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Transformers Studio Series
Translated Tech Specs
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Studio Series Translated Tech Specs

Translated & Interpreted by Jeremy Barlow © Soundwaves Oblivion 2019

SS-01 Bumblebee
A loyal, responsible Autobot warrior who possesses excellent combat abilities. He not only uses his speed to attack enemies but also to rescue his allies. Transforms into a “Chevrolet Camaro” sports car.

SS-02 Decepticon Stinger
An artificial Transformer modelled after Bumblebee. Does his combat ability equal or surpass that of Bumblebee? Transforms into a Pagani Huayra sports car.

SS-03 Decepticon Crowbar
A Decepticon spy and saboteur who is an infiltration and tracker expert. He reports back on the Autobot activities directly to Megatron. His head has insect like features combined with horns and dreadlocks. Transforms into a Chevrolet Suburban SUV.

SS-04 Ratchet
Ratchet is a veteran Autobot surgeon. Has dedicated himself to save lives and uses his weapons for two purposes, defense and rescue. Transforms into a large H2 Hummer rescue vehicle.

SS-05 Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime is the Autobot General Commander. Commands great respect from fellow Autobots, he is powerful with an unmatched sense of justice. Transforms into a truck covered with a characteristic flame pattern.

SS-06 Starscream
The Decepticon second-in-command and commander of the air force. He is a coward but is always alert and cunning. An excellent tactician and dangerous to face in aerial combat. Transforms into an F-22 Raptor jet fighter.

SS-07 Grimlock
A dinosaur type Transformer, leader of the Dinobots and their strongest warrior. Possesses awesome power in dinosaur mode, and is able to crush enemies with a single blow. Transforms into a T-Rex.

SS-08 Blackout
A skilled combatant as well as possessing superior strength and a strategic mind. Is able to predict the enemies movements. Transforms into a large MH-53 Pave Low helicopter.

SS-09 Autobot Jazz
Jazz is an Autobot Officer. Despite his small size, he is one of the best Autobot warriors. Despite his overly cheerful manner, he is cool, calm and collected and has the respect of his peers. Transforms into a Pontiac Solstice.

SS-10 Lockdown
Lockdown is a bounty hunter who never misses his target. Specialises in long distance sniper attacks. Transforms into a Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4 coupe.

SS-11 Megatron
The Decepticon Emperor. In order to conquer the galaxy he had to take decisive action against his revived archrival, Optimus Prime. Transforms into an alien tank.

SS-12 Brawl
A Decepticon soldier whose body is covered with weapons; hunt down Autobots supported by his overwhelming firepower. Transforms into an M1 Abrams tank.

SS-13 Shadow Raider
A bounty hunter operating under Lockdown. Like Lockdown he transforms into a Lamborghini Aventador coupe.

SS-14 Ratchet
An Autobot doctor with no equal on planet Cybertron. Utilising his genius he develops medical tools into weapons. Transforms into a large Hummer H2 rescue vehicle.

SS-15 Ironhide
Optimus Prime’s right-hand man and weapons specialist. Spends the day researching more powerful weapons. Transforms into a GMC Topkick C4500.

SS-16 Bumblebee
Optimus’ trustworthy young warrior. Has a strict sense of responsibility but at the same time is cheerful and humorous. Transforms into a Volkswagen Beetle.

SS-17 KSI Sentry
An artificial Transformer made by KSI. Repeatedly battles the Autobots. Transforms into a Pagani Huayra like Stinger.

SS-18 Starscream
The Decepticon second-in-command and commander of the air force. Transforms into the Revenge edition of the F-22 Raptor with tattoos covering the whole body.

SS-19 WWII Bumblebee
Bumblebee’s appearance from World War II. Disguised as an armoured car and appears to have had an active role on many battlegrounds although there are no official records.

SS-20 Sideswipe
A fast Autobot warrior using the wheels on both his hands and feet, uses the blades on his arms to tear his enemies apart. Transforms into a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray concept convertible.

SS-21 Decepticon Barricade
A Decepticon tracker deceives the enemy by transforming into a police car, who enjoys pursuit and assassination. Transforms into a Ford Saleen Police Car.

SS-22 Decepticon Crankcase
One of the Decepticon terrorists. Specialises in infiltration and interception, launches attacks after teaming up and tracking enemies. Transforms into a Chevrolet Suburban SUV.

SS-23 Rusty Bumblebee
Bumblebee hid himself in an unassuming car form covered in rust and scratches. After encountering a boy in a used car garage, their adventure began. Transforms into a 1974 Camaro.

SS-24 Bonecrusher
By adjusting his tires he can make his huge body move at unimaginable speeds. Specialises in attacks using his mine sweeper arm. Transforms into a Buffalo, a specialised vehicle used for landmine disposal.

SS-25 Optimus Prime
The Autobot leader respects the freedom of all sentient beings. In order to protect justice as well as the rights of the human beings he stands by every important decision with sheer determination. Transforms into a Tractor Trailer.

SS-26 Jetfire
Sick of the endless war this old Decepticon escaped by falling asleep. He was awakened by the power of the AllSpark and chose to power-up Optimus Prime in exchange for his own life. Transforms into an SR-71 Blackbird.

SS-27 Megatron
Shortly after healing from the head wound inflicted by Optimus Prime, he planned his revenge on the Autobots. Even though he scanned a tanker truck for covert activities on Earth, this alternate mode could not hide Megatron's brutality.

SS-28 Dropkick
A tracker with a mission to destroy Bumblebee. He would do this by any means necessary including threatening humanity to make them help search for Bumblebee. Mainly works alongside his partner, Shatter.

SS-29 Shatter
A Decepticon hunter who tracked Bumblebee on Earth with her partner Dropkick. A dangerous bot who will use despicable means to kill Autobots.

SS-30 Optimus Prime
Planet Cybertron has been at war since the ancient times, Optimus is the Commander of the Autobots Legion of Justice. On Earth he disguises himself as a tractor trailer; a reliable leader who can quickly respond to the aid of his allies.

SS-31 Cogman
Cogman is a small Headmaster, a special race of Transformers. Serves as a butler to the British aristocracy who know the deep secrets of the Transformers. He can easily overpower larger Transformers. Drives an Aston Martin DB11 car and combines with it as the head module.

SS-32 Decepticon Scrap Metal
A race of Transformers called Constructicons, this is a Decepticon soldier who transforms into a power shovel. Also transforms into the left hand of Devastator who is comprised of 8 combined Transformers. There appear to be multiple Transformers with the same body type, it would appear that the small Scrap Metal is neglected by his fellow Decepticons.

SS-33 Decepticon Rampage
A race of Transformers called Constructicons, this is a Decepticon soldier who transforms into a bulldozer. Also transforms into the left leg of Devastator who is comprised of 8 combined Transformers. There appear to be multiple Transformers of the same body type but different colours, one of whom engaged in a fierce battle with Bumblebee.

SS-34 Decepticon Long Haul
A race of Transformers called Constructicons, forms the right leg of Devastator who is comprised of 8 individual Transformers. A Decepticon soldier who transforms into a dump truck. It has been confirmed that there are multiple Transformers of the same body type and colour, their existence is a threat to humanity and the Autobots.

SS-35 KSI Boss
Kinetic Solutions Incorporated. This is a man-made military Transformer developed by KSI. KSI Boss transforms into a jet fighter. Mass produced as a weapon many similar robots were seen in combat in Hong Kong, most of which were destroyed.

SS-36 Dropkick 2
A tracker intent on destroying Autobots with his partner Shatter. Threatens humanity to make them help search for Bumblebee. A violent individual who acts before thinking. Transforms into Chrysler AMC Javelin.

SS-37 Decepticon Hightower
A race of Transformers called Constructicons, forms the left arm of Devastator who is comprised of 8 individual Transformers. His unique robot form is impressive though there have been few sightings.

SS-38 Skydrift
Usually travels on the ground in car form but when moving to high ground or aiding companions he takes the form of a helicopter. A swordsman who carries two swords shaped like a traditional Japanese sword.

SS-39 Jetwing Optimus Prime
The Autobot leader fights alongside the earthlings against the Decepticon threat. When the trailer is deployed it unfolds forming Jet Wings and can sometimes transform into Optimus’ weapons storage facility.

SS-EX 1967 Rusty Bumblebee
In 1987 when Bumblebee was hiding in a small Californian country town he disguised his appearance along with rusty and dirty paintwork. The battle to save the planet with the brave but cheeky Bumblebee and one girl begins. Transforms into a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle.

SS-EX Autobot Drift with Mini Dinobots
An Autobot samurai warrior who is loyal to Optimus. This samurai warrior always applies himself to study and discipline. The Mini Dinobots often cause him to lose his concentration. Transforms into Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-R.