Transformers Movie The Best Translated Tech Specs

Translated & Interpreted by Jeremy Barlow © Soundwave's Oblivion 2023


MB-01 Optimus Prime
He leads the freedom and peace-loving Autobots, determined to battle the Decepticons to the death for humanity's sake. His stoic exterior gives way to ruthlessness in the heat of battle, as he utterly annihilates his foes. 

MB-02 Bumblebee
Among Optimus' most trusted warriors, he stands out as a friendly and endearing Autobot. His vocal unit fell victim to a past battle, forcing him to rely on his radio to convey his intentions.

MB-03 Megatron
Leader of the Decepticons who arrived on Earth in pursuit of a hidden power source. He is Optimus Prime's eternal adversary who boasts near invulnerability and frightening power. When Megatron makes his move, Earth transforms into a harrowing battlefield. 

MB-04 Shockwave
A cold and tactical warrior with a scientific mind. Along with Megatron, he is feared and is viewed as the Decepticons second-in-command. He pursues Autobots and humanity with unwavering stratagems.

MB-05 Ironhide
Renowned as one of the Autobots' most elite combat professionals, he stands as a seasoned warrior with a rich history of battles across diverse landscapes. His spirited personality and powerful armaments mark him as a formidable force. When his prized twin arm cannons unleash their fury, enemies are reduced to mere scrap metal.

MB-06 Ratchet
An unparalleled genius in the field of medicine, he is without peer on both planet Cybertron and Earth. Leveraging his keen intellect, he crafts medical equipment that doubles as potent weaponry. 

MB-07 Soundwave
The Decepticons' Intelligence Officer, he excels not only in combat but also specialises in information warfare, encompassing hacking, propaganda, undercover operations, infiltration, and adeptly commanding and communicating with fellow Decepticons. 

MB-08 Starscream
As Megatron's trusted confidant, he shows an unwavering determination to pursue his personal interests, leaving even the Autobots wary of his menace. His expertise lies in high-speed aerial combat, utilising the cutting-edge capabilities of an F-22 fighter jet. The sight of a colossal robot seamlessly transforming in mid-air leaves humans astounded when they encounter him. 

MB-09 Dinoride Grimlock & Optimus Prime
The commander of the Dinobots and a renowned Dinosaur Knight. His colossal presence trembles the very earth as he charges ahead, striking terror into the hearts of his foes. With Optimus Prime mounted on his back, he thunders across the battlefield like a knight astride a mighty dinosaur.

MB-10 Dinoride Strafe & Bumblebee
A two-headed, winged dinosaur knight, he stands as the sole Dinobot specialising in aerial combat. His immense wings beat the air as he soars, transforming him into a formidable menace in the skies. With Bumblebee perched on his back, he cleaves through the air as a winged dinosaur knight.

MB-11 Movie 10th Anniversary Optimus Prime
He leads the freedom and peace-loving Autobots, determined to battle the Decepticons to the death for humanity's sake. His stoic exterior gives way to ruthlessness in the heat of battle, as he utterly annihilates his foes.

MB-12 Autobot Jazz
Deputy to Commander Optimus Prime, he exudes a friendly and charismatic demeanour, placing the well-being of his friends above all else. His fellow Autobots hold him in high esteem.

MB-13 Bonecrusher
A mine-clearing vehicle. When he transforms, he utilises the wheels on his legs as roller skates. He once challenged Optimus to a duel, employing his extended arms and the massive claw on his back as formidable weapons.

MB-14 Megatron
Leader of the Decepticons and the enduring arch-rival of Optimus Prime, he's also renowned as the Emperor of Destruction. His nature is marked by both cruelty and cunning, and even in the face of defeat, he resurfaces with heightened strength. Transforms into an alien jet. He is equipped with a cannon on his right arm and a double-edged sword in his grasp.

MB-15 Lockdown
Driven by an obsession with self-improvement, he exhibits a preference for appropriating weapons from his adversaries. The Death Hook, originally stolen, has evolved into his iconic signature weapon. Rumour has it that he harbours numerous other trophies within his collection. 

MB-16 Jetfire
Appalled by the cruelty of the Decepticons, he defected to the Autobots. He adopted the form of a Blackbird, finding refuge in a museum. After Sam's intervention, he was revived with the aid of Energon, and his spark was subsequently passed to Optimus Prime.

MB-17 Optimus Prime Revenge Version
The Autobot Commander, a staunch advocate of justice and freedom. He embodies conscientiousness and solemnity, but in the crucible of battle, his unwavering sense of responsibility propels him to the frontlines, where he assumes command and fights with unyielding determination.

MB-18 Warhammer Bumblebee
An amiable and endearing Autobot, he stands as one of Optimus Prime's most trusted warriors. However, he finds himself in the challenging position of having to confront his brainwashed commander in battle.

MB-19 Hound
A battle-hardened veteran with expertise in a variety of firearms. He undertakes a diverse range of missions, encompassing combat deployments, reconnaissance, and precision bombing operations. His military-type beard compliments his lovable physique.

MB-20 Nemesis Prime
Optimus Prime embarks on a journey through the cosmos to confront his very creator, only to find himself ensnared in the creator's clutches. Under the grip of brainwashing, Optimus is transformed into “Nemesis Prime”, an assassin hell-bent on Earth's destruction. This transformation is marked by a shift from his once-blue eyes to an eerie purple hue, and a crimson mark on the left half of his face.

MB-EX Laserbeak
Operating as an Espionage Agent, he operates under the command of Intelligence Officer Soundwave. His remarkable ability for structural transformation at a microscopic level allows him to assume various gadgetry forms, ranging from his bird form to digital copiers and audio equipment, facilitating his infiltration of human living spaces. Proficient as an assassin, he seamlessly transforms into a diminutive, unassuming robot to approach his targets covertly.

MB-EX Arm Gun Bumblebee
An amiable and endearing Autobot, he stands as one of Optimus' most trusted warriors. He bravely takes on the Decepticons with his claw shaped weapon, the “Arm Gun”.
Translated Tech Specs
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