. Coming face to face with his smaller clone, Convoy said: "We understand what the Protector is trying to achieve, now let's hear something about yourself."
"There is nothing to say. I have learnt all I need to know. I've had enough of being controlled by this Spark, which is as if its made of righteousness itself." As his tone turned vicious, a Destron insignia began to form on his shoulder. Using the remaining power of the Protector, he created a teleportation portal. "When I have obtained evil life worthy of me, we shall meet again." With that, he jumped into the portal. Black Convoy escaped right in front of everyone and was teleported somewhere unknown on Earth.

After that, Overdrive confirmed the restoration of the 'original history' in his cross dimensional investigation. As he reported his findings to Convoy, he hesitantly revealed to Convoy, "Uhmm...Convoy, in that reality, you dies in battle." While there were many differences, the strangest among them was the next leader that came after Convoy. "It's still unbelievable, the new leader is Rodimus Convoy! You! Hot Rodimus!" Everyone present couldn't believe their audio receptors, some even gasped in horror. Not entirely displeased with this, Hot Rodimus made eye contact with Ultra Magnus. Ultra Magnus who still possessed the Matrix, safely keeping it within his storage chamber, plainly told Hot Rodimus, "Don't get any ideas kid!"
Just then, Meister reported that numerous mobile fortresses had been detected appearing on Seibertron. Knowing that this could mean Megatron had returned from the rift in time, Meister said, "Looks like those killjoys are kinda spaced out for now, but it won't be long and they're knock-knock-knockin' on our door again!"
No one could say for sure at this point which reality was preferable. Looking at the preserving crystal containing the Protector, Convoy said to everyone, "Will the 'Alternity' become the light of our future? Lets hope so, but no matter how bright the future can be, without our work and efforts today, they will not be realised. Therefore bear this in mind when you go into battle." Motivated by his words, the Cybertrons split up and went on with their duties. "Lets forget for a while about something that is going to happen in the far future. If nothing else, we need to reinforce the support for the Binaltech's ensuring and supporting their advancement. After all, it was because of them that we have this world."

Meanwhile in Dr Arkeville's secret lab, another subspace translink experiment was being initiated. "Despite this strange interruption, I've finally been able to establish a connection with a life force worthy of you. A life so ancient, so evil and with such greed! No one on this world would be able to stop you anymore. Awake, Black Convoy!"

Chapter 15
(Comes with Rijie Electro-Disruptor ver.)
At the end of the history-rewriting battle, “the world in which Binaltech’s would play crucial roles in deciding the direction of the future” had been created. But in that timeline, Megatron gained total control of Planet Seibertron and reigned violently, while on Earth, the newly created evil Black Convoy was scheming behind the scenes. It was a very difficult and turbulent time for the Cybertrons. “Alternity”, which was said to appear in the far future – the superior form of advanced Binaltech’s, and Cybertrons wagered their hope on it, much to Commander Convoy’s concern. There was no guarantee that this news from the future would save them at the present…but even they needed some hope. He himself thought they needed help from the future, even though he was reluctant to do so, in order to break through the presently difficult situation. Convoy summoned Prowl and the others in the tactics squad and told them that he figured out one method of counter attack based on Ravage’s memory of the future.
Ravage was responsible for the situation, ha destroyed all the important data before being captured and interrogated by the Cybertrons. Even though the direction of history had changed, his knowledge of the future was still valid, and Cybertron scientists tried their best to repair his data. As a result, they successfully recovered some valuable data, and Commander Convoy was to decide how to handle it.
As Megatron’s besiegement of the solar system closed in, Rijie concealed himself in an enemy supply ship and took full advantage of his improved Electro Disruptor to openly disembark from the ships cargo bay. He had no time to fully appreciate the fact that he was at last on his homeland, and headed to the designated spot “Co-ordinates Omega-Zero One”. In there rested the trump which would get his comrades and Earth out of this tight situation, possibly even end all battles.
Standing by in the space 0.5 light years away was a camouflaged ship with Tracks, four Smokescreen GT’s and a human crew on board. Their task was to provide a diversion in case Rjie’s cover was blown. What awaited Rijie at the co-ordinates was a piece of unknown mechanical equipment which had been hidden deep beneath Seibertron since ancient times. Ravage’s information stated that when a glowing lever inside the chamber was pulled down, all Transformers across the galaxy would cease to function. The reason why such a formidable device, which was said to have influence across time and space, existed could not be divulged from the incompletely repaired data.
”If he goes ahead and activates the machine, the Cybertrons will be incapacitated as well, right?” Are you willing to do that?” a human crewmember asked them. “The most important task is to stop the war. We’ll leave the matters to you guys after that”, one of the Smokescreens, “Smokey 7”, answered, “Well hopefully, after getting rid of Megatron and his minions, you can wake us up”, “Smokey 2” cheerfully chimed in.
Just when Megatron launched his attack on the EDC Mars base, a dark shadow interrupted two forces exchanging fires. EDC member Marissa Faireborn saw Black Convoy blocking Megatron’s path. “I will not allow you to disturb my yard!” “How dare a mere Earth made machine mimicking Convoy’s face wear a Destron insignia! You are a pathetic joke! I will crush you with my…!”
Rijie reached the co-ordinates and avoided a trap set by Ravage. Then he was finally standing in front of the instant freezing machine. “That indecision will be the bane of their existence.” Rijie put his hand on the lever which was giving out a strange noise, and stared at the mysterious light. “This will make the universe quieter than ever.” He pulled the lever down forcefully.
Straight away, the machine’s invisible force spread across the galaxy, as on Planet Seibertron and in each region of space, Transformers had stopped functioning all at once. On Mars, Megatron was also frozen stiff in his combative stance.
Humans on the camouflaged ship were monitoring the effect of the freezing machine, but at the same time they noticed one abnormality. Tracks and the others were still moving. “This is Rijie…the operation was apparently a success. All the enemies on land seem to have been incapacitated…but I don’t understand. I heard the machine would dysfunction all Transformers, but it had no affect on me. Looks like it was a case of overblown advertising!” Having assessed the situation, Prowl soon realised what the abnormality actually was. “Only Binaltech’s are functioning!” It was in fact  the GT System’s Translink mechanism which separated the life-core in sub-space, that acted as a filter to block the effect of the freezing machine. Since Project Bodyshop had come in use, most of the Cybertron warriors had been equipped with Translink-nodes, resulting in minimal damage to their side. They had been expecting the worst scenario that they might fall with the enemy when they decided on that last resort, but it unexpectedly brought them a victory in a seemingly no-win battle.
”How ironic it is that Binaltech’s saved me.” Black Convoy pushed Megatron, who was frozen right in front of him, aside and called the sole survivor Laserwave, “Transport as many Destrons as possible before the humans take them away. Hurry!” Laserwave hesitated momentarily, but he saw the logic and summoned rescue ships and worker drones straight away.
As Black Convoy observed the humans abandoning their Mars base, he thought “If Binaltech’s are to bring on great power eventually, I would like to see it. For that, I may have to allow the continuation of the Earth civilisation. Though it is nothing to give some more time to a mere planet system before its complete destruction. The whole galaxy will soon be mine anyway.”
He calmly went aboard the Destron ship and seated himself deeply onto Megatron’s throne.

Chapter 16 (comes with Bluestreak)
“Unfinished Business part 1.”
3 cars, rushing to Cybertron City. It's Grimlock, Hound and Bluestreak.

"Hurry up, Grimlock, but be cautious!"
"Me Grimlock! Shut up blue ass..."

Suddenly, a sharp cry and loud noise came from the residential area on their right.
Something transparent at least a size of an elephant is raging and kicking the trees and cars around.

"Ah, a phonon hologram", said Hound, looking slightly fed up.
"It must be some amateur scientist who did something stupid again with the Binaltech technology."

Since the end of the Binaltech project led by the Earth Defence Force, the relevant information was publicised and development permission was given, there are no end of similar incidents with ‘generalised versions of Binaltech’. Bluestreak and his 2 comrades jumped in the scene in Robot form and neutralised the hologram projector with an Ion gun.
They then quickly were back on their way, not waiting to clear up the mess.

"This body is very nice and light. I admire your advanced Binaltech skills", said Bluestreak in high spirits.

"Well, that's because in our dimension the Binaltech project died out before the Unicron war."

This confused Grimlock. Hound couldn't think of a way to explain him that Bluestreak is a apostle from another dimension, the ‘dimension with true history’.

Bluestreak turned up in front of Ultra Magnus and went straight to business without going through the process of reporting that he had done the encryption process.

"I have been advised that since the incident a few years back, the "Life Core" of Prowl in this dimension leaked out to a sub-dimension."
Prowl beside him nodded at his statement.
Since the incident, his life is dependent on the transplant of the soul of a genius human scientist, Chip Chase.

"However, his core unit has recently been located in our dimension." This news stirred the audience and Ultra Magnus hushed everyone.

"Let's get some professional advice. Prowl, please let us talk to Chip."
He changed his appearance of a police car into a blue "Chase Mode" with digitise transfer system, he awaken Chip's consciousness deep in his core.
"It is feasible. The 2 worlds have very similar dimension frequency. It is not a surprise those sub-dimensions of each world have a cross connection."

"The problem is the unit is in a dangerous state", Bluestreak stressed.
"2 days ago, a massive unknown energy was sent from your world and the core is now in serious overloaded state." The core is in a link status with self-protection mode that he cannot do anything about.

"We must hurry and investigate the cause and rescue the core, otherwise the soul of a great cavalier will be lost forever!"

Prowl followed the others out feeling slightly flattered.

Chapter 17 (comes with Argent Meister)
“Unfinished Business part 2.”
Argent Meister located the destination from the information provided from Bluestreak's wave energy tracker and raided with his unit.
It was a research facility assumed to be the base of the human secret criminal society ‘The Conquerence’ and the conspiracy to destroy the life of our Cybertron warrior Prowl was being conducted.
They dashed into the massive underground hangar and were faced with a giant, glittering in gold, supposedly their creation.
Among the fleeing humans at the foot of the giant, there was a familiar robot. It was Swindle, a Destron warrior.

"The giant is a fluid-bodied robot made entirely of synthetic electrum!", shouted Wheeljack. Below the smooth body surface is a neuro net like frame and sub-space-like node.

"They must be linking up to Prowl's core and feeding the energy to that monster!"

Their aim seems to be the creation of a super life form using Binaltech techniques. But the damage to the core is reaching its limit from the reverse energy from the electrum. The giant howled and began attacking fiercely. Though synthetic, the shield power of electrum is blocking off all the attacks and one swing of an arm destroyed the thick inner wall of the hangar.

"Synthetic electrum seems to be the current hot research subject. I happen to be equipped with that upgrade as well...let's see who is better."
Meister injected energy into his "Argent" armour which begun to shine with bright light and charged into the giant.
The whole underground area was shocked with the vibration from the impact of two massive powers. The next second the giant lost balance and fell to his knees. Meister grabbed the sword Grimlock tossed him and covered it with "Argent" and stabbed the back of the giant and took out the trans-link node.
"Shoot it, Bluestreak!"

They were contacted by Overdrive from the "correct world" outside of the facility which was now under their control. The transportation of Prowl's core unit between dimensions would not be desirable as the damage would be too intense. The repair must be conducted on the spot by sending the Binaltech body to save him.
Chip Chase, who gave Prowl a temporary life and is now back into his own body, watched Prowl's body being carried out on a monitor from the hospital bed. All in all, he can fully recover.

"It was the humans who created the monster", Swindle snarled. "Even with that core, old Arkeville found it by chance. I only gave them advice."

Though currently lying low, the Destrons have connections with the secret societies, inciting the Binaltech development that crosses the lines. There is no time to lose.
Meister shrugged his shoulders and starting to wonder who he should give tomorrow's concert tickets to.

Chapter 18 (comes with Arcee)
“Unfinished Business part 3.”
Two experiments were going on in the Binaltech research facility in Cybertron City. One was the "Timaeus Project", an experiment involving super-dimension control. The other was to give the messenger from the future known only as the Protector, a Binaltech frame so that he could function as a robot life form.

Arcee, who had switched to an experimental Binaltech frame, touched the Protector's container and said, "Soon I will be able to speak with you as well." The Protector's spark blinked energetically and began to shiver. Arcee worried about this slightly as she hurried to her experiment lab.

Arcee's function in the Timaeus experiment was to wear a device near her brain that would enhance her consciousness and to drive through a circular circuit with an acceleration field running through it. She did not understand the point of this strange experiment, but Perceptor praised it as a revolutionary new way of generating a super-dimensional space.

As Arcee maintained her speed of 715 km/h, she focused her thoughts and consciousness on the centre of the ring that she was driving through. At the end of her gaze, there was suddenly a bright flash of light and a shockwave. A black object  floated in the air.

At that moment emergency-situation sirens rang through the entire city. The alarm said that in the #5 Hangar, where the Protector's experiment was going on; sabotage was taking place. The controlled Binaltech shell "Autosoldier" that the Protector was to be contained in had begun destructive activity along with other Autosoldiers. It was all the work of Laserwave who was using an unknown link technology to take over the machines in order to capture the Protector.

Arcee attempted to head to the rescue, but if she followed proper procedures, the slowing-down and exit would waste 10 minutes. As she made her decision and steeled herself, she broke free of the circuit and charged into the damper areas surrounding the course. Her pure white chassis was crushed by the undissipated kinetic energy and she lost consciousness.

When she woke up, Arcee was in pure darkness. Before her was a gently glowing silhouette. She couldn't see any details but the general outline of the body, but for some reason, she knew who it was. "Protector?" The silhouette gently nodded. "I'm coming to save you now," said Arcee as she reached out her hand to him, but he shook his head and said, "The Timaeus Project is the key to the birth of 'Alternity'. You must protect the results of the experiment and the researchers."

Arcee awoke. At the instant of the impact, her life core had been automatically transferred to the spare S-2000 unit, and she had rebooted in a new body. It had taken only 38 seconds. But rather than head to the #5 Hangar, she elegantly shot down the several Autosoldiers that had burst into the lab and were causing destruction, and saved the humans from the wreckage.

One of the researchers, with an air of despair said, "Security has lost sight of the enemy...the spark has also been taken."

"But you and that thing are safe. That is the good news," said Arcee, looking at the metallically shining sphere floating in the middle of the circuit. "That's how much value this has..."

Chapter 19 (comes with Convoy)

“Unfinished Business part 4.”
The mysterious substance born of the Timaeus Project was dubbed “Alternium.” It appeared to be about the size of a car’s side-view mirror, but study revealed that it was an element from a higher dimension and it had a true form. The Cybertrons were only able to perceive the portion of it that had emerged into this world. According to Arcee, this substance was the key to the birth of the super-existence that would appear in the distant future known as the “Alternity.”

Although these details had been gained, it was not yet known how to best utilize it. However, Commander Convoy convinced the others that they must not rush to seek out answers. “In any case, the path to the future has been opened. Now it is time for us to put an end to the BT wars that are ravaging the world.”

Wheeljack stepped forward. “Then it’s finally time for my Omega Unit to make its appearance!”

In a certain Australian city, Black Convoy activated a certain machine that had been set up all over the city. “Commence mind transfer.” It was a device that separated human minds from their bodies and transferred them to a crystalline storage unit. Through this method, he hoped to create an artificial Matrix. “If this experiment succeeds, I will use the Cybertrons next.” He glared at the Protector’s container next to him. However, right before entering the separation sequence, the device suddenly stopped functioning. As the Destrons noticed this, they realized that they were already surrounded by the Cybertron army led by Ultra Magnus. “This is a hair-raising scheme. I cannot allow it to happen!”

The Omega Unit is a life form created by fusing Wheeljack’s life force with the power grid and network of Earth. In a sense, it is Earth itself. With this great consciousness, he was able to sense all of the destructive Binaltech research happening on Earth and had revealed it all. All around the world, EDC teams led by Prowl were taking care of each.
“I will have a final showdown with Black Convoy,” announced Convoy amidst the battle. “So you seek to fight me in the same form as me. But my current strength is much greater than it was before!” Black Convoy activated his spectral armour and gave Convoy the first punch. Convoy collided with the device and fell to the riverbank.

At that moment, the Protector, who had been rescued by Arcee, flew through the air and descended upon Convoy. “You are…” The Protector slowly sank into Convoy’s chest and fused with his laser core. In Convoy’s mind, he saw the Protector’s true form. “This fusing of sparks…I feel as though I have experienced this in the distant past. That time, too, you saved my life!” The massive power of the fused spark wrapped around Convoy like an aura, and he stood up. “The seeds of the future are already in our hands. Binaltech will never give you great power!” He absorbed Black Convoy’s attack and the flying energy beams with both arms and hurled it all back at his enemy. Black Convoy was swallowed up by this immense power and finally exploded into scattered shards. The Cybertrons cheered and Starscream and the other flying warriors gathered their compatriots’ corpses and flew off.

“Now, everyone, have we taken care of everything?” “Let’s see, Commander. Since I’m in a good mood today, I can’t think of anything. Let’s think about it again tomorrow.” Ultra Magnus gave the order and the convoy of Cybertrons drove off into the sunrise. At the very tail end of this, Grimlock was left feeling as though he had forgotten something very important.

Transformers Binaltech Translated Story

Binaltech Story courtesy of; Torsten B. Abel; & Robotochan (TFW2005 poster)

It is a world transformed. Where things are not as they seem. It is a world of the Transformers...A world of the Heroic Autobots and Evil Decepticons!