Kiss Players
- G1 Hot Rod
- BT Rijie
- Alternator Mirage

Function: Knight
Transformation: Ford GT
Note: C10 MIB, purchased 2006

Ability: His original two photon lasers are now comprised as two "ton-fa's", and is only able to use them in battle thanks to Syao Syao. Similarly, the fishing rod fuses to his arm as his original three exhaust eliminators.
After Convoy's death during the Unicron War of 2005 he lived up to his day dreams as a young person by becoming the leader of the Cybertrons. He was caught up in a criminal act as when he hurled Galvatron into space, Galvatron crash landed on Earth, destroying a city. Feeling crushed, he passed on the Leadership Matrix to Ultra Magnus. Arriving back on Earth, he was badly damaged by the anti-electron field put up around Earth. He was then attacked by a TF group units, "Legion", made on Earth by the mysterious Parasi-Tech. He was saved by a kiss from Syao Syao; her kiss players ability gave him a new chassis and kung-fu ability - he was reborn by the human race.

Weapons: Photon Lasers & Exhaust Eliminator

Syao Syao Li
Race: Human and Kiss Player
Role: Runaway
Partner: Hot Rodimus

A talented Chinese Kiss Player. Practising since she was a child, she is now an expert with grappling techniques using the Kung Fu style. Uniting with Hot Rodimus she gives him her Kung Fu expertise.

Has an optimistic character. She has a very strong conviction, but sometimes does not listen to the opinion of others. Dislikes liars. Has good sporting ability and excellent co-ordination. Unexpectedly, underneath, she is really a shy person. Currently living in Japan, she left China at an early age, moving to the United States where her parents own a Chinese restaurant.
She is quite lonely; feeling her best friend Melissa has been taken in by the Transformers, giving her a hostile feeling towards the Transformers.
As a member of E.D.C, she fought against the Transformers. She did however save the life of Cybertron Hot Rodimus and came to have an open mind regarding the Transformers.
Likes Chinese food, but not fussed on Japanese food as she hates marine products. She hates raw fish!

She finds the smell of fishing unpleasant. Bitterly hates insects and ghosts as she has no tolerance for them.

Photograph Links (click the following to view):

Front of box
Back of box

Robot mode
Robot mode with photon lasers
Robot mode with ton- fa's
Robot mode with weapons holstered
Close up of robot head
Close up of robot head with visor down
Visor transformation
Back of robot mode
Robot mode with Syao Syao & fishing rod
Robot mode with exhaust eliminators

Vehicle mode
Vehicle mode alternate angle
Back of vehicle mode
Back of vehicle mode alternate angle
Close up of number plate
Vehicle mode bonnet open
Back of vehicle mode bonnet open
Vehicle mode doors open
Back of vehicle mode doors open
Vehicle mode engine cover open
Back of vehicle mode engine cover open
Syao Syao



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