Transformers Micromasters Translated Story

Courtesy of Doug Dlin

Part 1:
A new transformer legend begins!!
(With Sixliner)
The Transformers' home world of Seibertron had been exhausted by the Great Wars of their past.  In the course of the wars, the good Transformers, known as the Cybertrons, lost both the Matrix, which was the amassment of their wisdom, and their leader, Convoy.  However, after the Great Wars ended, a number of Seiberdroids (Seibertronians without the ability to transform) confirmed that Convoy had escaped into outer space in combat.  They planned to seek out the Matrix and Convoy, both to restore their world and for the sake of the Cybertrons.  Organizing an exploration fleet, they journeyed into space, following the traces of the Matrix.  During their investigative travels, an accident sent a dimensional shockwave washing over the Seiberdroids, and they were teleported to a remote area of the galaxy, where they crash-landed on the third planet of our solar system.  The damage to their ship left them with no means to contact or return to Seibertron, but the dimensional vibrations also evolved the Seiberdroids so they gained the ability to transform.  This was the birth of the Transformer Micromasters.  In rapid succession, the Seiberdroids began transforming into Earthly vehicles, but as a side effect of the evolution, evil minds emerged in some of them, who evolved into the evil Transformers known as Destrons.  Gradually, Micromasters were divided into two forces.  A new battle began between the Destrons, who plotted to conquer the Earth and return home to Seibertron, and the Cybertrons, who wanted to co-exist with Humanity, set their sights on the cosmos with them, and continue their search for the Matrix.

Part 2:
Enter the urban disaster relief specialists!!
(With Sixturbo)
In the course of their evolution, the Micromasters who crashed on Earth divided into heroic Cybertrons and evil Destrons and began to war among themselves.  Using a part of their crashed spaceship as a base, the Cybertron warriors resolved to stay on Earth until there was some hope of returning to their home world of Seibertron.  Wishing to co-exist with the people of Earth, the Cybertron forces made the best of their ability to transform and take action around the globe in order to smooth communication with human society.  Like the Liner Team, the members of the Turbo Team participated and blended into human society.  Already a group of specialists in urban disaster relief, when faced with even greater disasters, the Turbo Team combined and went into action as Sixturbo and faced squarely against Destron assaults. One day, the evil manipulators of the Destrons reached out for Road Police while he was patrolling the highways.  Using a mind-changer virus, they reverse-evolved him into a Destron, and Road Police began destroying the city.  Circuit, Neo-Wheel, Glide and Discharge came charging in, but one by one, the other members were also infected and became Destrons.  The deployed Cybertrons could only stand idly by, unable to approach lest they also become infected. At Diego's instructions, Sireen arrived after completing work with Joe on the development of a vaccine program.  However, the vaccine program required a direct connection and installation time to be installed.  In order to minimize the infection damager, it was necessary to install the vaccine into all five members at the same time.  Having worked out a plan, Sireen approached to bargain with the Destronized warriors.  "What say I join you as a Destron and we become the ultimate fused fighter." Having thus goaded them into combining, his strategy was to install the vaccine at the same time as they merged.  As Sixturbo began to combine, Sireen struggled desperately, the virus flowing through his body.  Just when it was thought that Sixturbo was totally Destronized, he regained his Cybertron self through the vaccine program.  The Cybertrons' strategy had succeeded. Joy welled up among the Cybertrons.  Sharing a firm handclasp under the setting sun, Sixturbo and Sixliner vowed to each other to fight together for peace.  However, the Cybertrons had not yet noticed six shadows in the sunset, gazing at them with cold optics.
To be continued...

Part 3:
Enter the Destron Sixwing!!
(With Sixwing)
Deep in the night, the shadow of a plane neared the Cybertron base unnoticed.  Using his stealth abilities to their fullest, Missile Run of the Sixwing team was attempting to infiltrate the base. Cutting his engines, Missile Run silently glided in to a landing.
Shifting to robot mode, he eluded the automatic surveillance network and succeeded in sneaking inside.  Confirming there was no one watching the passageway, Missile Run infiltrated even deeper into the base.  His goal was to capture the Cybertron capsules sleeping in compressed storage.  Not all the Seiberdroids who had crashed on Earth had evolved into Micromasters.  The Seiberdroids who were in compressed hibernation still remained asleep, not yet given a vehicle into which to evolve.  This measure had been taken based on a decision by Diego and the other Cybertron warriors, who had no wish to increase the number of teammates who might be evolved into Destrons. The instant Missile Run reached for the capsules, a piercing alarm rang out, and he found himself held at gunpoint by Road Police, who was first to charge in. "Hold up!" Road Police cried out, bringing Missile Run to a halt.
"You think we'd pass up a chance to make more friends?" Missile Run snapped sarcastically. Then he snapped his fingers, and the wall behind Road Police blew apart with a roar, the result of a pinpoint attack by the Destron soldier Raker. Missile Run made good his escape, and the pursuing Cybertron warriors found themselves faceplate to faceplate with the Destron Wing Team.
"The operation has failed," Chaingun's furious shout echoed.  "Destroy everything! Combine!!" And at his command, they did just that, forming Sixwing.  As Sixwing flew freely through the air and attacked, the Cybertrons found themselves faced with a difficult fight.
"Well, we'll just combine too," Sixturbo said, entering the fray, but he also found himself hard pressed by a foe who could transform at will while attacking from the sky.
"Help's on the way!" Sixliner said, arriving to back him up.  In his hand, he clutched a modified Vaccine Program Gun.  (This was a modification of the program that saved the reverse-evolved Sixturbo.  Sireen had developed it in the hope that it might reverse-evolve Destrons into Cybertrons.)  "Bullseye!" Sixliner scored a direct hit on Sixwing.  As Sixwing suffered in pain, his body began to turn white.
"Just the opposite of what happened to 'Turbo," Sixliner rejoiced in his success.  Reborn in mid-air into a pure white body, Sixwing now sported a Cybertron emblem gleaming on his chest.
"Welcome back, CYBERTRON warrior Sixwing," Sixturbo said, extending his hand.
"Wait!" Sixliner said, holding him back.  "Look at his Cybertron mark." They heard a sinister chuckle from the white Sixwing, who bore a purple Cybertron symbol on his chest.  "Just as I'd planned.  I've gained a new power, the power of an evil Cybertron.  Behold the birth of Berserker Sixwing!"
...and the battle between Cybertron and Destron continues...

Part 4:
Sixbuilder--warrior of misfortune!?
(With Sixbuilder)
The appearance of Berserker Sixwing had resulted in a strong sense of impending crisis among the Cybertron Micromasters, casting sizable doubts upon their pride as Cybertron warriors.  Compelled to suffer endlessly repeated attacks by the Destron forces, many of them were injured, and sometimes they were even robbed of their Seiberdroid Capsules.  As the balance of power began to crumble, there awakened a power to turn things around.  This was the debut of Sixbuilder!!  One nearly moonless night, the Cybertrons somehow managed to drive off a Destron night assault, but a portion of the Seiberdroid Capsules they'd successfully protected had received shocks in the battle and thawed out, and once more Micromasters wakened.  The six warriors took on the forms of Earthly construction vehicles, and thus the Build Team was born.  Their combat strength rivalled even Beserker Sixwing's, and their high level of technological skill showed a remarkable impact on everything from repairing their comrades to reinforcing their base. On one such day, word arrived at the Cybertron base that the Destrons were on a mission of destruction in the city.  Glide and Road Police charged onto the scene, but the Destrons had already retreated, after which the pair discovered from testimony by the local residents that there was a high probability it was a new Destron offensive force.  Upon returning to base and analyzing the information, they found the local citizens had recorded some startling images. Diego and the others called in the Build Team and pressed for a confirmation in front of the monitor: "There's some images we want you to see." Displayed on the monitor were Treader and Mixing engaged in acts of destruction.  Images taken from different angles showed the other Build Team members doing the same.... The Build Team could not conceal the astonishment on their faces.  However, while their projected selves were the same in form, they were totally different in colour, with bodies of light green hue. Then Sireen announced in an enigmatic tone, "According to the information from the locals, Mixing, it seems the version of you shown in these images was calling himself Mixmaster."  Then Diego spoke: "For the moment, it doesn't appear to be a plan to introduce fakes, but we can't read the Destrons' intentions.  You should all exercise plenty of caution."  After he'd finished and the Build Team had moved to another room, their eyes met and they nodded to one another.  At length, the Build Team found the fakes with a stakeout strategy, but could not hide their bewilderment at the enemies' total copying of their appearances.  Their minds made up, the Build Team combined, and thus Sixbuilder appeared. However, the Destron Build Team also achieved fusion as if they were made for it.  The two giants stood face to face.  Then the Destron Sixbuilder issued a warning in a demonic voice: "You cannot defeat me--no Cybertron can.  And that's and I are one!!" "!?"
"Originally, we were no more than a single Seiberdroid.  We developed only Destron minds, while you developed only Cybertron minds, yet we were two states of the same byte.  Until one of us is gone, our true selves cannot exist," his shout came like a weapon.  "Once we have destroyed all Cybertrons, I will merge with you and return to our original form.  Until then, our battle with you must wait."  SixBuilder watched his departing enemy until he could no longer be seen.  "Will we Cybertrons and Destrons have to continue fighting forever...?"
To be continued...

Part 5:
Sixtrain! Activate red mode!!
(With Sixtrain)
With a cry of "Sixtrain! Activate Red Mode!!" Sixtrain's body blazed carmine.  His giant form engulfed in flame, he raced off at tremendous speed.  His target was a Destron, Berserker Mode Sixwing.  The two titanic robots clashed, scattering countless sparks.  Shaking the earth and painting the skies crimson with fire, their powers of Good and Evil struggled with each other. For an instant, both of them seemed to freeze, and Sixtrain let forth a resounding roar.  His fusion undone, Sixwing scattered in all directions.  As Sixtrain remained stock still, all limbs outstretched, the Destron forces retreated, showering him with jeers.  Watching Sixtrain deactivate his Red Mode, the Turbo Team's Sireen murmured, "So that's the power of a piece of the Matrix..."
"I wonder if the Destrons' plan was to make this dormant volcano erupt?"
Discharge worried, apropos of a fire truck. Convertor replied gently to her question: "The Destrons had been digging up the ground.  Take a look--it looks just like the remains of ruins excavation.  I can only conclude that there's some secret underground.  Some time ago I performed a concentrated scanning operation with Joe's assistance, and there appears to be some kind of special stratum below."
"So, let's take over the excavation, then," said Digger, his shovel biting into the earth... The unearthing proceeded favourably, and an ancient secret was soon to be revealed.
"Convertor sir! I think we've finally found something..." Raise's voice echoed out, as if to put a stop to Gran-Arm's grumbling.
"Something's there!" Raise's special ability was providing guarantees.  What they'd uncovered were two pieces of metal.
"This one resembles the type of metal generally used in the outer hulls of spaceships on our own world of Cybertron," came Crushbull's analysis. Painted on the other piece was an eerie, purple mark resembling an insect's head.
"I don't know what this represents," Convertor said, "but one thing is certain.  These metal pieces belong to robot life forms similar to us Transformers."
"Judging by the dating of the stratum, it would seem our companions arrived on this world about three million years ago..." The sound of an explosion cut short Desire's guesswork, and the Destron Wing Team came flying in along with it.
"Good job digging!" Chaingun yelled.  "Now we'll just be taking that unburied treasure!" Sixwing combined.
"Return fire.  Build Team, protect the ruins.  Train Team, combine!"  Sixtrain merged at Desire's command, and the battle was on!! At the Cybertron base, Diego and Sireen discussed the report they'd received.  "If we match the metal pieces found at the ruins to the Matrix fragment discovered in Desire, could we continue getting closer to one of our goals?" In response to Diego's query, Sireen said, "Let's hope those ruins provide us some sort of answer. Okay, let's hurry in and lend our support too!" The endless war between Cybertron and Destron has begun once again at the base of the sacred peak, Mount St. Hillary.

Part 6
The menace of landcross' combining formation! (With Landcross)
Today, the battle between the Cybertron and Destron Micromasters has repeated itself again, but the discovery of the ruins at Mount St.Hillary has changed the state of the battlefield for both sides. The Cybertrons had moved their Metrobase headquarters to the foot ofMount St. Hillary, taking up a position to defend the ruins.  Beaten to the punch, the Destron forces repeatedly attempted to invade the ruins through various schemes, or else attacked and plundered the humans' energy bases and military installations, which were now short-handed thanks to the defense of the ruins.  Then, one day, something happened. Just like they'd done the day before, the ruins investigation team of Joe, Crushbull and Converter was unearthing a lifepod in the middle of a Destron attack.  This pod, however, emitted a mysterious energy plasma radiation, temporarily rendering all Micromaster warriors non functional.
"We have readings of a dimensional displacement in the skies over the base," San Diego reported.
Hearing this, Circuit said, "The wind's changed.  There's an unknown wind blowing out of the dimensional tear."  As the plasma radiation from the lifepod returned to normal, the dimensional displacement matched this action and closed, and the Destrons began retreating from the battle.  And so the battle ended with no one noticing the six black shadows that had appeared, if only for an instant, along with that strange wind...
"The waveform closely resembles tachyon waves."
"Could it be an analogue to the dimensional vibrations that once washed over us...?" Sireen responded to Alan's report, though it was hardly an answer.  The command room sank into silence, silence which was shattered when the invasion alarm siren resounded. The base's auto-sensors lit up the invader--a pitch-black jet was raiding from the skies above.  From the jet came a word with which they were all familiar: "Transform!"  A single robot made a graceful landing.
 "I am Wing, a Cybertron Transformer."  As he spoke, vivid coloration surfaced on his body.
"A stealth mode?  Isn't that a new Destron combat power?"  Spark's doubts were only natural.
"Are you an envoy from Seibertron, here to rescue your teammates from Earth?"
Wing responded to Diego's question: "We did indeed come from Seibertron, but it seems we've somehow arrived on a different world.  This IS Earth, isn't it...?"  He gazed at Mount St. Hillary.
"We?"  Desire had not missed that key word.
"Yes, all six of us in the Multiforce..."  As Wing spoke, the empty space on either side of him distorted, and the forms of five robots appeared.  "Disengage Stealth Mode."  As had happened with Wing, their black bodies shifted to being brightly colored.  "Let me introduce--" But a siren cut off Wing's words.  It was the emergency alert.  "Okay, let's save the introductions for after we've sent these Destrons packing.  Transform!"  The six robots split up into three groups, then one of each group became a top or bottom body half.  The paired halves then combined and took off.  Time seemed to stop for the Micromasters at the events of this moment.
"Incredible!"  Windy's voice brought the Cybertron warriors back to their senses, and the battle began!  True to their word, the members of the Multiforce repelled the Destron Build Team's attack.  Then Berserker Mode SixWing came charging in, burning with rage.  As expected, the Multiforce struggled under the fierce assault.
"Let me help."  SixTrain came running in.
"We're fine.  And as long as we're introducing ourselves, we'll show you how we work together."  With this declaration, the three robots split into upper and lower halves, and then all six combined--the gestalt warrior Landcross was born.  Landcross' power, greater even than SixWing's, forced the Destron Micromasters to withdraw.  The battle was ended.
"It seems that while we were testing this stealth equipment we'd developed on Earth, we passed through a dimensional rift and came to this Earth.  Perhaps we were originally meant to intervene on this world," Landcross murmured as he watched the Destrons' retreat.
"However, this world is rather different from the one I was on."  The Cybertrons had gained new allies, and their voices echoed from the foot the supposedly extinct volcano of Mount St. Hillary.
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