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RM-01 Cybertron Leader- G1 Convoy
Cybertron Headquarters. The one to volunteer for the Black Body = BB testing was no other than Cybertron Leader G1 Convoy. Considering his long awaited aspirations to put the Solitarium into use, he could not give up this role to anybody. Isolating himself in a sealed off chamber, Perceptor goes through the directions for G1 Convoy again. “During this testing, don’t forget that you will have to remain alone for several days.” To conduct the BB change meant that severance from outside company was unavoidable. The BB’s target for energy absorption would include the bases’ machinery and equipment, and Transformers were not an exception. The testing this time around would include regular and irregular administrations of the Solitarium. But the figure of G1 Convoy is suddenly wracked with pain, and right as everyone thought ‘Is it a failure!?’, R-Blade notices the Destron Arial assault soldier Buzzsaw slipping away from the base. However Buzzsaw had successfully escaped. The stray bullets that Buzzsaw had fired to flick off his pursuers then, had left a certain rift on a cliff several kilometres away.
Due to the Destrons fake BB data, BB transformed Convoys’ entire system was at an unstable state. Fearing the danger that this situation might cause his comrades, he decided to remain deep within a canyon, uninhabited by people or living organisms, till his energy was depleted. “I don’t intend to die like this, Sky Spy (orbiting satellite) I need you to track me from the air.” As soon as he lays down his orders to his comrades, BBG1 Convoy transforms into his beagle/Alt. mode and heads out of base. After driving to a canyon several kilometres away, with an anguishing groan, he transformed back to his robot mode and leaned against the rock walls of the lightless cave. A thought runs through his mind, one of absorbing the energy from the Destrons and destroying them. “No, what am I thinking…even if they are Destrons, not unless they aim their fire at the humans or us…their total destruction should not be considered.” BBG1 Convoy discourages himself. Strangely enough then, BB Starscream came flying. “Even in my weakened state, it should be enough to deal with the likes of you, Starscream!”, stating towards the attacking enemy. Though BBG1 Convoy bravely stood up to the challenge, the battle outcome between BB transformed subjects would depend upon their standard levels. This time around, with BBG1 Convoy’s damaged systems, he was clearly at odds. Gradually being pushed back, he lost consciousness….
When G1 Convoy had come to, there stood BB Beast Convoy before him. G1 Convoy hastily tells him to leave, but then notices the BB elements on his own body were fading off. Realizing that this was due to BB Beast Convoy, he thanked him and before his BB transformation was fully cancelled out, he rushed back to Cybertron Headquarters. In the midst of the many Cybertrons currently struggling with BB Beast Megatron in front of the Cybertron base, G1 Convoy from land, and from the air, BB Beast Convoy arrived. As G1 Convoy transformed into robot mode, his missile launcher fired a round. This did not hit BB Megatron himself but rather, was targeted to the ground before him, exploding. The enormous blast blew BB Beast Megatron back. G1 Convoy had calculated that the energy from the blast would also be absorbed, and rightly enough BB Beast Megatron’s chest was damaged, slowly cancelling out his BB transformation. Ignoring the retreating enemy, “It’s a shame the test this time around ended this way, but we hope to challenge again. But I guess before that, we need to reinforce the security in the base.”, G1 Convoy said to Beast Convoy. With that, a cheer ran through the Cybertron soldiers, and the canyons echoed with their exultation and applause.

RM-11 Cybertron Leader- Beast Convoy
Cybertron Headquarters: After the preparations for the BB tests were made, the first to volunteer was G1 Convoy. But because the results of the tests were still indefinite, along with his status as Leader of the Cybertrons, many of the other Cybertron soldiers came forward to take his place. “No, let me take the role.” Beast Convoy was also one in the group. Though unbeknownst to them, Destron Arial assault soldier Buzzsaw was watching from the shadows. That, being the first step leading G1 Convoy towards destruction.
Ultimately, the BB transformation duty was entrusted to G1 Convoy, but due to Buzzsaw switching of the BB data chip to a fake, G1 Convoys whole body would start a malfunction. BB transformed G1 Convoy headed off deep within a canyon, uninhabited by people or living organisms, so that no danger might spread to the others.
While the ones who were left behind, Perceptor and Wheeljack, planned out a solution, Beast Convoy impatiently watched over G1 Convoy through the orbiting satellite, Sky Spy. “Something must be done…” In the meantime Beast Megatron had launched his attack the Cybertron base. The Cybertrons could not hide their surprise when they saw his body surface transformed Black Body. There, catching the one comment Beast Megatron had leaked out, Rijie responded. “That Starscream would never power up Megatron without plotting something!” Every one of the Cybertrons knew that even though Starscream would conspire against Beast Megatron, cooperation was something unthinkable. Realizing what Rijie said, Beast Convoy silently thought, ‘Is there a possibility that Beast soldiers…?’, and took his thoughts to action. That was to take the still existing fake BB data chip left in the base, one that contaminated G1 Convoy, and insert it into his own body. “What the, what do you think your doing!?” While Wheeljack yelled out, Beast Convoys ebony coloured body increased its blackness, resulting in a complete BB transformation. “Seems like step 1 went well, Convoy jet ON!” An unconscious BBG1 Convoy lay in the destination BB Beast Convoy headed off to. BB Beast Convoy started to absorb the fatal BB substance covering BBG1 Convoys entire body. “Ghh…don’t know how much more my Black Body can take…!”. Thanks to the devout efforts of Beast Convoy, he was successfully able to remove the contaminating substance from G1 Convoy. G1 Convoy transformed into his Alt mode, racing across the ground so that the BB effects would not intervene with him, while BB Beast Convoy returned to base from the air.
At the base, BB Beast Megatron was still raging out. “Take this! Double Convoy attack!” BB Beast Convoy shouted out as he transformed into a Gorilla and gripped both legs of Beast Megatron, blown back from G1 Convoys attack, and chucked him far off into the distance with his Giant Swing! Watching his nemesis chucked off, Beast Convoys Black Body effect slowly started to wear away, a result of absorbing the energy from G1 Convoy, canceling it out. “You’re a reckless Gorilla…I mean no, I’m really thankful.” Receiving G1 Convoys gratitude, Beast Convoy transformed back into his robot mode. “I was thinking that Starscream used the same fake data, used on you, for Megatron too. But Megatron seemed completely unaffected by it. In other words, I concluded the fake data would effective on us Beast soldiers. Though it was a gamble.” All the Cybertron soldiers cheered at Beast Convoys words. The canyons echoed with their exultation and applause.

RM-02 Emperor of Destruction - Beast Megatron
It is the Destron army undersea base. In the central control tower, Aerospace commander Starscream was presently handing the BB data chip to Destron Leader Beast Megatron. He showed a hint of suspicion toward Starscream, but since his internal analyzers did not sound out warning signals, Beast Megatron inserted the chip into his chest slot. "Are you sure this is secure? I'm going to pound you if the worst happens." His tone of voice was light, but the look Beast Megatron gave to Starscream was as sharp enough. <WHMMmmm.> The composition program of Beast Megatron’s body surface shifted, slowly turning his outward appearance black and transforming him into BB. "Aah…rather nice. Feels as though all the surrounding energy is gathering towards me." This in fact, was not his imagination, as BB Megatron was absorbing energy from the surrounding machines, not to mention several Destron soldiers. Abandoning his comrades who were dropping in to stasis lock from the energy absorption, Starscream transformed and fled. While on the other hand, an energized BB Beast Megatron took off from the undersea base. "Ha! Now time to raid the Cybertrons!"
<THOOOM!!> Overlooking the cliff tops, BB Megatron launched a series of attacks at the Cybertron base. The Laser Buster from the TyrannoFace on his right arm fired continuous flashes, void of energy depletion. "Yes, yes! No matter how much I fire, I still feel the energy surging from within me!! Guess I'll have to thank Starscream for this, Haa hahaha!" The laughter echoed to within the Cybertron base. Never in his dreams would he have thought, that this last comment would allow the Cybertrons to turn the tables.
Transforming and alternating between his Dinosaur and robot mode, BB Beast Megatron confronted several Cybertron soldiers at once. But just when the battle was thought to end in his triumphant victory, the attacks from both G1 Convoy and BB Beast Convoy exploded out. "GHAaaaa!" Beast Megatron was thrown back. His body took heavy damage, due to the primitive physical attack, along with the rubble mixed in with the blast. He hastily attempted to re-insert the BB data chip into his chest slot, but likewise the area had not escaped damage. Listening to the error sounds emitted by his internal analyzers, Beast Megatron withdrew from the Cybertron base. "Curses.".
Returning back to the undersea base, Beast Megatron conducted repairs, but his body now would not accept the BB transformation. "What, are you saying an immunity has occurred!?" His internal analyzers respond affirmative to his question.
"I would have given you credit for this time, but since I myself am not able to use this, things like these bring up 'complications'." Beast Megatron had located out Starscream’s secret base in Idaho. Looking down at the suffering Starscream, he lightly crushed the BB data chip in his left hand. Whether or not that BB data chip was original or fake, Beast Megatron could have cared less. What mattered to him was that no other Destron would have power, he would not be able to control.

RM-12 Aviation Force - Starscream
To enhance the absorption effect of the Solitarium Energy, the Cybertrons Chemistry Technicians Team moved towards a plan to cover ones self with the <Black Body>. By changing one a Black Body, a Transformer is capable of obtaining energy from the surface of their whole body. Traditionally, it is rare that a transformer would need a huge amount of energy at a personal level. Yet because the efficiency data was prioritized for the Solitarium, its quantity still yet unknown, the Cybertrons decided their introduction on the Black Body. However the Destrons, led by Beast Megatron would not be overlooking this.
With the information given by Arial assault soldier Buzzsaw; currently on watch over the Cybertron base, the Black Body project had come to Starscreams knowledge. Having Buzzsaw forward the BB data to Starscream, stationed at the secret base in Idaho, he immediately interchanged the data into a deadly fake version. Starscream was able to do this data manipulation in 13 seconds from its reception due to his diverse knowledge as a scientist. Taking the file encrypted with the fake data, he ordered, “Buzzsaw, replace this with the original. Be careful that you yourself don’t get infected.” Before long, Starscreams view inside the Cybertron base, via Buzzsaw’s surveillance camera, showed the image of G1 Convoy starting to suffer in pain from the effects of the fake BB data. Starscream smirked with the end of his lip. If he were human, he would be classified as handsome, but his evil nature, he could not hide.
After returning back to the underwater Destron base, he reported back to Beast Megatron concerning the Cybertrons plan for the Black Body project, likewise the fact that they were immediately able to grab it for themselves. What’s more, in the hand that Starscream offered out to Beast Megatron, was the chip, which contained the BB data. “…So therefore if you use this, you’ll be able to size up and absorb a universal amount of energy.” As soon as the other took hold of it, Starscreams eyes gleamed. However Beast Megatron did not immediately insert the chip, rather he used his internal analyzers to conduct an analysis on it. “Damn!” Inside Starscream started to panic, for it was the same fake BB data that infected G1 Convoy, which he had handed to Beast Megatron. Despite Starscreams nervousness, the result of the analysis came out harmless, thus Beast Megatron inserting the chip in his chest slot. Starscream was inwardly relieved, yet at the same time he followed his every move with a sinister glare. Contrary to his expectations, Beast Megatron’s BB change was successful, and one after another, started to absorb the energy from the Destron soldiers, around him!
Starscream made a hasty escape from the underwater base. Returning back to his own secret lab, he made use of the original BB data, also converting himself in to BB. “Excellent, now I’ll prove to them that I’m the most powerful transformer!” With an attitude as if to take on the whole of the Transformers BB Starscream targeted his first victim as G1 Convoy, presently taking refuge inside a nearby cave. With the BB change, Starscreams Null Ray had increased 8 times their original firepower and his violent attacks from both land and air left BB G1 Convoy in a tight position. “A sorry sight you are, Convoy, I’ll finish you off now!” But right then, the fault in the canyon walls gave in, burying the prevailing BB Starscream alive…
Several hours later: Foom, foom! Now up and conscious, Starscream reappeared, removing the covering boulders with his Null ray. “Ow, what the hell were those falling rocks…” Soon noticing the absence of G1 Convoy, he returned back to his secret base. As a result of the falling rocks, Starscream had to exchange his damaged data chip, but suddenly he was racked with an overwhelming pain. What the writhing Starscream saw, before he lost consciousness, was an eerily smiling Beast Megatron crushing the original data chip in his hands. “Then what I inserted right now was……” Starscreams consciousness gradually faded away.
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