Cranial unit, the central module for thought and communication. Comprised of the brain chip, which is the acceptance point for the personality program; the perceptual sensor array; a faceplate capable of variable expressions thanks to its multilayer structure of hyper elastic alloys; interactive conversational equipment; etc.

Provided with newly developed fluid metal actuators and a high-rigidity alloy frame for a robot body expected to endure violent movement and close combat. High-output electrocells exhibit mighty and instantaneous power, and successfully provide a buffer capacity that can endure drastic load fluctuations and impact loads.
The drive of the vehicle mode, which involves the robot structure in its frame, utilizes four independent, closed-loop-controlled motors, unlike the vehicle on which it is modelled. Sensors distributed from the front section on through all parts of the frame act as perceptual instrumentation when in four-wheeled mode.

Adopts the "TORQ 3000" quantum processor, developed by Quantum Laboratories in America, as its common standard operating computer. This performs the data processing for mental and physical controls as well as the Transformer's seven senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, short-range radiowave transmission, magnetic sensitivity and electric sensitivity).
Thanks to linear actuators in his upper arms, both of Lambor's hands function as piledrivers that exert up to 3.6 tons of force on impact, delivering up to five impacts per second, and are thus useful in close combat and siege attacks. Because of this, his manipulator units are comprised of only a minimal amount of parts - extremely tough alloy blocks and torque motors, plus metallic-fibre tendons - and are not themselves equipped with any tactile function. Tactile and strength information is detected by active sensors near his wrists, converted into sensory stimuli, and conveyed to his brain.
Fully charged, the electrocells which are the primary source of power for Binaltech Transformers can let them to operate for up to 40 hours straight in robot mode or 180 hours straight in vehicle mode. Also, this one's primary weapon, his electron pulse gun, can be used for emergency power.

His head module contains a high-precision composite alignment system. He is equipped with multi-spectrum sensors in his eyes and a tight-beam aligner in the middle of his forehead, and both crest halves function as phased-array radar thanks to their numerous antenna elements.
His primary weapon, an ion-charge disperser rifle, is an electrical weapon that electrifies particles in the air along the line of fire to his target, striking the target as a powerful charged-particle beam. Although its accuracy level is limited owing to its nature, it can punch a hole three meters deep in a concrete wall at 20 km with a blast of 80,000 volts.
The Binaltech Cybertrons' primary drive mechanisms are independent in-wheel superconductive motors in all four wheels. Even during the holding period for Streak's personality components to receive a qualified inspection, the BT-03 development team continued to make unique adjustments, drastically improving his speed, frame positioning control, ground contact efficiency and more compared to the other BT numbers.


In conjunction with the redesign of Hound's body, his traditional detection and tracking systems have been drastically changed and reconstructed. The infrared radiation collector built into the front of his helmet can detect heat differentials of as little as .02˚C, which brings results in tracking a target, be it human or machine. Also, thanks to augmented electromagnetic wave shielding, his topographical map generation function and ability to save its recorded data have improved markedly.
His portable Hologram Gun weapon is truly a piece of high-tech equipment. Despite its size, it is capable of spatial projection of three-dimensional holographic images via large-scale control of photons. By changing modes, he can also use it as a medium-powered Photon Blaster.
Through the incorporation of smartskin technology in Hound's exostructure, his entire body is one cluster of scanner and radar equipment. On Earth, his Neutrino Scanner can collect scanning information on everything within a 5 km radius (with a range extending to the horizon), and his 3-D simulation circuitry can process, store, and transmit this information to his allies as high-precision virtual environment data. His vehicle mode's roll bar is equipped with internal holo-projectors for camouflage and can create projections of a virtual driver and/or passengers.

Dead End
Binaltech Destron #1 was repaired and built by misappropriating a BT body that the American scientific enterprise Symultech Industries was developing before they fell under Starscream's control. Having successfully transferred his personality data, Dead End continued to hide his true form, and after going through the EDC's working tests, he officially debuted as BT-05!
His portable compressor-air gun is a ballistic weapon that sprays blasts of high-energy compressed air, mowing down enemies and buildings alike. With the receiver tank, which is made of pressure- and heat-resistant alloys produced by Symultech, he can increase the air pressure up to about 4.6 tons per square cm. In addition, the twin plasma energy blasters included in his backpack have enough destructive force to punch through a steel wall two meters thick.
His vehicle mode, which can mark speeds of up to 360 km/h, has an exostructure reinforced by an automatic force field, as well as acrobatic capabilities thanks to a low-power antigravity generator, thus preserving his characteristic Stunticon capabilities. He is also equipped with radar that can detect all movement within a 320-km radius, and remembering the topographical data thus received, he employs a strategy of luring enemies into...dead ends.

Taking heed of the deficiency in air support strength within the Cybertrons' Earth garrison, when Tracks' exostructure was redesigned, the goal was to strengthen his aerial combat ability - especially aerial close-quarters combat in battle robot form - and his mobility. He is capable of subsonic flight for brief periods using his two movable rocket engines deployed as back thrusters, and launches multiple-warhead, heat-seeking incendiary missiles from their tips. He is also newly equipped with double-barrelled Plasma Shotguns on both arms.
Tracks' primary weapon, a Black Beam Gun, is a complex weapon that projects kinetic-field energy coils containing a hyperkinetic, black, gaseous substance. This so-called "Black Light" envelops the target in a force field layer, obscuring its field of vision. With the impact force of the whirling gases added on top of that, it can inflict heavy damage on the enemy.
Thanks to the development of repulsor panels and aerodynamic force fields all over his frame, Tracks' new body is fundamentally capable of flight in vehicle mode, so his traditional flight mode is no longer necessary. However, owing to changes in design ideas, his combat strength and top speed both drop in this mode, and Tracks himself has aesthetic problems with it, so he only makes use of this ability very rarely. Also, his exterior vehicle panels are coated with the latest functional pigments developed by Dupont, making him capable of changing his body colour, camouflaging himself, or even displaying moving images of his surroundings on them, making him effectively invisible.

Smokescreen GT

"BT-07" is a code given to a sub-project researching the "potential for the production and mass mobilization of robotic lifeforms." In conjunction with Smokescreen's volunteering, the EDC's Advanced Technologies Development Bureau conducted the customization and function expansion of a GT System-compatible model in an experimental base, using the latest BT-model body frame made by Subaru.
The "life force" that is the source of a TF's life is propagated through its entire body by a "laser core," which is at the center of a force field. The GT System separately contains this laser core outside the body in subspace storage, and by synchronously connecting with translink ports installed on each BT terminal, it is able to breathe life into each of the multiply duplicated personality data. Each unit's memory data undergoes integration processing after it returns from an operation.
The Blaster Launcher is a newly equipped multipurpose projectile weapon. Thanks to a loading mechanism furnished with a subspace link function, it can receive an inexhaustible ammo supply from the ammunition stores in Cybertron City. However, the mechanism has flaws that cause rare loading failures. BT-07 mainly uses jamming rounds filled with material that disrupts enemy detection.

Thoroughly reproducing the abilities of his original body and even adding some improvements, the BT exostructure responds to Meister's every demand, allowing him still to boast of marksmanship technique that lets him strike home with his photon rifle from virtually any physical position. And by using his internally installed flamethrower in concert with his full-spectrum headlights and 180dB stereo speakers, he can create a dazzling sound-and-light show. Further, by using his rear-mounted ailerons in conjunction with his side thrusters, he can glide for about 3000m.
This other Meister, with his whole body coloured bright red, is the Cybertrons' replica automaton, the original result of the BT-08 Plan research. Although his artificial intelligence, designed to emulate Meister's personality programming, is still insufficient for it to be thought of as a proper lifeform, he is able to take a high level of autonomous action and is perfectly capable of being sent into actual combat under Meister's remote control. In befriending this A.I. robot, which is like a brother or son to him, Meister has nicknamed him "Zoom-Zoom," and has been giving him dance and music lessons when opportunity allows.
"BT-08" was originally started as a project to artificially reproduce and replicate a TF's mental programming using the latest A.I. technology. For some time, the Mazda Corporation had been using Meister's functions and appearance as models for the project's controlling frame, building a number of such BT units. Due to the change of affairs, though, it was quickly decided that the frame would serve as a disguise body for Meister himself. The personality component that formed the core of his brain was therefore secretly transported to Japan, and the insertion work was carried out at Mazda's concept lab in Hiroshima.

To get Swindle's body frame, the Destrons took control of the BT-09 exostructure being developed for the Cybertrons at the Central City Institute of Technology, along with its project team, and forced the team to complete it. Therefore, a few of its function terminals, such as the force field emitter and jamming wave transmission panels, were left behind offline.
The gyro gun he wields can disturb the balance centre of a TF in any mode. Also, the mechanism for his primary weapon, his scatter blaster, is now built into the engine-shaped units on his upper arms, and he can use it to fire explosive pellets over a wide area from his front grille in vehicle mode or from his palms in robot mode. The weapons used by Binaltech TFs are supplied in most cases by the EDC's Ordnance Division after admission into Cybertron City. Swindle escaped right after BT-09's operations tests, so the EDC hadn't armed his body yet. He has made these personal weapons himself out of his own secret cache of materials.
With their EDC registrations deleted, the BT Destrons are unable to access electrocell recharge facilities, so they have switched over to exponential generators, stabilized and output-reduced for practical use, for their power source.

Unlike other TF regeneration plans, the BT-10 was released as a project for the development of the Ultimate Robot Body, from the previous technological accumulations. As a result, an engine with greater output than the conventional was used, also with the injection of molecular machines, a higher performance stress guidance control system was planned out. With this, the BT body, comprised of delicate operational components, now had the equivalent strength as its crystal alloy framework enabling an exertion of immeasurable strength.
The development of BT-10 was carried out by Ford Company’s specialised car development team, and with Wheeljack’s cooperation, the preparation work for Grimlock began. The problem child, Grimlock regardless their original good intentions, took it out on the developers from his resentment of being remade a BT. But they bore it with equal tolerance, and thus the ultimate performance body was completed.
The portable gun, stun laser, paralyses the enemy with a blow of solid light. Also the close range energo sword, given a burst of energy on the blade, increases its cutting edge, likewise destroying the electrical systems. A self propelling mini rocket launcher is installed in both knees, and a plasma shield unfolds from the hubcap of the lower arm.

The BT-11 Plan was a research frame secured in the name of "technological synthesis tests," but in fact this project was used as a cover for the "X-9 Revival Plan" by people connected with the old secret organization known as the Intelligence and Information Institute (I.I.I.). In order to bring back X-9 as a "living TF," the project team brought in the original Ravage, whom the EDC had in custody as a prisoner at the time, and used his life force to achieve reactivation.
"Battle Ravage's" exostructure was completed through improvisation by diverting existing BT unit blueprints. The project team took into account the danger of hostile activity after his body was finished, and omitted all armament and built in multiple fail-safe devices, but with his knowledge of the future's super-technology, Battle Ravage easily took control of the automatic assembly line, undid the safety devices, and acquired the latest in modern weapons systems besides.
Since Battle Ravage's body contains no "Life Essence Nucleus," what he refers to as a "Spark," he gains life by combining with his "present form" of Ravage. Ravage remains reduced into cassette mode and stored in a suspended-function state in the vehicle console's audio unit, and is still unaware of Battle Ravage's existence.

Overdrive's original body was most severely damaged, requiring an extended period of time to repair his core section, so the launch of his new body's development was greatly delayed compared to the first BT numbers. Honda's Wako Technological Research Centre was in charge of developing the BT-12 frame, and thanks to the efforts of a team with superior skills in developing anthropomorphic robots, they achieved delivery of the frame in a very short time, indeed. The numerous BT-12 prototypes were later offered up for "Project Bodyshop," which was drafted by Wheeljack.
His ballistic shield, formed from a membrane of high-density polymerized durabyllium, can block any physical projectile attack. In addition, the Omni-Blaster, a multifunction weapon developed by the EDC, can be used as a neutron blaster, electron cannon, and plasma beam rifle, the three weapons which were once his standard equipment.
Because of stipulations in the contracts for development manufacturers brought into the BT Project, they are limited to humane support, so Honda had to pass up the installation of internal weaponry in his car frame and omit the mechanism for his two-stage transformation into attack mode. Instead, three field propulsion devices been included in the rear of his car frame (his shoulders and abdomen in robot mode), granting him the special abilities of super-high-speed travel and brief transonic flight in vehicle mode, as well as high mobility in robot mode.

BT-13 is a research plan to bring back the Transformers' most radical transformation method, the Transmutor, using Earth science. By altering the quantum information of particles composing matter, this technology can alter the composition and structure of objects. However, its implementation requires large-scale machinery and power, so the plan was put on hold. Battle Ravage invaded the BT-13 research facility, made improvements to this equipment and research data, and used it to bring Laserwave back to life.
A commercial vehicle made by Mazda was used as experimental material for the Transmutor device. The essential test procedure involved transferring scan data of BT-08 Meister, then modifying and reorganizing it into a completely different robot exostructure. The base vehicle, installed with Laserwave's personality component and redesign data, achieved a dramatic transformation into a powerful BT Destron.
His personal weapon, the Turbo Rifle, is a high-output laser gun loaded with a high-efficiency energy supercharger. Besides being a weapon on its own, if he stores away its stock and equips it on his left upper arm, it also functions as an amplifier unit that increases the offensive ability of his gun-arm. His destructive power is then on a par with that of his original laser gun mode.

Wheeljack believed the key to saving "the war dead of the future" lay in the GT System, and at his suggestion, the development plans for BT-14 were put into operation as a link to "Project Bodyshop." The GT System made it possible to have parallel forms of a single being through the sharing of life force. After the completion of BT-07, slots corresponding to all BT Cybertrons were established in the system, but his is the first case of one being put into full operation since Smokescreen.
Unlike the identical bodies used by BT-07, Wheeljack's parallel forms are comprised of an "Alpha Unit," his original form supplemented by a GT mechanism; a "Beta Unit," using the Ford-made BT frame, and an "Omega Unit," the form and specs of which are still completely shrouded in a veil of secrecy. The Beta Unit, which uses the BT core torso, possesses the greatest combat strength as well as high-speed flight capability thanks to rear-mounted field propulsion panels.
His hand weapon, a laser-strafer rifle, is capable of firing strafing volleys of high-output pulse lasers. His cryo-sword envelops its blade in an immobilizer field, the molecular motion-halting effect of which supercools the contact surface. Using this extreme temperature deviation, it can shatter or slice through any armour material.

Prowl's newest grade form achieved boot-up by installing Chip Chase's awareness, separated from his body by mind transfer, in place of Prowl's lost "laser core." BT-15 acts with all of Prowl's usual personality and will, but it is also extended by a separate neurocomputer that handles thinking as Chip, so the two of them are in a strong symbiotic relationship. Meanwhile, Chip's own body is being kept in stasis in an EDC special medical facility.
Project Bodyshop is a plan to affect a rapid rise in the Cybertron survival rate through GT technology, which allows Transformers to have multiple bodies. At first, the Honda-designed BT-15 model was developed for this project to become the parallel form "Prowl 2," but because Prowl's original body was destroyed before the GT network was activated, it was decided that BT-15 would function as his primary unit.
At first, the Honda-designed BT-15 model was developed for Project Bodyshop* to become the parallel form "Prowl 2," but because Prowl's original body was destroyed before the GT network was activated, it was decided that BT-15 would function as his primary unit. His vehicle mode exterior is programmed with the coloration patterns of police cars from around the world and can change its appearance as necessary. He can also change his interior thanks to the employment of ultra-smartplastics.
*Project Bodyshop is a plan to save "the war dead of the future" through "Genetronic Translink" technology, which makes it possible for a TF to have multiple selves.
The BT-15 GHS Unit: The all-blue, general-release version BT-15 model was developed as a Generic Host Shell not limited to any one user. Normally, it stands by as Prowl's reserve GT unit, but it can be activated as an emergency parallel body for Streak, Tracks, or any other Cybertron, as the situation requires.
His portable weapon, an acid pellet gun, is a semi-automatic rifle that fires volleys of highly corrosive pellets. His close-combat equipment, the blight stick, can instantly render an enemy powerless by injecting a disruptor surge.

BT Skids is the first case to use a BT frame purely as a form upgrade, involving no special circumstances in his creation. In order to implement this official usage, the Toyota Group and the EDC's Advanced Technology Development Division cooperated to include internal systems in this frame that would refine it as a mechanical lifeform: self-repair and regenerative functions, nano-mechanical antibodies, material preservation functions and so on. So long as it is not damaged in battle, in theory, its effective working life should be several thousand years.

Owing to the difficulties of production increase, the BT-16 model does not have the same type of GT replication frame. Instead, it is equipped with a subspace channel that will transport just the nucleus of the life-force into an external storage area.
His hand weapon is a liquid nitrogen rifle which can shoot a stream of the element, super cooled to nearly -200oC, almost 190 meters (623 feet).

Black Convoy
As a man-made Transformer, Black Convoy does not possess a life core. In order to give him life, the subspace linkup experiment was carried out. But during the experiment, a glowing orb emerged from a mysterious time warp. When it came in contact with the body, it was suddenly activated and disappeared.

Rijie Electro Disruptor Version
The Ford GT type BT body placed the emphasis on re-creating one of the Transformers’ most mysterious technologies, the “Power Chip Current Co-ordinator”, using Earth technology. During the research among the ten bodies used, the #7 body with multiple bio photons showed an abnormal energy output reaction. Rijie’s original Electro Disruptor was capable of staying invisible for approximately six minutes, but this #7 body had an extraordinary ability of maintaining its shielding function indefinitely as long as it was online, though instead it was now unable to become visible.

Transformers Binaltech System Description

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