Transformer Collection Series Extended Profiles

Translated & Interpreted by Jeremy Barlow © Soundwaves Oblivion 2020

Note: These profiles are from the information pages that came packaged within the Transformer Collection reissues. The profiles are shortened versions of Marvel Comics Transformers Universe profiles which were published in 1986. On the other side of the profiles page was information and photographs of the toy, this information has also been included below.

Collection #3 Skids

○ Cybertron Skids
○ Function Warrior
○ Motto: “Deep down, we are more like than unlike humans.”
○ Profile:
A daydreamer, often bumps into things at 96 km/h mph while pondering Earth’s ecology instead of a Decepticon attack. Considers Earth to be one vast laboratory. His research has proven invaluable for his fellow Cybertron warriors. "Sometimes I wonder if he knows who we're fighting," says Gears. Sometimes Skids wonders too. Has an enormous memory storage capacity. He can record visual information virtually instantaneously. has been known to scan an entire university's library literature within two hours. In robot mode he carries a Liquid Nitrogen rifle with a range of 180m and an Electron Blaster which emits 20,000 volts that can short circuit his enemies. Even when travelling at 80 km/h he can stop within 7.5m. His daydreaming often lands him in dangerous situations. When he becomes distracted out of scientific curiosity he loses interest in his surroundings and can fall into enemy traps.

- Released February 1983 “Diaclone Car Robot” No.9.
- Western release in 1984 “The Transformers” Skids.
- Released September 1986 “Transformers” VSZ Set
- Released September 2002 “Transformers Collection 4” Skids.
In Japan, Skids was initially delayed along with the Cybertron Warrior Sunstreaker, with both not seeing a domestic release individually they were eventually released in a set with the Destron Buzzsaw. Additionally this item is a retooled “Diaclone Car Robot” No.6 with new parts such as a new robot head.

○ Cybertron Sludge
○ Function: Jungle Warrior
○ Motto: “Stomp your enemy, crush him under your feet.”
○ Profile:
Sludge is adept at fighting in water, marshes and in jungles; likes to make his presence known to everyone. The ground tremors when he makes a few steps with his lumbering legs, anyone in a 5km radius will feel that Sludge is nearby. Like the other Dinobots he is sceptical of Commander Convoy. Sludge however acknowledges the Cybertron cause is far more important than any personal doubts and rarely exhibits his feelings. In Dinobot form he can exert 1.8t of pressure per 3cm2 in a single step, this is enough pressure to crush bridges and crack mountains. Only a few fellow Dinobots can match his strength and endurance. Naturally quiet and shy but when rushing to the battlefield he becomes a ferocious and unstoppable force. He is however not very clever and often falls victim to the calamities he causes.

- Released April 1984 “Diaclone / Dinosaur Robot” No.3 Brontosaurus.
- Western release in 1985 “The Transformers” Dinobot Sludge.
- Released August 1985 “Transformers” No.27 Sludge
Sludge was released in “The Transformers” line and was near identical to the “Diaclone” release unlike the other Dinobots. In Europe, predominantly the United Kingdom, Sludge was reissued in 1991 under the “Transformers Classic” line. Additionally in Japan that same year the Dinobots in the US packaging were offered as Robot Point items and mailed to applicants.


Collection #4 Tracks

Cybertron Tracks
Function: Warrior
Motto: “Looking good is what life is all about.”
Some of his comrades call him a “lousy Earth lover” as he prefers exploring Earth in his car mode rather than robot form. They tell him that he should always be focused on fighting the Destrons but Tracks believes his friends are only jealous of his looks. In car mode he can reach speeds of 448 km/h; he can also take part in aerial combat at subsonic speeds using the wings stored on the underside of his rear fender. In both car mode and robot mode he uses a heat seeking incendiary launcher with a 96km range. Also uses a Black Beam Gun which blinds his enemies with a beam of black light that adheres for a few minutes after hitting its target. Tracks’ biggest enemy is his own vanity. He can be so concerned by his own appearance that it impairs his combat ability. He knows he should transform into robot mode in combat situations but more often than not he stays in his vehicle form. This however leaves him more vulnerable than he would be in robot mode.

- Released April 1984 “Diaclone / Car Robot” No.21
- Western release in 1985 “The Transformers” Tracks
- Released November 1985 “Transformers” Tracks
- Released September 2002 “Transformers Collection 3” Tracks
Tracks is a car robot whose colour changed from the red of the Diaclone No.21 release to cobalt blue, however, in parts of Europe Tracks was released in the original red Diaclone colour. Additionally in 1991 Tracks was reissued in Europe under the “Transformers Classic” series (in some regions such as Spain Tracks was categorised as a “Transformers Autobot”.

Destron Reflector
Function: Optical Intelligence Soldier
Motto: “See and you can know, know and you can destroy.”
When the three Destron soldiers, Spyglass, Viewfinder and Spectro unite, they form Reflector. Loves to observe everything from plants, buildings, Earthen topography….and especially his comrades mistakes. Reflector is impressed by his own surveillance abilities and exercises extortion and intimidation against his comrades. Has highly developed infrared vision allowing him to record and photograph images in darkness. This works the same at great distances or through camouflage. In camera mode, can emit a powerful flash of light leaving the enemy blind and disorientated for up to 15 seconds.

- Released February 1983 “Microman / Micro Change” MC-05 Camera Robot
- Western release in June 1985 “Transformers” Reflector (Photo)
- North America and European release in 1986 “The Transformers” Reflector
Although Reflector appeared from the beginning in the 1984 cartoon, it was not released in Europe or the United States until 1986 where it was offered as a Robot Points mail order item (the basic package simply stated “Transformers Camera”).


Collection #6 Megatron

Omega Supreme
○ Cybertron Omega Supreme
○ Function: Security
○ Motto: “Unyielding resolve has no conqueror.”
○ Profile:
Omega Supreme is the ultimate defence force. Possessing an incredible amount of strength and firepower, Omegas left arm can crush a mountainside with one blow and he can lift 300,000 tons with his claw. The Plasma Blaster in his right arm can turn a high density 30cm cubed block of steel into dust. His armoured body is impervious to non nuclear explosives and energy beam weapons. Can simultaneously transform into two forms, a laser cannon tank and a rocket equipped with a launch pad. His rocket is used for transporting companions and supplies. Omega is powerful but it is his courage that truly distinguishes him. Against overwhelming odds in battle he will continue to fight with every last microchip of his being. Designed as the Cybertrons last line of defence, Omega Supreme’s mission is to protect the base. Fellow Cybertrons find him unapproachable but they also recognise the heavy burden placed upon him.

-Released 1984 “Mechabot-1”
-Western release in 1985  “The Transformers” Omega Supreme
Omega Supreme is based on the large electronic toy, “Mechabot-1”, created by the Japanese toy company Toybox. Mechabot-1 was moulded in dark grey and red but when Hasbro sold the figure in The Transformers, the colour was changed to a much warmer tone to match the Cybertron warriors. Unfortunately this was never available in Japan in the “Transformers” line, nor has this been made available overseas since its initial release between 1986 and 1986.

Long Haul
○ Destron Long Haul
○ Function: Transport Soldier
○ Motto: “A battle front is only as good as its supply line.”
○ Profile
Long Haul is a member of the Buidrons, a team responsible for all the construction work. The 6 of them combine to form the giant warrior Devastar, Long Haul himself forms the body module. Not enthusiastic and is not happy with his role. He does however understand the importance of his job. When not engaged in battle, along with his fellow Buildrons he helps to construct energy recovery equipment to supply the Destrons. Has aspirations to be a soldier on the battlefield as well as craving the glory that comes with it but this is a secret he keeps to himself...Megatron does not entertain grievances from his subordinates. In his dump truck form he can transport 90 tons of materials for 1900 km and can also attach a dual heat seeking missile launcher. Long Haul is slow and sometimes his unhappiness reduces his effectiveness. Worries about his job and fights where he is clearly outmatched.

-Released June 1984 “Diaclone / Construction Vehicle Robo” No.5 Dump Truck
-Western release in 1985 “The Transformers” Long Haul
-Released September 1985 “Transformers” No.31 Long Haul
-Western release in 1993 “Transformers Generation 2” Long Haul
Originally entirely red as a “Diaclone / Construction Vehicle Robo”, Long Haul was recoloured to a yellow / green colour. The included parts used to build the large robot were also recoloured. The dark blue “Diaclone” parts (which were changed to red with later releases) were recoloured purple. In the “Generation 2” series in 1993, Long Haul was resold but this time recoloured yellow (and later orange).
The 6 Buildrons were also released in Europe in 1992 without names and the parts needed for combination were omitted.


Collection #11 Astrotrain

○ Cybertron Powerglide
○ Function: Warrior
○ Motto: “To stop me, you have to catch me first.”
○ Profile:
While most of the Cybertrons have to travel about on the ground, Powerglide can take to the skies and explore, something which he is very proud of. Releases brief bursts of power to make up for his slow speed. In his bomber mode his cruising speed is around 800 km/h but by increasing his output he can dramatically accelerate to 5150 km/h. With his impressive manoeuvrability he can complete an aerial loop perpendicular to the ground within a radius of 480 m. Enjoys showing off his flying skills. Just like an entertainer at a circus the one thing Powerglide wants is appreciation and praise from his audience. He’ll accept this from anyone, friend or foe alike. In bomber mode he carries small concussion bombs and he can fire a short range thermal beam from his nose module. He can also use the thermal beam in robot mode.

-Western release in 1985 “The Transformers” Powerglide
-Released January 1986 “Transformers C-62 Powerglide
Powerglide was sold in Japan as one of the second generation of Minibots. Initially this was released on a blister type packaging similar to the western release but this was later changed to a boxed version like the first wave of Minibots.


○ Destron Jaguar
○ Function: Intelligence Destruction Soldier
○ Motto: “Today’s Cybertrons are tomorrow's scrap metal”
○ Profile:
Jaguar operates best alone. A creature of the night and will carry out his murderous mischief at that time. One of the most cunning Destrons, quick to devise new hostile strategies to use against the Cybertrons. Detached from his comrades preferring his own company, Jaguars deeds however command respect from fellow Destrons. An excellent war machine. Jaguar can render himself invisible from enemy surveillance due to his internal electromagnetic radiation. Walks without making a sound and can disappear from sight. His built in nose module gives him an exceptional sense of smell, hearing as well as full-spectrum electromagnetic wave detection. Carries two low radiation type 1 megaton class proton bombs on his waist. They have a range of 4.8 km or can be set off with a timer. Overly sensitive to light and can be temporarily blinded by it.

-Released January 1983 “Microman / Micro Change” MC-02 Jaguar
-Western release in 1984 “The Transformers” Ravage
-Released June 1985 “Transformers” No.19 Jaguar
-Released March 1986 “Transformers” D-59 Jaguar
The timing decals only featured minor changes from the Micro Change version. In the west Jaguar was sold in a set with Rumble but in Japan it was sold individually like Condor. There was also a colour variation available in the Microman line but this was not released in the Transformer series. In 1987 Jaguar was going to be re-released with the number designation D-104 however this was cancelled.

○ Destron Astrotrain
○ Function: Transport Commander
○ Motto: “In confusion there is opportunity.”
○ Profile:
Astrotrain transforms into a steam locomotive and a shuttle. Uses his abilities to his full advantage; lures enemies into railroad tunnels in locomotive form then changes to his shuttle mode to attack. This confuses the Cybertrons making them think they are either against two enemies ambushing them in the tunnel or just the one. That moment where his opponent realises their mistake and falls into panic and fear is what Astrotrain lives for. “It’s worth the effort……”. In robot mode he carries an Ionic Displacer Rifle which breaks down the molecular bonds of metal with its beam. His maximum range in locomotive mode is 2,700 km and has a maximum speed of 640 km/h. His normal maximum speed in shuttle mode is 32,000 km/h but if he carries extra fuel he can reach speeds of 80,000 km/h. Can achieve planetary orbit and space travel under his own power. His weaknesses are his wheel assembly in locomotive mode and his communications system in shuttle mode.

-Western release in 1985 “The Transformers” Astrotrain
-Released November 1985 “Transformers No.48 Astrotrain
-Released October 1986 “Transformers” No.48 Astrotrain
-Western re-release in 1991 “Transformers Classic” Astrotrain
-Released December 2003 “Transformers Collection 11” Astrotrain
-Released January 2004 “Transformers Collectors Edition” Proto Colour Version
There were two versions of Astrotrain in Japan. The first release featured a white shuttle and a black locomotive; a year later a grey, black and purple version was released. The latter was the version released overseas and this version was also re-released in the west in 1991 under the “Classics” line. An early western catalogue featured an Astrotrain with a grey and purple body. The colours were similar to the cartoon version and this was finally released as a special edition from e-Hobby.


Collection #12 Minibot Team

○ Cybertron Warpath
○ Function: Warrior
○ Motto: “A good shot is worth more than a good intention.”
○ Profile:
His boisterous, loud-mouthed personality is welcomed by everyone and his sense of humour invigorates an overwhelmingly gloomy atmosphere. Exerts tremendous power in both tank and robot mode. In his tank mode, Warpath can travel over the roughest of terrains at speeds of 48 km/h. Has a wide variety of shells at his disposal such as explosive, thermal, cryogenic, acid and sonic. Can hit a hex-nut at a distance of 2.4 km with a shell from his barrel. No one would argue with his sharp shooting ability. Unable to move if he is upended in tank mode or his treads are damaged, however his firepower and toughness more than make up for this weakness. His thick vanadium-steel armour is resistant to all but the heaviest of blows. Will lose his mind if his barrel gets even the slightest of scratches. Warpath takes pride in the appearance of his weapon that if it gets damaged he would be too depressed to talk.

- Western release in 1985 “The Transformers” Warpath
- Released 1985 “Transformers” Warpath
- Released January 2004 “Transformers Collection 12” Minibot Team
After being sold in Europe and North America in 1985, Warpath was made available in Japan as a mail away release alongside Adams through Transformer Station (the fan club in Japan). Like Adams, Warpath was distributed in the western packaging. The No. 87 product numbering has been added for this new release.

○ Cybertron Gears
○ Function: Investigation
○ Motto: "Earth stinks, but Destrons stink worse."
○ Profile:
The pessimistic Gears is always complaining and tells anyone, he even tries to find fault with himself. Convoy however knows this is all an act. His complaining forces others to see the good out of a situation. Although his sour personality is mostly an act, thinking of his homeworld of Seibertron will depress him, negatively affecting his performance. Gears has tremendous endurance and will carry his comrades so they can conserve their fuel. Able to detect infrared wavelengths and excels at reconnaissance missions as he is able to jump 3.2km. For a soft landing he creates a compressed air cushion under his feet. Comrades appreciate his reconnaissance ability but due to his poor manoeuvrability when he launches, he is an easy target for the enemy.

- Released April 1983 “Microman / Micro Robo CAR” MC-04 04 4WD Off-Road
- Western release in 1985 “The Transformers” Gears
- Released January 2004 “Transformers Collection 12” Minibot Team
Gears was based on one of the Micro Robo CAR releases but features some moulding colour differences. Unfortunately the Japanese release of Gears in 1985 was postponed yet he did appear in the lineup during the market test sales of “Henshin Sentai Transformers”. Additionally there are two versions of the “Microman” Micro Robo Car 04 packaging, one version does not include the MC designation number.
The No. 85 product numbering has been added for this new release.

○ Cybertron Drag
○ Function: Engineer
○ Motto: “Molecular structure is the key to success.”
○ Profile:
Bumble says that Drag looks at the world “through a sludge-coloured windscreen”. Pessimistic, says it can’t be done yet builds the most complicated fortress. Drag is not very sociable but incredibly reliable. His arms contain a complex system of sensors which allows him to test a variety of materials, some used for construction allowing him to test for tensile strength, heat resistance, elasticity etc. Even without the most basic of tools, he could construct a suspension bridge using hairpins and glue. His mathematical and geometrical abilities far exceed those of his peers aiding him with his construction designs. Drag misses Seibertron and longs to return, so much so that it would be difficult for Commander Convoy and the Cybertrons to offer him any solace.

- Released April 1983 “Microman / Micro Robo CAR” MC-04 07 4WD American Truck
- Western release in 1984 “The Transformers” Huffer
- Released June 1985 “Transformers” No.14 Drag
- Released January 2004 “Transformers Collection 12” Minibot Team
Drag is based on the “Micro Robo Car” MC-04 American styled truck (the numbering was later changed to Micro Robo Car 07 on the box). When released in the Transformers series it was almost identical apart from the chest sticker that had to be moved due to the placement of the Cybertron insignia.

Collection #15 Stepper

○ Cybertron Stepper
○ Function: Rapid Fire Attack
○ Motto: “Concentration doesn’t help you aim, it’s guts.”
○ Profile
Quick tempered but has a strong sense of justice. He is one of the Cybertrons best marksmen; on Seibertron he used to compete with his friends Streak and Fusion. As a Targetmaster Stepper is partnered with Nebulon and the pair's backgrounds could not be more different. Unlike fellow Targetmasters, Nebulon also attaches to Stepper’s back. After an incident on Planet Master left Stepper’s metabolic functions critically damaged, the engineer Nebulon volunteered to help. Now joined in symbiosis, Nebulon is Steppers life support. His jet black coloured body functions as a “Blackbody*” and collects energy when he is not engaged in battle and his Nebulon Flame Cannon fires the accumulated energy. Temperatures of the energy released can easily exceed 5000oC; however in car mode as he travels at speeds of 700km/h he won’t use this weapon due to the air flow and instead will switch to his two Beam Cannons.

*Blackbody, in physics, a surface that absorbs all radiant energy falling on it. The term arises because incident visible light will be absorbed rather than reflected, and therefore the surface will appear black. Reference:

-Released December 1987 “Transformers” C-109 Stepper
-Western release in 2004 “The Transformers Generation One” Ricochet
-Released August 2004 “Transformers Collection” No.15 Stepper
Stepper is a Targetmaster who was only released in Japan but in 2004 it was finally released in the West. Originally, unlike other Targetmasters, the gun would not fit in Steppers fist but this was changed for the 2004 release. Additionally the updated release comes with extra weapons and a secret emblem*.

*Rub Sign

○ Destron Razorclaw
○ Function: Animatron Staff Officer
○ Motto: “All good things succumb to those who wait.”
○ Profile:
Despises waste and unless he is sure of the outcome he will not spend a drop of energy. Many would assume he is lazy and disinterested but if you look closer his eyes never close and are constantly shifting their steely gaze. When he judges the moment is right, Razorclaw will suddenly explode into furious, ferocious action. Afterwards he will return to rest and wait until the next attack, it is not uncommon that his joints would seize after long periods of inactivity. In lion mode he can run 145km/h. He can leap as far as a football field and his claws can tear 32cm thick steel. Uses a pair of Concussion Blasters which fire capsules that explode on contact releasing a volatile gas. In robot mode he wields a Sonic Sword which emits powerful vibrations which enhances its sharpness tenfold. The sword shatters the molecular structure of metal upon contact. Combines with the other Animatrons to form Predaking.

-Western release in 1986 “The Transformers” Razorclaw
-Released February 1987 “Transformers” D-73 Razorclaw
-Released February 1987 “Transformers” D-78 Predaking
Strictly speaking the Animatrons were the first combiners developed for the “Transformers” series. Unlike the other combiner teams each of the Animatron members have an average height of 16cm. In Europe and North America the initial releases of the Animatrons in the first half of 1986 were released with metal parts. Specifically with Razorclaw, his waist was made out of metal.


Collection #17 Blitzwing

○ Destron Predaking
○ Function: Giant Combiner Warrior
○ Motto: “Destroy first, ask questions later.”
○ Profile:
Although a living machine who operates with a collection of microprocessors and a logic centre, Predakings behaviour is driven by pure instinct. His giant form rampages with a fierce fluidity. His optical sensors react to any movement within 0.002 seconds regardless of size, be it a jumbo jet or an ant. Only Destron warriors can escape this terror however they fear that Predaking may mistake them for an enemy. Predaking is the perfect weapon with no known weaknesses. He can lift a 500 ton object without straining a circuit and a single punch from his fist can shatter a solid concrete block. Generates a powerful electric field around himself which repels energy based beam attacks and prevents other Transformers from getting within 3m of him. As well as his X-Ray Laser cannon which is equivalent to the power of 100 tons of TNT, each foot is equipped with twin mortars. The giant warrior Predaking is made up of the five Animatrons. Combined, Staff Officer Razorclaw (lion) forms the body, Gunner Rampage (tiger) and Aerial Attack Soldier Divebomb (eagle) form the arms and Fueler Tantrum (buffalo) and Ground Assault Headstrong (Rhinoceros) form both legs. The X-Ray Cannon mounted on his arm and Lightning Rifle are modified versions of Razorclaw’s standard weapons and the wings on his back consist of parts from Divebomb.

-Released February 1987 “Transformers” D-78 Predaking
-Released December 2004 “Transformers Reissue” D-78 Predaking
Predaking consists of Rampage for the right arm, Divebomb for the left arm, Tantrum for the right leg and Headstrong for the left leg. In the cartoon the arms and legs were often swapped around. When combined, Predaking stands 30cm tall and possibly due to its size, the giftset was not sold in Europe or America but Predakings tech spec (character profile) was printed on each of the Animatrons instructions. The giftset was only released in Japan for 11,000 yen, the highest price point of any Transformer at this point in time. Predaking was also the flagship product for the campaigns “Destron Victory!” and “Destron’s Counterattack” which were launched in Japan.

○ Destron / Blitzwing
○ Function: Air / Land Staff Officer
○ Motto: “Destroy first, think later.”
○ Profile
The Triple Changer Blitzwing is recognised as one of the most dangerous Destrons because of his ability to rapidly transform between his tank and jet forms. His preferred tactic is to dive towards his target in jet form and transform into his tank form when he lands, crushing his target. Thinks he has a sense of humour but what makes him laugh is being brutal and cruel to others. Being loud mouthed and militant gives him great presence as a warrior but is not good for those who have to be around him. One of his drawbacks however is that his circuits sometimes get scrambled when he is in mid-transformation. In fighter jet form he can fly a distance of 2400km at Mach 2.7 and in his tank form his explosive shells can destroy a 5 story building 5km away. In robot mode he carries an electronic saber that will short-circuit any electrical device with the lightest of touches.

-Released August 1984 “Diaclone / Variable Squadron Triple Changer”
-Western release in 1985 “The Transformers” Blitzwing
-Released November 1985 “Transformers” No.43 Blitzwing
-Released January 2005 “Transformers Collection 17” Blitzwing
Blitzwing is based on the original “Diaclone / Variable Squadron”. The “Variable Squadron” version had a dark green and grey colour scheme whose colour was changed to purple matching that of a Destron warrior. The sand coloured tank mode, unique for the Transformers version, was based on the tanks seen in the Middle East during the 1980’s. The western version was also packaged in the tank mode.


Collection #20 Future Cybertrons

○ Destron Skywarp
○ Function: Aerial Warrior
○ Motto: “Strike when the enemy isn’t looking.”
○ Profile
Skywarp is the sneakiest of the Destrons. You could never call him smart and would be confused without Megatron’s command. In flight he can reach speeds of Mach 2 to 2.4 per hour and has a unique ability enabling him to warp (teleport) up to a distance of 4km. On his homeworld on Seibertron he was known to bring fear and destruction upon peaceful Cybertron villages. Skywarp will even prank fellow Destrons with his warp ability. Many of his peers enjoy the joke apart from the one being pranked. The accuracy of his warp ability depends on the distance travelled, if he’s not careful he may collide into things as he reappears. Armed with heat seeking missiles (sidewinder) and a variable machine gun.

-Western release in 1984 “THE TRANSFORMERS” Skywarp
-Released June 1985 “TRANSFORMERS” No. 23 Skywarp
-Released June 2001 “TRANSFORMERS” Collectors Edition No.23 Skywarp
-Western release in 2003 “THE TRANSFORMERS GENERATION ONE” Skywarp
Skywarp was released among the initial lineup of toys with the Destron styled colouring of black and purple. As with Thundercracker, there are variations with different vertical tail fins depending on the time of release as well as differences with the shape of the canopy. Additionally the western release “GENERATION ONE” version had newly shaped missile accessories to comply with the latest safety standards.

○ Cybertron Wheelie
○ Function: Survivalist (Survivor)
○ Motto: “Only the strong survive.”
○ Profile
Wheelie is a survivor from the galactic colonies who crash landed on planet Quintessa. A wild boy who survives tough predicaments using cunning and fearlessness. Distinguished by talking in rhymes and will always defend enemies of the Quintessons and Sharktrons. Wheelie will only fight to defend himself; armed with a slingshot, three bladed knife and laser rifle. A reliable Cybertron ally; he later developed a close friendship with the Dinobots and rushed to aid Hot Rodimus and Chear who were battling a swarm of Sharktrons.

-Western release in 1986 “THE TRANSFORMERS” Wheelie
-Released November 1986 “TRANSFORMERS” C-80 Wheelie
-Released August 2005 “Transformers Collection” 20 Future Cybertron
Wheelie was released in 1986 and is the only Minibot released that year who was an entirely new mould. In the 1986 series Wheelie was categorised as a Minibot; and Wheelie was also present in the initial 1987 catalogue for the “Headmasters” series in Japan.

○ Cybertron Chear
○ Function: Warrior
○ Motto: “The past is the greatest teacher.”
○ Profile:
Chear is a veteran warrior who always has a story based on his one thousand adventures. Transforms into a pickup truck with a maximum speed of 160 km/h. Compared with the other Cybertrons, Chear’s vehicle mode is rather old fashioned though he doesn’t seem bothered by this. Chear considers himself as an experienced warrior with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Although his advice is not always accepted 100%, the Dinobots always enjoy listening to his tales (and Chear also enjoys the Dinobots company). The brave Chear occasionally grumbles over the reckless Hot Rodimus. It is said that Chear compares his relationship with Hot Rodimus to that of Falstaff and Prince Hal from Shakespeare's historical play. Carries an old fashioned laser gun that fires a corrosive hydrochloric acid.

-Western release in 1986 “THE TRANSFORMERS” Kup
-Released November 1986 “TRANSFORMERS” C-82 Chear
-Western release in 1987 “THE TRANSFORMERS” Kup (Targetmaster)
-Released August 2005 “Transformers Collection” 20 Future Cybertron
The earliest western release of Chear used die cast metal and rubber wheels, but mid production these were changed to plastic. Even the 1987 Targetmaster version, with partner Recoil, had plastic wheels. Although the 1986 gun did not come with the Targetmaster version, the 2005 “Transformers Collection” version comes with both guns for the first time and the wheels are made of rubber and metal, the same as the initial western release.
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