The Transformers
This section focuses on the interesting Transformer variants released across the world in the early to mid 1980's.
Mexican & Yugoslavian Transformers
European Transformers
South American Transformers
Hasbro bought Milton Bradley (MB) in 1984 and used their presence in Europe to manufacture and distribute the Transformers in France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, West Germany, Austria in 1985. Hasbro later dropped the MB name releasing them under Hasbro Bradley with distribution handled by Ceji (parent company of Joustra) who also released variations of their own such as the G1 yellow Constructicons.
This section includes Transformers released in South America. Estrela had the licence from Hasbro to produce and distribute Transformers in Brazil. Antex licenced Transformers from Estrela to produce Transformers for Argentina. Rubiplas produced Transformers for Venezuela & Lynsa produced Transformers which appeared in Peru and Chile. From all these manufacturers came a variety of minibots as well as others.
Italian and Greek Transformers
After releasing Diaclone and Microchange, GiG (Italy) also released the Transformers keeping the "Trasformer" logo on the boxes in conjunction with the standard logo (until 1988) as well as renaming the figures. From 1990 GiG mirrored the other European lines from Hasbro, apart fom releasing one exclusive in 1990.
El Greco released a few Transformers in Greece, mainly minibot varieties and 2 Gestalt giftsets which they reproduced in 1991 from GiG's original releases.

It is a world transformed. Where things are not as they seem. It is a world of the Transformers...A world of the Heroic Autobots and Evil Decepticons!


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Plasticos IGA, S.A. licensed the production and distribution of Transformers in Mexico from Hasbro. The paint and sticker quality do not hold up against Hasbro's releases, especially with the issue over lead paint which lead many Transformers to have their eyes painted over in red. However, Mexico produced a lot of interesting variants such as a black Prowl, a Smokescreen using Bluestreak's mould and Hoist with Trailbreakers head.
This section also features the only release by Yugoslavian toy company Marcanka. All G1 Transformers released in Yugoslavia were imports from IGA, however Optimus Prime appears to have been released by Marcanka.