Robot Masters (2004 - 2006)


# Name Western Name Notes Original Price (Yen) Links:-
RM-01 G1 Convoy   Based on G1 Convoy 1554 Gallery
RM-03 Rijie   Based on G1 Mirage. Machine Wars Prowl / Mirage redeco 1029 Photo
RM-05 R-Blade   G2 Cyberjet Jefire redeco (red & white) 819 Photo
RM-07 Bound Rogue   Beast Wars Snarl blue redeco 1029 Photo
RM-10 G1 Convoy & DVD   Metallic paint deco of RM-01 1980 Gallery
RM-11 Beast Convoy   Based on Beast Wars Convoy / Optimus Primal 1554 Gallery
RM-15 Star Saber   Based on G1 Star Saber. Combines with Victory Leo 1554 Gallery
RM-16 Victory Leo   Based on G1 Victory Leo. Combines with Star Saber 1554 Gallery
RM-17 Victory Saber   Giftset of Star Saber and Victory Leo. Metallic paint deco 1554 Gallery
RM-18 Road Rocket   G2 Road Rocket redeco 980 Photo
Exclusive Figures
  G1 Convoy black ver.   Dengeki exclusive 2500 Gallery
  Beast Convoy black ver.   Hobby Japan exclusive 2500 Gallery
  Original Colour G1 Convoy   "Toys R Us & TV Magazine Superlink Colouring Campaign". The competition details were published in TV Magazine September 2004 edition (sold August 2004) for a joint Toys R Us and TV Magazine Lucky Draw. Entrants had to collect a postcard from Toys R US or TV Magazine and colour in the G1 Convoy line art and send it off to TV Magazine to be entered into the draw. The competition was open between July 2004 and September 2004. The winners were announced in the December 2004 edition of TV Magazine (sold in November 2004). 1,000 prizes were up for offer including "Original G1 Convoy" as named in TV Magazine. Original G1 Convoy was limited to 10 pieces and was painted in a very unique style. N/A Photo
  Arsenal Force red edition   Lucky Draw set of clear red Robot Master weapons which can combine - send off robot points to enter draw. Limited to 100 pieces. Also come with Brave Maximus prize N/A Photo
  Cybertron Base   Lucky Draw release of Brave Maximus from Car Robots. Limited to 10 pieces. To enter, you had to send out x2 robot points from Robot Masters. Comes with clear red set of exclusive weapons. Does not come with the additional weapons released with the Lucky Draw version from Car Robots, only the radar dish and the gun for Brave / Zebres. Given away in a white box and all original paperwork including additional new instructions. Plasma (Spike) was renamed "Master" and Brave (Cerebros) renamed "Zebres". N/A Photo

# Name Western Name Notes Original Price (Yen) Links:-
RM-02 Beast Megatron   Based on Beast Wars Megaton 1554 Gallery
RM-04 Wrecker Hook   Machine Wars Hoist / Hubcap redeco 1029 Photo
RM-06 Air Hunter   Machine Wars Megatron / Megaplex redeco 819 Photo
RM-08 Wing Stun   Machine Wars Thundercracker / Skywarp redeco 1029 Gallery
RM-09 Psycho Orb   Beast Wars gold Armordillo redeco 819 Photo
RM-12 Starscream   Based on G1 Starscream 1554 Gallery
RM-13 Smoke Sniper   G2 Smokescreen light blue redeco 1554 Photo
RM-14 Gigant Bomb   G2 Dreadwing light blue redeco 2625 Photo
RM-19 Double Face   G2 Road Pig redeco in Armada Sideways colours 980 Photo
Exclusive Figures
  Beast Megatron black ver.   Hyper Hobby exclusive 2500 Gallery
  Starscream black ver.   Figure King exclusive 2500 Gallery



# Name Western Name Notes Original Price (Yen) Links:-
RM-20 Delta Seeker   G2 Cyberjet Air Raid / Skyjack redeco, vs set with X-Gunner 1554 Photo
RM-21 Burning Convoy & DVD   Translucent red redeco of Beast Convoy 1980 Gallery
RM-22 Lio Convoy   Based on BW2 Leo Convoy 1554 Gallery
RM-23 Lio Convoy & DVD   Metallic deco of RM-22 1980 Gallery
Exclusive Figure
RM-17 Victory Saber black ver.   ehobby exclusive, limited edition. Black versions of Star Saber & Victory Leo with Destron symbols 3360 Gallery

# Name Western Name Notes Original Price (Yen) Links:-
RM-20 X-Gunner   G2 Cyberjet Strafe / Space Case redeco, vs pack with Delta Seeker 1554 Photo
RM-24 Rebirth Megatron / Reverse Convoy   G2 Hero Megatron redeco & remould with changeable Megatron & Convoy heads. Character of G1 Megatron 1600 Gallery
RM-EX Skywarp & Thundercracker   Robot Master Starscream repaints in G1 Styled box with Destron symbol pin badge 3675 Gallery



# Name Western Name Notes Original Price (Yen) Links:-
RM-22 Lio Convoy black ver   Dengeki Hobby Magazine online exclusive. Black redeco of RM-22 1480 Gallery
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