Transformers Binaltech Asterisk Translated Story

Courtesy of Doug Dlin


Story With Sunstreaker
The sun blazed down, and the air was choked with the clamour of people. Galleries of crowds thronged the circuit's pit road, engulfed in the heat, and the race queens of each team turned to the cameras. Even amid all those people, a noticeably huge crowd had formed around Junko Shirakami, the race queen for Team Autobot. She was shapely and had a fresh smile. Currently the centre of attention, Junko was getting a flood of offers from the entertainment world. But in contrast to the clear sky, she was filled with clouds of worry. "Oh, I don't think I got my make-up on quite right today...and I'm sure I'm gonna get sunburned..." Junko was impatient to open the parasol she held in her hand.
But she was not the only one whose heart was troubled. By Junko's side, the yellow racing car known as Sunstreaker gave vent to complaints under his fenders. "Why is everyone paying attention just to Junko? Why aren't they including me in the frame? come I'm not taking part in the race!?" Only Junko was aware of the amazing secret that Sunstreaker had a will of his own. However, he'd been registered as Team Cybertrons spare car, so he couldn't participate in races, and the cameras were only rarely turned on him in photo shoots. These were days of intolerable humiliation for Sunstreaker, who had absolute confidence in his speed and polished body. Soon, completely apart from him, the lunch-break pit walk ended and the final race began. Shortly afterward, however, an enormous fireball and black smoke ascended from one corner of the course. Several of the race cars had collided from behind and rolled to create a huge accident.
"Junko, get in!"
As soon as Junko, still holding her parasol, had climbed into the cockpit, Sunstreaker gunned his chassis into a jackrabbit start. As far as any bystanders could see, Junko was driving, but that was camouflage for Sunstreaker. At some point, she had simply come to bear that role. "Now THIS is how you race!!" His tires screeched as he peeled out. Sunstreaker tore along the circuit even faster than the safety car, racing onto the scene of the accident. There, within the enshrouding smoke, he let out Junko and changed shape.
Now in robot mode, Sunstreaker set about rescuing the drivers trapped in the wrecked cars. As he did, though, Junko was shocked to see him step on her darling parasol.
"And that was my favourite, too!"
As the lamenting Junko watched over Sunstreaker's rescue activities, she went over in her mind how she'd get him to make it up to her on the drive he'd promised to take with her that weekend.
"This week, we are going to enjoy an absolutely normal drive!" And yet she sighed, wondering how long she'd continue to be stuck in this lousy relationship.
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The Transformers Binaltech Asterisk
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