Kiss Players
- G1 Optimus Prime
- BT Convoy
- Alternator Optimus          Prime

Function: Original Cybertron Supreme Commander
Transformation: Dodge Ram SRT-10
Note: C10 MIB, purchased 2006

As Cybertron Supreme Commander, he led the Cybertron forces in the Unicron war of 2005, but was killed in battle, his spark becoming one with the Matrix. His body lay at the E.D.C (Earth Defence Corporation), and was awaked by the kiss of Melissa, a kiss player. He gained her "knife use" ability. Could it be possible for Convoy to be the link between human kind and the Transformers?
Using Earthen and Transformer technology, his body was able to be reproduced, but only as one Convoy unit. The whereabouts of the other two units (Buggy & Combat deck) that were composed of him, are unknown.

Weapons: Convoy Laser Gun & Surf Blade

Melissa Fairborn
Race: Human & Kiss-Player
Function: Resistance
Partner: Convoy

An American Kiss-Player who is a partner of Convoy. Kiss-Players are people with special powers who can fuse with Transformers by kissing them and give them power. Her surfing and knife-wielding abilities are first-rate.

She is surprisingly dopey. Although she has agility, her motor reflexes are not that good. She has problems with stamina. She is not good at her studies. She cannot read kanji. She does not like junk food very much. She likes meat. She likes Japanese beef. She likes to eat Japanese.

She has a gaijin sort of way of speaking. She was born in New York, America. She is not good at Japanese.
She has a bright personality that sweeps everybody around her into her pace and has a unique world-view that is all her own. Furthermore, she is a kind and strong female who has a maternal ability to accept and embrace all beings. In a world that views Transformers as the enemy, she believes that Cybertrons are humanity's allies, and she is a resistance member who battles against the E.D.C. [Earth Defence Army].
In the past, when her father, who was a military man, battled alongside the Cybertrons, young Marissa had her life saved by Convoy. Marissa hated her military father, who was dedicated to his work, but Convoy acted as a paternal figure and lectured her.
Marissa, having heard that Convoy had died in battle in America, travelled to Japan along with the resistance in order to retrieve Convoy's remains, which had been collected by the E.D.C. There, Convoy received Marissa's kiss, gained a new body and awakened.

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