Transformers Studio Series


# Name Western Name Notes Original Price (Yen) Links:-
SS-01 Bumblebee     2500  
SS-04 Autobot Ratchet     2500  
SS-05 Optimus Prime     4500  
SS-07 Grimlock     6800  
SS-09 Autobot Jazz     2500  
SS-14 Autobot Ratchet   Dark of the Moon 2500  
SS-15 Ironhide     2500  
SS-16 Bumblebee   From the Bumblebee Movie 2500  
Exclusive Figures
  Quad Barrel Shotgun   Exclusive to various stores in Japan; given away from the 21st April for purchases of 4000 Yen or more on Transformers products. Repaint of Age of Extinction Hounds shotgun, based o the gun used by Optimus Prime from the Last Knight hen he was fighting Bumblebee. N/A  
SS-EX Retro Rock Garage   Tokyo Comic-Con Exclusive, limited to 2 per person. Available between 30th November & 2nd December. Identical to Hasbro's Retro Rock Garage. 4860  

# Name Western Name Notes Original Price (Yen) Links:-
SS-02 Decepticon Stinger     2500  
SS-03 Decepticon Crowbar     2500  
SS-06 Starscream     4500  
SS-08 Decepticon Blackout     6800  
SS-10 Lockdown     2500  
SS-11 Megatron     4500  
SS-12 Decepticon Brawl     4500  
SS-13 Shadow Raider     2500  
SS-17 KSI Sentry   From Age of Extinction 2500  
SS-18 Starscream   From Revenge of the Fallen. Redeco of SS-06, comes with new saw weapon 4500  



# Name Western Name Notes Original Price (Yen) Links:-
SS-19 WWII Bumblebee   The Last Knight 2800  
SS-20 Sideswipe   Dark of The Moon 2800  
SS-23 Rusty Bumblebee   Transformes 2800  
SS-25 Optimus Prime   Transformes 4500  
SS-26 Jetfire   Revenge of The Fallen 6800  
SS-30 Optimus Prime   Bumblebee Movie 4500  
SS-31 Cogman   The Last Knight 2800  
SS-38 Sky Drift   Age of Extinction 2800  
SS-39 Jetwing Optimus Prime   Dark of The Moon 6800  
Transformers 35th Anniversary
  Convoy & Optimus Prime Set   Takara Tomy Mall Exclusive. Reissue of 1985 Convoy in a box similar to the 2019 Walmart reissue Optimus Prime. Released alongside a minor repaint of Studio Series SS-38 Optimus Prime from the Bumblebee Movie in a box similar to the G1 Convoy. Limited to one order per person with a maximum of 3 pieces. Made available in Australia by EB Games and Zing retailers for $160 AUD 10800  
Exclusive Figures
SS-EX 1967 Rusty Bumblebee   Japanese 7-Eleven exclusive. Rusty redeco of SS-16 VW Beetle. Sold in a bluerinsed box. 4815  
SS-EX Drift with Mini Dinobots   Toys R US Exclusive 4318  

# Name Western Name Notes Original Price (Yen) Links:-
SS-21 Barricade   Transformers 2800  
SS-22 Crankcase   Dark of the Moon 2800  
SS-24 Bonecrusher   Transformers 4500  
SS-27 Megatron   Dark of the Moon 6800  
SS-28 Dropkick   Bumblebee Movie (Helicopter) 2800  
SS-29 Shatter   Bumblebee Movie 2800  
SS-32 Decepticon Scrap Metal   Revenge of The Fallen. Later reissued in November 2019 2800  
SS-33 Decepticon Rampage   Revenge of The Fallen. Later reissued in November 2019 4500  
SS-34 Decepticon Long Haul   Revenge of The Fallen 4500  
SS-35 KSI Boss   Age of Extinction 4500  
SS-36 Dropkick 2   Bumblebee Movie (Muscle Car) 2800  
SS-37 Decepticon Hightower   Revenge of The Fallen 2800  



# Name Western Name Notes Original Price (Yen) Links:-
SS-40 New Bumblebee   Transformers 2007 3080  
SS-41 Chromia, Arcee & Elita-1   Revenge of The Fallen 3080  
SS-44 WW II Hot Rod   Last Knight    
SS-48 Offroad Bumblebee   Bumblebee Movie    
SS-49 Sentinel Prime   Dark of the Moon    
SS-50 Roadbuster   Dark of the Moon    

# Name Western Name Notes Original Price (Yen) Links:-
SS-42 Soundwave with Laserbeak   Dark of the Moon 3080  
SS-43 Decepticon Mixmaster   Revenge of the Fallen 4950  
SS-45 Shockwave   Dark of the Moon    
SS-46 Megatron   Transformers 2007    
SS-47 Constructicon Scavenger   Revenge of the Fallen    
SS-51 Constructicon Scrapper   Revenge of the Fallen
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