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Transformers Studio Series
Translated Tech Specs
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Studio Series Translated Tech Specs

Translated & Interpreted by Jeremy Barlow © Soundwave's Oblivion 2019

SS-01 Bumblebee
A devoted and accountable Autobot warrior with exceptional combat prowess. He employs his speed not only for offensive manoeuvres against enemies but also for swiftly rescuing his allies. Transforms into a “Chevrolet Camaro” sports car.

SS-02 Decepticon Stinger
An artificial Transformer crafted in the likeness of Bumblebee. Does his combat prowess match or even exceed that of Bumblebee? Transforms into a Pagani Huayra sports car.

SS-03 Decepticon Crowbar
A Decepticon spy and saboteur proficient in infiltration and tracking expertise. He directly relays Autobot activities directly to Megatron. His head features insect-like characteristics, adorned with horns and dreadlocks. Transforms into a Chevrolet Suburban SUV.

SS-04 Ratchet
Ratchet, a seasoned Autobot surgeon, has devoted himself to saving lives. He employs his weapons for both defensive purposes and rescue missions. Transforms into a large H2 Hummer rescue vehicle.

SS-05 Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime, the Autobot General Commander, commands profound respect from his fellow Autobots. Possessing unmatched power, he is driven by an unwavering sense of justice. Transforms into a truck covered with a characteristic flame pattern.

SS-06 Starscream
The Decepticon second-in-command and commander of the air force, he may be a coward, yet he remains ever alert and cunning. Renowned as an excellent tactician, he poses a formidable threat in aerial combat. Transforms into an F-22 Raptor jet fighter.

SS-07 Grimlock
A dinosaur type Transformer, leader of the Dinobots and their mightiest warrior. Possesses awesome power in dinosaur mode, capable of crushing enemies with a single decisive blow. Transforms into a T-Rex.

SS-08 Blackout
A proficient combatant with superior strength and a strategic mind. Demonstrates the ability to predict the movements of adversaries with precision. Transforms into a large MH-53 Pave Low helicopter.

SS-09 Autobot Jazz
Jazz, an Autobot Officer, defies his small stature to stand as one of the most formidable Autobot warriors. Beneath his outwardly cheerful demeanour, he remains cool, calm, and collected, earning the genuine respect of his peers. Transforms into a Pontiac Solstice.

SS-10 Lockdown
Lockdown, the unerring bounty hunter, is renowned for never missing his target. Specialises in long-distance sniper attacks. Transforms into a Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4 coupe.

SS-11 Megatron
The Decepticon Emperor, driven by the ambition to conquer the galaxy, had to take decisive action against his resurrected archrival, Optimus Prime. Transforms into an alien tank.

SS-12 Brawl
A Decepticon soldier, adorned with a plethora of weapons that cover his body, relentlessly hunts down Autobots with overwhelming firepower. Transforms into an M1 Abrams tank.

SS-13 Shadow Raider
A bounty hunter subordinate to Lockdown. Like Lockdown he transforms into a Lamborghini Aventador coupe.

SS-14 Ratchet
An Autobot physician without equal on Cybertron, he leverages his genius to transform medical tools into formidable weapons. Transforms into a large Hummer H2 rescue vehicle.

SS-15 Ironhide
Optimus Prime's trusted right-hand man and weapons specialist, dedicated to researching and developing increasingly powerful weaponry throughout the day. Transforms into a GMC Topkick C4500.

SS-16 Bumblebee
Optimus Prime's dependable young warrior, balancing a strict sense of responsibility with a cheerful and humorous demeanour. Transforms into a Volkswagen Beetle.

SS-17 KSI Sentry
An artificial Transformer developed by KSI, engaging in repeated battles against the Autobots. Transforms into a Pagani Huayra like Stinger.

SS-18 Starscream
The Decepticon second-in-command and commander of the air force. Transforms into the Revenge edition of the F-22 Raptor with tattoos covering his entire body.

SS-19 WWII Bumblebee
Bumblebee’s appearance from World War II. Disguised as an armoured car, he seemingly played an active role in numerous battlegrounds, despite the absence of any official records.

SS-20 Sideswipe
A fast Autobot warrior using the wheels on both his hands and feet, uses the blades on his arms to tear his enemies apart. Transforms into a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray concept convertible.

SS-21 Decepticon Barricade
A Decepticon tracker adept at deception, assuming the guise of a police car. This formidable operative takes pleasure in pursuits and specialises in precision assassinations. Transforms into a Ford Saleen Police Car.

SS-22 Decepticon Crankcase
One of the Decepticon terrorists, skilled in collaborative pursuits and encirclement tactics, particularly adept at intercepting enemies during infiltration operations. He transforms into an SUV-type Chevrolet Suburban.

SS-23 Rusty Bumblebee
Bumblebee hid himself in an unassuming car form covered in rust and scratches. After encountering a boy in a used car garage, their adventure began. Transforms into a 1974 Camaro.

SS-24 Bonecrusher
By adjusting his tires he can make his huge body move at unimaginable speeds. Specialises in attacks using his mine sweeper arm. Transforms into a Buffalo, a specialised vehicle used for landmine disposal.

SS-25 Optimus Prime
The Autobot leader upholds the freedom of all sentient beings and, with unwavering determination, stands firmly for justice and the rights of humans in every crucial decision. Transforms into a Tractor Trailer.

SS-26 Jetfire
Sick of the endless war, this old warrior left the Decepticons and went into stasis. He was awakened by the power of the AllSpark and chose to become Optimus Prime's power-up components, sacrificing his own existence in the process. Transforms into an SR-71 Blackbird.

SS-27 Megatron
Before he could heal from the head wound inflicted by Optimus Prime, he planned his revenge on the Autobots. Even though he scanned a tanker truck for covert activities on Earth, this alternate mode could not hide Megatron's brutality.

SS-28 Dropkick
A relentless tracker on a mission to annihilate Bumblebee, willing to employ any means necessary, even resorting to blackmailing humanity to aid in the relentless pursuit of his target. Mainly works alongside his partner, Shatter.

SS-29 Shatter
A Decepticon hunter who tracked Bumblebee on Earth with her partner Dropkick. A dangerous bot who uses underhanded tactics to eliminate Autobots.

SS-30 Optimus Prime
A commander guiding the Autobots, an army of justice in the enduring war on Cybertron. On Earth, he conceals himself as a trailer truck, embodying a reliable leader ever prepared to aid his friends in times of need.

SS-31 Cogman
Cogman is a small Headmaster, a special race of Transformers. Serves as a butler to a British aristocrat who knows the deep secrets of the Transformers. His power surpasses that of larger Transformers. Drives an Aston Martin DB11, this Transformer seamlessly transforms and combines with the car to create the head module.

SS-32 Decepticon Scrap Metal
A race of Transformers called Constructicons, this Decepticon soldier transforms into a power shovel. Also transforms into the left hand of Devastator who is composed of 8 combined Transformers. There appear to be multiple Transformers with the same body type, it would appear that the small Scrap Metal is neglected by his fellow Decepticons.

SS-33 Decepticon Rampage
A race of Transformers called Constructicons, this Decepticon soldier transforms into a bulldozer. Also transforms into the left leg of Devastator who is composed of 8 combined Transformers. There appear to be multiple Transformers of the same body type but different colours, one of whom engaged in a fierce battle with Bumblebee.

SS-34 Decepticon Long Haul
A race of Transformers called Constructicons, forms the right leg of Devastator who is composed of 8 individual Transformers. A Decepticon soldier who transforms into a dump truck. It has been confirmed that there are multiple Transformers of the same body type and colour, their existence is a threat to humanity and the Autobots.

SS-35 KSI Boss
Kinetic Solutions Incorporated. This is a man-made military Transformer developed by KSI. KSI Boss transforms into a jet fighter. Mass produced as a weapon, many similar robots were seen in active combat in Hong Kong, most of which were destroyed.

SS-36 Dropkick 2
A relentless tracker, determined to annihilate Autobots alongside his partner Shatter. Employing any means necessary, he resorts to blackmailing humanity, coercing them into searching for Bumblebee. A volatile individual prone to acting impulsively. Transforms into Chrysler AMC Javelin.

SS-37 Decepticon Hightower
A race of Transformers called Constructicons, forms the left arm of Devastator who is composed of 8 individual Transformers. While its distinctive robot form is remarkable, instances of his attacks are exceedingly rare.

SS-38 Skydrift
Typically traversing on the ground as a car, this Transformer seamlessly transforms into a helicopter when elevated movement or providing aerial support for allies is essential. A skilled swordsman, distinguishing himself with the proficiency to wield two swords, both shaped akin to traditional Japanese blades.

SS-39 Jetwing Optimus Prime
The esteemed leader of the Autobots, standing in unity with Earthlings against the Decepticons. His trailer unfurls to transform into a jet wing, occasionally doubling as a storage unit for weapons to enhance Optimus's arsenal.

SS-40 New Bumblebee
In the debut Hollywood film, he took the form of a vintage 2nd generation Camaro. Stung by derogatory remarks about being a "piece of junk," he promptly scanned a passing newer model. Now, transformed into a 5th generation Camaro, he wears a battle mask and wields a formidable Plasma Cannon in his robot mode.

SS-41 Chromia, Arcee, Elita-1
These valiant female bots, compact in size, seamlessly transform into Earthly motorcycles. Typically, they project a human-like rider known as a holodriver, but in urgent situations, they dash to the battlefield without the holographic facade. Their rapid assaults leave large Decepticons vulnerable, and when confronting mightier adversaries, they can combine, yet there is a reluctance to reveal this form.

SS-42 Soundwave with Laserbeak
In his role as the intelligence chief, he adeptly infiltrated Earth's satellites, executing intelligence operations to pinpoint the whereabouts of Megatron's corpse and the Allspark. Proficient in eavesdropping, tracing, and communications jamming, he is often accompanied by his subordinate, Laserbeak. Transforms into a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

SS-43 Decepticon Mixmaster
A race of Transformers called Constructicons, forms the head of Devastator who is composed of 8 individual Transformers. Transforms into a Mack Trucks cement mixer truck.

SS-44 WWII Hot Rod
Hot Rod played an active role in the past Great War. There were instances where he worked alongside Bumblebee, and due to the resemblance of their armoured vehicle modes, they were occasionally mistaken for each other. Intriguingly, much of these details remain absent from official records.

SS-45 Shockwave
Shockwave appears in the 3rd movie. Included are Wheelie and Brains. who have been scaled to match the movie. He transforms into an alien tank. Also accompanied by a NEST member to replicate the cinematic descent and attack from a building.

SS-46 Megatron
The Decepticon leader, Megatron, was discovered frozen in the Arctic and had been kept in cryostasis by humans. Revived by his comrades, he plunged into a fierce battle against his arch-enemy, Optimus Prime. Unlike many Transformers, Megatron refrained from scanning Earth vehicles, transforming instead into a distinctive Cybertronian alien jet.

SS-47 Decepticon Scavenger
A race of Transformers called Constructicons, transforms into a large excavator and forms the torso of Devastator who is composed of 8 individual Transformers. It has been confirmed that there are multiple Transformers of the same body type but most of these have been destroyed by the Autobots in cooperation with the humans.

SS-48 Offroad Bumblebee
On Planet Cyberron, Bumblebee was known as B-127. Following Optimus Prime's orders, he came to Earth to rebuild the Autobot forces. Scanning and transforming into a Willys Jeep, he landed on a US military training ground, where he found himself in a face-off with American soldiers and his pursuer, Blitzwing.

SS-49 Sentinel Prime
This Prime is Optimus’ predecessor and is the great leader of the Autobots. Transforms into a Rosenbauer Panther (Chemical Fire Engine). His ambitious plan involves activating the space bridge he created, intending to subjugate humanity and restore Planet Cybertron.

SS-50 Roadbuster
The assault commander for the Autobots' elite special forces, the Wreckers, boasting a formidable shoulder-mounted missile launcher. He transforms into a NASCAR-spec Chevrolet Impala, faithfully replicating the battle-ready vehicle mode seen in the main movie.

SS-60 Hot Rod
This young Autobot warrior assumes the form of a sleek supercar. Enjoying a brief period of peace on Earth with his young friend Daniel, their tranquillity is disrupted when the Decepticons launch an assault on the Autobot base. Guided by the Autobots Matrix of Leadership, his numerous adventures shape him into the destined leader he was meant to become.

SS-EX 1967 Rusty Bumblebee
The 'genesis' of Bumblebee's life in 1987, concealed within a quaint rural town in California, has been vividly captured with a weathered paint job! Brave yet mischievous, his quest to protect Earth commences alongside a young girl. Transforms into a 1967 Volkswagen (Beetle).

SS-EX Autobot Drift with Mini Dinobots
An Autobot samurai warrior who is loyal to Optimus. Like the samurai, he is always training and disciplined. The Mini Dinobots often cause him to lose his concentration. Transforms into Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-R.

SS-EX Nemesis Prime
Introducing "Nemesis Prime," the sinister recolor of SS-30 Optimus Prime, making its appearance in the 6th movie, "Bumblebee." This dark alter ego, known as Nemesis, is an evil iteration of Optimus Prime adorned with the Decepticon emblem. Transforming from a fully articulated robot into a menacing trailer truck, Nemesis Prime's action poses, complemented by the included weapons, are flawlessly executed.