Strength: 8
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 8
Endurance: 9
Rank: 10
Courage: 10
Firepower: 8
Skill: 10
Total: 72

Condition: C10 MIB; purchased 2002

Six-Robot Gestalt Fighter
The gestalt robot completed when the six members of the Sixturbo team combine. Their combat ability is higher than Sixliner; however they utilise their power for disaster relief in cities and take an active part in saving lives.

Road Police #1
The leader of the turbo team, road police has a warm central processor and a strong sense of justice.  A gun collector without equal, he enjoys accumulating earth handguns, though he's annoyed that they're not the right size for him.  A master of the fast draw, he's the best of the Micromasters in short-range marksmanship.

Glide #2
Among the Cybertrons, this warrior is known to be the happiest about their coming to earth.  When not in combat, he can usually be seen having fun tooling around, giving rides to earthling females.  He claims it's all a part of his intelligence-gathering activities.  Though he appears frivolous, make no mistake, this fighter's got speed and strength in spades.

Circuit #3
Boasting of the highest speed of the turbo team, circuit is often given reconnaissance and messenger missions thanks to his impressive scouting ability.  Though unrivalled in driving technique, he is easily excited and often races around wildly.  This has earned him frequent warnings from road police.  Circuit has the special ability to converse with the wind.

Neo-Wheel #4
An aloof, nature-loving warrior, neo-wheel has little taste for following and participating in strategies with the rest of his team, save for those that require combining.  If anything, he is often found in the wild amongst animals.  He won't say for sure himself, but he appears to have the special ability to communicate with the animals.  Neo-wheel is indeed a warrior of many mysteries.

Discharge #5
Contrary to her robust outward appearance, discharge is a female Cybertron warrior.  Few Cybertron fighters have seen her true appearance, as she is usually equipped in her heat-resistant armour.  Devoting her passion to fire fighting and rescue missions, discharge really shines, no matter how she looks on the outside.  She doesn't enjoy aggressively participating in battle, but she can be rather scary when angered.

Sireen #6
As his appearance suggests, Sireen is a doctor who conducts the Cybertrons' health care and medical treatment.  The equipment over his head doesn't store offensive weaponry, but rather various medical tools and devices so he can deal with all sorts of emergency repairs.  He and Diego of the liner team are old friends, and the two of them work together as the "central processors" of the Micromasters for designing strategies.

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Sixturbo robot mode
Armour attack mode

Road Police robot mode
Road Police vehicle mode

Glide robot mode
Glide vehicle mode

Circuit robot mode
Circuit vehicle mode

Neo-Wheel robot mode
Neo-Wheel vehicle mode

Discharge robot mode
Discharge vehicle mode

Sireen robot mode
Sireen vehicle mode