Transformers United EX Translated Story

Courtesy of (Andrew "Hydra" Hall)


Story: Combatmaster Prime Mode EX-01
"Prelude to the Seige"
The battle between Autobot and Decepticon for the Power Core Drones was one that would determine the course of a new generation. Two Transformers crouched in the snow, both precariously low on energy. Around them were scattered four drones. Then, laughter rang out beside them.
“You should know that victory all comes down to strategy… Unite!”
As another Transformer, Combatmaster, calmly appeared on the battlefield, the four drones obeyed his will and merged together with him.
“Ung.. How could the Decepticons know about the project… They’ve got their own Master Class?”
Paying little attention to the gravely wounded Choppermaster, the cool-headed strategist Combatmaster lifted his injured comrade up off the ground.
“We’re called ‘Master Chaos.’ Of course, you’ll be the first and the last Autobot to ever know that name. Farewell.”
Speaking these words, Combatmaster fired off a barrage that struck the snowy slopes far above them. Moments later, the area resonated with a soft echo. The sound grew louder and louder, and soon a thundering avalanche swept toward them. Leaving the wounded Autobot to meet his fate, Combatmaster flew off into the distance.
Inside the secret Decepticon underground base, Combatmaster saluted the visage that appeared on a wall monitor.
“Very soon, High Regent. All of the Power Core Drones will be under our control.”
The figure he addressed showed not even a hint of emotion in response, with a face as expressionless as a mask.
“Use the combiner created from your data as a diversion… While the Autobots are occupied, we shall seize victory. We are the rightful masters of the next generation.”

Story: Jetmaster Prime Mode EX-02
"The Mighty Bolt"
It is the 21st century. The never-ending war of the Transformers had once again shifted its stage to outer space, and it seemed as if a moment of peace had returned to the Earth. Yet even then the Autobot’s were preparing themselves for the possible threat of a Decepticon attack, working together with the scientists of Earth to develop new armaments.
The system known as “Power Core Combination” was a new method designed to allow one Autobot to combine with four drones possessing a range of abilities; forming artificial limbs around the “core” of the Autobot’s body. The prototype Energon Matrix installed within them would regulate and unify this power effectively creating a new warrior. The first candidate for the process was an Autobot born on Zone. A covert operations specialist who had become recognized for his stealth capabilities, upon successfully combining with the drones and achieving Prime Mode, he was given the codename “Jetmaster.” It was the first day of field testing. Combined into Prime Mode, the sight of Jetmaster effortlessly defeating the training Novabots evoked recollections of Optimus Prime’s might in battle with the Decepticons.
“Not bad! This power puts me right up there with Optimus! I was right when I figured you Earthlings knew what you were doing.”
Jetmaster’s cheerful banter seemed forced as he tried to mask his actual amazement.
“Enough sneaking around, already. Any ‘Cons show up, I’ll take the lot of ‘em down myself!”
The development team marvelled at the success of the project…
“The results of the experiment are just as we’d hoped. But knowing the Decepticon’s, I’m concerned that this power may be too great for them to overlook.”
As Professor Chase spoke, he considered the grave situation that could result from a single error in the use of this immense power, and felt a moment of uncertainty pass over him.

Story: Roadmaster Prime Mode EX-03
“Destruction and Regeneration”
After a sharp descent, Jetmaster toppled weakly to the earth of the landfill. Struck by a volley of fire during transit, Grimmaster had fallen from the same altitude seemingly unscathed, but was at a total loss as to what to make of the situation.
Before his eyes appeared a dusty brown Transformer who could be none other than their attacker.
“You can call me Roadmaster. Just a humble mercenary by trade. Thing is, it just so happens I’ve been hired by your former employers.”
“You must be with Master Chaos… That means you’re the enemy!”
Already combined into Prime Mode, Grimmaster readied himself for combat..
“Whoa, take it easy, there! How about you come on back to the Decepticons? The High Regent’d give you more credits than you could ever want. Just think about it! Bein’ a good guy doesn’t pay the bills. What’s in it for you?”
“I’m not lookin’ to get paid! ‘Specially after you went and hurt my buddy! And guess what, I was never real big on thinkin’, anyway!
His offer refused, Roadmaster feigned regret.
“That’s a shame... Guess that means your career ends here and now!”
With these words, four drones burst from the surroundings as if being born from the wreckage.
“Let me show you what the funding and tech of the Decepticons can do… this is my army, the Road Drones! Unite!”
The two Prime Modes clashed, and Grimmaster used the sharp fangs of his right arm to dig into Roadmaster’s left, tearing savage chunks from it.
Although wincing with pain, Roadmaster was undaunted.
“Hah! This landfill is my playground! Don’t ever underestimate a Junkion!”
With a magnetic intensity, the scrap metal around Roadmaster was drawn towards his body, covering and instantly repairing his wounds.
In a clash between destruction and regeneration, which would emerge victorious…?

Story: Grimmaster Prime Mode EX-04
"A Dragon pays his dues."
On a rocky mountain ledge, five dinosaur Transformers were raging wildly as if flaunting their raw power. Boulders were smashed into pebbles, sharp gusts of wind punctuated the strikes of a tail, and the earth shuddered with thunderous footsteps. In this place known as “Dinobot Island,” a new Master was making the final adjustments to his drones.
“I’ve got a message from Major Clouder of the Department of Defense!”
Having just touched down on the island, Jetmaster addressed the dinosaur Transformer before him with a cool glare.
“After suffering two attacks from the Decepticons, the Race Drones fortunately escaped unscathed, but our military drones were lost to the enemy… Choppermaster remains unaccounted for. Placing a high priority on this phase of the operation, senior command hereby orders Grimmaster and the Dinobot Drones to prepare for deployment. …That’s what the man said.”
“You guys want… me?”
A contrast to his fearsome appearance, Grimmaster’s somehow gentle eyes darted around nervously.
“Hey, not my decision, but they called you in. Just don’t try anything shady…”
Jetmaster barely avoided referring to the Transformer as an “ex-‘Con.”
“Y’know, I’m real sorry. But look, I’ll fight good and help you guys out!”
As Grimmaster looked at him earnestly, Jetmaster’s expression softened just slightly.
“Well, nobody’s trying to say you’re not tough enough. But, I’ve gotta know. Have you really been training alone here for going on10 years?”
“Oh yeah! Gettin’ in with the Master Class, I wanted to get real strong so I could do somethin’ for ol’ Earth, and all my human pals here, too! Gotta respect the chief after he saved the life of a ‘Con like me, y’know? And hey, I’m not alone... I got my buddies with me!”
As Grimmaster spoke, four Dinobot Drones emerged to gather around him, each calling out to him familiarly as if affirming his will.
“Buddies, eh? Arright, get ready for duty, Grimmaster!”

Story: Racemaster Prime Mode EX-05
“Weapons of a New Generation”

The young Autobot Racemaster was in the middle of transporting his assigned drones. Despite the incredible speed with which he had been imbued, he had little choice but to obey the speed limit of Earth to the letter of the law.
“Choppermaster, what could’ve happened to you? Did you get caught in a batalla that put you in stasis?” To an Autobot born with a mental acuity that outpaced his current movement speed many times over, this regulated drive seemed nothing more than a dull errand. As his processor speed alone continued to rise, the transport trailers that flanked him appeared to drift in slow motion.
“Wait… If the Decepticons did get their hands on the drones, that means I’m about to…!”
Suddenly, as if to confirm Racemaster’s suspicions, his sensors lit up and a hail of missiles rained down around him.
“Your little drive ends here, boy. You may choose between surrendering the drones, or facing certain destruction at my hands!”
As Combatmaster emerged from behind the girder of a bridge, Racemaster observed the four drones stationed atop buildings around the highway, each with their weapons pointed squarely towards him.
“Resist if you like… but I believe the drones you transport are still unequipped. Do you really intend to fight me barehanded?” Combatmaster inquired smugly.
Hearing Combatmaster’s challenge, a bold grin flashed onto Racemaster’s face.
“You must’ve put a lot of effort into positioning your ambush just right. I see you’ve got a lot of confidence in your tactics… But I’ve still got the ultimate weapon on my side!”
No sooner had Racemaster spoken these words than his drones burst out from their trailers, moving in unison with him as they tore off with blinding speed. Thought and decision in a split-second. The sheer speed of Racemaster’s calm mind was truly his greatest weapon.
“Going at it head-on isn’t the only way to fight, hombre! This is what we Earthlings call a brave retreat!”
Combatmaster made haste to combine with his drones, but the five targets nimbly dodged his all-out assault, soon disappearing from view.

Story: Buildmaster Prime Mode EX-06
"Unearthed Future"
The location was a hillside surrounded by mountains. In a cliff face, a great cavern yawned open. Around it were deep holes in the ground that appeared to be part of some archaeological dig.
Before them, Combatmaster stood alone.
“I’ve been waiting for you, Autobots.”
Dodging Racemaster’s preemptive strike, Combatmaster targeted Jetmaster and fired the first shot, but Jetmaster’s form had been hidden away by his stealth capabilities. It was Choppermaster that appeared in his place, equipped with the Jet Drones.
“You’ve got something of mine there, and I’m takin’ it back!”
As a fierce battle escalated between Autobot and Decepticon, Clouder used his Assault Drones to scan the area.
“What were they trying to dig up? Is this really their base?”
The drones’ sensors detected several large fragments of metal that seemed to have been excavated from the ground, one of which was engraved with an unfamiliar insignia.
“What’s this mark…?”
As if in answer to Clouder’s question, the Decepticon Buildmaster emerged from the cave along with the stolen construction drones.
“Take your filthy Autobot hands off of that. That’s proof of a glorious Decepticon future. It’s not for your kind to defile!”
“So, you’re supposed to be the guard dog of the construction site? If you think your future is scrapmetal, I can send you there right now! Unite!”
“A miserable human stands no chance of opposing us!”
Armed with the dual powers of construction and destruction, Buildmaster retaliated in his own Prime Mode. Pitted against the fierce spinning power of his opponent’s shoulder-mounted drill, Clouder manipulated Assault Master with the link system, but his movements were beginning to fall behind…
“Clouder, you keep on movin’! I can handle this guy!”
Grimmaster let out a howl as he intercepted Buildmaster, and as the clash between construction vehicles and dinosaurs began, Clouder continued into the foreboding depths of the cave…

Story: Assaultmaster Prime Mode EX-07
"Hope for the Next Generation"
The forces of the Master Class had assembled in the Autobot headquarters. They waited to be briefed on the operation to attack the Decepticon hideout that had been located thanks to Marinemaster’s information.
Standing before them was a dark figure…
“Assaultmaster… It’s the spare body for Optimus Prime, isn’t it?”
“Exactly, Airmaster. As it is, it’s nothing more than an empty shell without a spark. But if I ride inside it, I’ll be able to interface with its Energon Matrix and mobilize it for battle, just like you Transformers.”
Clad in a protective exosuit designed for the interface, Major Clouder’s face showed a determined expression.
“This technology was developed by human and Autobot alike. It represents our dream and yours. I won’t let anyone twist it to their own purposes, and I’m not about to ask you to fight alone. Would you let me fight alongside you?
As the Autobots nodded the affirmative, Jetmaster put the group’s sentiment into words.
“You bet we would, Major Clouder. We trust you with our lives.”
“Thank you. In that case, Autobots! Let’s transform and roll out!”
Amidst a long and vicious battle with many of his comrades sustaining damage, Assaultmaster proceeded into the cave rumoured to be a Decepticon hideout.
As if being drawn in by some unseen force, Assaultmaster moved deeper and deeper into the tunnel. Strangely, Clouder could detect no trace of life from within it. Just as he began to doubt whether this “High Regent” really existed or not, a voice rang out within his mind… or more precisely, from within Assaultmaster’s body.
“I thank you, Major Clouder… or as you were known as our ally, “Doubleclouder.” This sparkless body is an ideal vessel for me. Now, the true master of the future to come… is the High Regent Scrash!”
Clouder’s control of Assaultmaster was being rapidly eroded. He struggled to activate the combiner’s internal Immobilizer unit, setting it to overload.
“Now I understand what you are… But I won’t let your scheme come to pass!”

Story: Rollermaster vs Choppermaster EXP-01
"In The Blazing Alps"
In the deep snow among the Swiss Alps, an Autobot helicopter, Choppermaster, hovered as he issued commands to four drones, which in turn struck their practice targets with unerring accuracy.
“Controlling these drones is no problem. The merge test should be a cinch.”
The next moment, he was struck by a burst of cannon fire from the ground.
“How do you feel now, Autobot?”
As Choppermaster plunged to the ground and slumped down in robot mode, a Decepticon stood regally before him with enormous claws outstretched.
“You seem to have lost your vigor. Perhaps “Rollermaster” should seize those toys of yours… Unite!”
Responding to Rollermaster’s command, the four combat drones came together as his arms and legs. The Decepticon’s newly-formed Prime Mode wasted no time in bathing the training grounds in a sea of fire.
“Sorry to say, but that outfit doesn’t suit you!”
Choppermaster emerged from among the flames, his partner Firebug having converted into protective armour to shield him.
“I’ve heard that old folks can’t figure out the latest toys. I’ll show you how to play!”
Detaching from Choppermaster’s chest, a gatling gun emerged from Firebug as he slid into the Autobot’s hand. The next moment, Rollermaster was ablaze with flames.
“My body… it’s burning! What trickery is this, Autobot?!”

Story: Dozermaster vs Airmaster EXP-02
"The Price of a Life."
“Where am I…?”
Engaging his optics for the first time after falling into stasis in the mountains of Switzerland, Choppermaster was greeted with the familiar surroundings of the Autobot base. Through blurred vision, he could see Airmaster’s face.
“It’s a good thing my partner, Deduce, could use his probability assessment function to home in on that flammable gel you like so much.
Airmaster winked at his teammate, who had just been returned thanks to his rescue efforts.
“They got… their hands on the drones? Scrap!”
“Come on now, we can make new drones! Let’s just be happy you made it back with your spark intact.”
However, their reunion was suddenly cut short by a cacophonous tremor.
“You’re up, Groundbreak! Bust ‘er open!”
With the sound of this voice, a gaping fissure opened in the floor, from which emerged a Decepticon armed with a huge drill.
“How ‘bout that, doctor Dozermaster’s makin’ a house call! No thanks needed, just fork over those construction drones to Master Chaos!”
“Not a chance! But how did you manage to find…”
Airmaster wondered incredulously as he shielded Choppermaster, who had drifted back into unconsciousness during the impact.
“Little slow, ain’t ya! Your copter friend there is only alive ‘cause of Combatmaster’s plan. You didn’t just bring him back, you showed us right to your base!”
Unconcerned with being alone in an enemy base, Dozermaster grinned wildly.
“And it gets better! The tracking beacon on your cannon-fodder pal there has got a nice bomb inside. So, the detonator for the drones. Not a bad trade-off, right?”
Thanking the maker that his teammate couldn’t hear him, Airmaster wasted not a second in giving his decision.
“I’ve had enough of these struggles for power… my sole duty is to save the lives of my friends!”

Story: Tankmaster vs Marinemaster EXP-03
"Ocean Encounter"
It was an ambush that reversed the flow of battle. The cruel assassin Tankmaster, who had revealed himself from deep within the scrap, pressed his gun to Grimmaster’s head in lieu of an introduction.
“Death to the traitor…”
These were the only words he would utter to his targets, punctuated by a single gunshot. After solemnly speaking this phrase, he began to pull the trigger… when as if by magic, the pistol flew from his hand.
The shot had come from the glistening ocean waters. A speedboat tore through the water towards the landfill, soaring through the air and transforming as it neared land.
“An Autobot?!”
Before him was Marinemaster, who had been patrolling the ocean waters.
“Don’t get too full of yourself, kid. Want to see what I’ve up got up my sleeve?”
Tankmaster’s Targetmaster partner attached to his arm in the shape of a giant claw, ready to intercept any fire. But Marinemaster, like a hovercraft skimming across the waves, displayed the same nimble footwork on land as he fired a perfectly-aimed shot from his own Targetmaster.
“What’s wrong? If you blink, you’ll miss me!”
“I’d rather not take your life, so maybe you could give me something in return? That’s assuming you don’t want to go down with the ship alongside your captain, of course.”
Marinemaster addressed his incapacitated foe.
“You’re no executioner, boy.”
“Maybe not, but at a time like this, I’ll do what I have to.”
Marinemaster’s young face wore a conflicted expression, but Tankmaster noticed a resolve in his optics that matched his words. Perhaps this was why the captive seemed oddly quick to comply.
“My life belongs to Megatron alone. I owe nothing to the so-called “High Regent” leading our forces on Earth…”
And so, the Autobots would learn of a grand scheme in play…
Transformers United
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