Fight! Super Lifeform Transformers Translated Tech Specs

Translated & Interpreted by Jeremy Barlow © Soundwaves Oblivion 2015

Autoceptor, Dirge, Warpath & Adams (Cosmos) tech specs are taken from the 1985 mailaway leaflet.

Note: Names in red are Cybertrons (Autobots); names in purple are Destrons (Decepticons)

01 Cybertron Convoy (Same as VSX Version) Optimus Prime
Function: Supreme Commander (Leader of the Cybertrons)
Transformation: Trailer
Ability: Can separate into 3 powerful machines.
-Commander Convoy is incredibly powerful and armed with a laser rifle.
-Buggy can undertake espionage activities up to 2000 km away.
-The Combat Container houses communication equipment and a cannon.
Character: His greatest strength is his intelligence. He has charged himself with the mission to protect Earth and the human race.

Hound 02
Function: Reconnaissance (Spy Prevention)
Transformation: Jeep
Ability: His turret gun can also become a radar scope; can discover anything with his radar. Creates three-dimensional visions with his hologram gun.
Character: Earth's natural world interests him very much. His courage knows no fear.

Wheeljack 03
Function: Engineer
Transformation: Lancia
Ability: Can fly using small sized rockets stored in his arms. His shoulder cannons shoot magnetic bullets.
Character: Has lots of enthusiasm to invent new weapons, but can be annoying testing them out.

04 Cybertron Lambor Sideswipe
Function: Soldier (Combat Activity)
Transformation: Countach
Ability: Possesses great physical strength. Can fly with his rocket injection jet pack. His flares light up the area within 30km like it was noon.
Character: Will often be reckless in order to fulfil his missions.

Alert 05 Red Alert
Function: Cybertron Security Member
Transformation: Countach
Ability: Has superior sensors when perceiving a crisis. Uses a rocket launcher, and particle rifle.
Character: With his superior defensive feelings, can be very neurotic. Always relies on his companions.

Meister 06 Jazz
Function: Second-in-Command, assisting Convoy
Transformation: Porsche
Ability: Wields a photon rifle and a spectrum beam. Has high performance stereo speaker’s to confuse enemies with light and sound.
A talented Cybertron, loves the Earthen culture and likes gaining new knowledge; reliably completes dangerous missions.

07 Cybertron Ligier Mirage
Function: Intelligence Member (Gathers Enemy’s Data)
Transformation: F-1 Race Car
Ability: By splitting photons he can make himself disappear. Can also project holographic images. An expert with a pistol.
Character: Often works alone when infiltrating the enemy territory, keeps his secrets and his cool as a warrior.

08 Cybertron Streak Bluestreak
Function: Gunner
Transformation: Fairlady-Z
Ability: Is the best marksman out of the Cybertrons. Fires beams of 80,000 volts which illuminate the distance.
Character: Cheerful and hates fighting but will do everything possible to eliminate the Destron threat of universal conquest.

09 Cybertron Prowl
Function: Strategist
Transformation: Fairlady-Z Police Car
Ability: Has an excellent strategy computer. Also has a variety of missiles.
Character: Considerate and is also loyal to the mission. As he is always devising new strategies he remains quiet and collected.

Inferno 10
Function: Rescue Member
Transformation: Fire Truck
Ability: He is incredibly strong, and can withstand 8,000 degrees. Can accurately shoot his extinguisher rifle which also fires energy dampening beam.
Character: He is sincere, and perceivers in any crisis involving a companion.

Bumble 11 Bumblebee
Function: Intelligence Agent
Transformation: Volkswagen
Ability: Makes the most of his small body during spy activities. He can also operate underwater.
Character: Usually has the best ideas out of the Cybertrons and puts them into action.

Charger 12 Windcharger
Function: Warrior
Transformation: Sports Car
Ability: The first fastest of all Cybertrons over short distances. Can push and pull the enemy with his powerful magnetic force attacks.
Character: Very enthusiastic to duty and has very fast conduct

Cliff 13 Cliffjumper
Function: Warrior
Transformation: Porsche
Ability: Shoots glass gas, a fast attack that turns any metal, brittle
Character: Very rash, but aggressive and as a strong heart.

Drag 14 Huffer
Function: Technician
Transformation: Truck
Ability: Has an analysing ability with his arm sensors. Also has high mathematical ability.
Character: Does not conduct himself very well socially, but can be relied on completely.

Gong 15 Brawn
Function: Attack Member
Transformation: Jeep
Ability: Has tremendous strength and powerful destructive power. In addition, he is resistant to heat.
Character: Though his power is aggressive, he does love his new home on Earth.

16 Destron Megatron (Same as VSX Version)
Function: Emperor of Destruction (Destron Leader)
Transformation: Walther P-38 (Pistol)
Ability: His Fusion Cannon has tremendous devastating power. The Fusion Cannon links to a black hole where he draws out antimatter creating a fearful destructive force.
Character: The Destron Emperor is set on the conquest of the universe. He is determined to destroy the Cybertrons and plans to possess Earth's resources.

Soundwave 17 (Same as VSY Version)
Function: Information Staff
Transformation: Cassette Stereo
Ability: He is able to read electrical brain impulses from fellow transformers and inform Destron partners.
Character: He can hear any trivial sound made, and will use them for his own ambition.

Rumble (no designation number in 1985)
Function: Special Destruction Soldier
Transformation: Cassette Tape
Ability: Uses machine gun and missiles to keep enemy’s at bay. Uses various apertures to create low frequency earthquakes. Difficult to approach.
Character: Is very hostile, his heart is strong to the Destrons cause.

Frenzy 18 (Same as VSY Version)
Function: Special Destructive Soldier
Transformation: Cassette Tape
Ability: Can raise the drum units in his body to disturb the circuitry of his enemies.
Character: Enjoys spreading fear; his forcefulness is highly appraised among the Destrons.

Jaguar 19 Ravage
Function: Intelligence Soldier
Transformation: Cassette Tape
Ability: Can hide himself using an electromagnetic radiation shield. Can disappear in dim light, but is sensitive to strong light. Uses 2 powerful proton bombs.
Character: When new strategies are planned out, Jaguar is the best Destron spy to carry them out.

Condor 20 Laserbeak
Function: Aerial Attack Soldier
Transformation: Cassette Tape
Ability: He can fly at super speed. Uses two independent laser cannons.
Character: though the ability to aim his lasers with great accuracy is superior to others, when the crystals for the lasers strength become insufficient, his function stops, and shuts down.

Reflector 21
Function: Optical Information Soldier
Transformation: Camera
Ability: From long distance, he can take images of the enemy. Also processes high performance infra-red ray to capture the enemy’s image in darkness. Uses a powerful flash to distort and confuse the enemy’s optical sensors.
Character: Has detailed knowledge of Earths geography, and likes to watch his companions for blackmail endeavours. By looking through one eye, there are times when he can be confused.

Starscream 22
Function: Aeronautical Staff
Transformation: Jet Aircraft
Ability: He is the fastest jet fighter. Fires cluster bombs and special radiation.
Character: Aims to take Megatron's position as boss. Has a lot of self confidence.

Skywarp 23
Function: Aircraftsman
Transformation: Jet Aircraft
Ability: Can teleport over a fixed distance instantaneously. Uses thermal guided missiles
Character: Is very faithful to Megatron. Gets confused without any accurate indications of tasks.

Thundercracker 24
Function: Aircraftsman
Transformation: Jet Aircraft
Ability: Creates a tremendous sonic boom whilst flying.
Character: Does not thoroughly approve of the Destrons cause for universal conquest.

25 Cybertron Trailbreaker
Function: Tactician
Transformation: 4WD Hilux
Ability: Can restrict radio transmissions and can form an impenetrable force field.
Character: Has a jovial nature and always cheers up fellow Cybertrons. His companions recognize his excellent defensive capability and courage.

Grimlock 26 (Same as VSY Version)
Function: Dinobot Division Commander
Transformation: Tyrannosaurus
Strong jaws with crush anything. Equipped with a rocket launcher, energy sword and double barrelled laser gun.
A cool, ambitious leader of the Dinobot's. A massive fighting force, feared even by his peers.

Sludge 27
Function: Jungle Soldier
Transformation: Brontosaurus
Ability: Loves the jungle with plentiful water to wallow in. His 40,000 horsepower kick can shatter a mountain.
Character: Usually a gentleman, a placid character, but when it comes to battle, nothing can stop his fighting spirit.

Slag 28
Function: Flame Soldier
Transformation: Triceratops
Ability: Has a powerful laser rifle. In anger he likes shattering brick buildings. Can throw a 3000 degree flame.
Character: Rash character, seldom helped due to his bad nature. He is very brave during dangerous battles and times of crisis.

Snarl 29
Function: Desert Soldier
Transformation: Stegosaurus
Ability: The gold plates on his back collect the sunlight which increase his power tenfold. His tail is very powerful and can shatter thick concrete.
Character: Says very few words, a lonely soldier who fights in order to return home which he misses dearly.

Swoop 30
Function: Shelling Soldier
Transformation: Pteradon
Ability: Flies at the speed of 4000km, equipped with anti-aircraft missiles under both wings. In robot mode, fights using a 4000 degree thermal sword.
Character: Very proud of his dogfight technique. His nose-dive from the sky is feared by his enemies.

Long Haul 31
Function: Transport Soldier
Transformation: Dump Truck
Ability: Equipped with a thermal sensor missile. Uniting with his Buildron companions, they become the enormous Devastar.
Character: Builds a large energy reproducing arrangement for fuel, with his companions. He secretly desires to become a full-time soldier.

Scrapper 32
Function: Construction Soldier
Transformation: Shovel
Ability: Can fly at the speed of 60km per hour. Uniting with his Buildron companions, they become the enormous Devastar.
Character: Brilliant in designing fortress and energy plants. He is proud of his designated duty.

Gren 33 Hook
Function: Hygienic Soldier
Transformation: Truck Crane
Ability: Has a rocket fire stand and laser rifle. Uniting with his Buildron companions, they become the enormous Devastar.
Character: A person of complete principals, and with his work, he is very proud of his precision.

Mixmaster 34
Function: Disguise Soldier
Transformation: Truck Mixer
Ability: Carries an 8000 degree infra-red ray gun, which can distort objects using the immense heat. Also uses the gun in vehicle mode. Uniting with his Buildron companions, they become the enormous Devastar.
Character: Uses anything to make new materials, even living robots. Desires fighting, and terrestrial control.

Scavenger 35
Function: Mining Soldier
Transformation: Power Shovel
Ability: Has sensors to detect fuel and gases. Uniting with his Buildron companions, they become the enormous Devastar.
Character: He might have a useful ability, but his companions recognise him always being desperate to prove his worth which can affect his duty.

Bonecrusher 36
Function: Destructive Soldier
Transformation: Bulldozer
Ability: His armour is made of thick titanium steel, useful for guarding him against short-range attacks. Uniting with his Buildron companions, they become the enormous Devastar.
Character: A wild character that has a destructive heart, crushes his way through the landscape.

Devastar 37 Devastator
Function: Giant Soldier
Transformation: 6 Construction Vehicles
Ability: With the 6 united Buildrons, they become the Destrons strongest soldier. Can shatter a bridge with one punch. Uses a 10,000 degree solar energy beam rifle.
Character: When the 6 bodies become one, his destructive power is tremendous but he is not too clever. His weak point is the 6 conflicting minds, that if one mind cracks, there is no sufficient power to replace that companions role.

Broadcast 38 Blaster
Function: Correspondent
Transformation: Radio Cassette
Ability: Can receive radio signals of all frequencies. Can also detect radio wave out-puts as low as 1/1000,000 watts. Can produce powerful electromagnetic waves to transmit over long distances.
Character: Has a big interest in Earth music. He is also relied on to be the centre of signal communications for the Cybertrons.

Perceptor 39
Function: Scientist
Transformation: Microscope
Ability: In microscope mode, can view objects at a maximum of 10 thousand times magnification. Has a very accurate lens barrel which can convert to a powerful light cannon. Also carries a concussion rifle which has a long range.
Character: He is abundant with knowledge and his data accumulation is second only to Convoy. He is proud of his special duty to research the Cybertrons adaptation to the Earth

Kick Back 40 Kickback
Function: Intelligence Pioneer
Transformation: Grasshopper
Ability: Has a very powerful jump, and in addition has a powerful kick impossible to stop. Carries a sub-machine gun which fires 300 rounds per minute.
Character: He is very cruel, always attacks with hostility. Humans are most susceptible to this Insecticon.

Bombshell 41
Function: Psychological Pioneer
Transformation: Beetle
Ability: Can drop a 50 pound explosive from the sky, exploding into sharp needles. Injects cerebro-shells into enemies to control their minds.
Character: A very useful combatant, especially relied on by Megatron

Sharpnel 42 Shrapnel
Function: Electronic Pioneer
Transformation: Stag Beetle
Ability: Can control any electrical apparatus, and can generate up to 10 thousand volts.
Character: Loves extreme battles, the extent of the noise of battle and screams of his enemies are music to him, which makes him desire even more.

Blitzwing 43
Function: Barren Land Staff
Transformation: Jet Aircraft
Ability: Can quickly transform from one mode to the next, from tank mode to jet aircraft. Carries electronic saber, and a gyro-blaster rifle.
Character: Very cruel with a whimsical character. Often not seen on the battlefield by the enemy, until it’s too late. Often feared by his own companions.

Tracks 44
Function: Soldier
Transformation: Corvette Stingray
Ability: Can fly in car mode using wings under his rear wheels. Can fly up to the speed of sound. Has thermal detection function when his missile launcher is equipped.
Character: Has great interest in his mechanical Earth mode. Has more self confidence once changed into his car mode.

Smokescreen 45
Function: Strategic Soldier
Transformation: Fairlady Z (racing type)
Ability: He is proud of his strategies to destroy the enemy’s secret intelligence, leading them astray. Uses an electronic disrupter rifle.
Character: Though a new addition to Convoy’s warriors, he is still heavily relied upon for his diversionary skills.

Hoist 46
Function: Repair Member
Transformation: Tow Car
Ability: Heat seeking missiles can be launched from his wrist sockets. The sensor behind his head can detect composition of an enemy’s position, size and energy quantity.
Character: He is very cheerful, his main duty is maintenance of his companions. He is satisfied with his own work.

Grapple 47
Function: Architect
Transformation: Crane Truck
Ability: A heat-wave can be discharged with his temperature rifle. Also has a rocket launcher in his wrist.
Character: As an architect, has severe depression when his buildings are destroyed and pulled down in battles.

48 Astrotrain (Weapon & Tech Spec values from the 1986 re-release)
Function: Transport
Transformation: Steam Locomotive & Shuttle
Ability: Depending on the situation he can triple change onto a steam locomotive or a shuttle. His powerful rifle can displace ions.
Character: Enjoys confusing the Cybertrons. Physically strong in robot mode and once he is on a rampage, he can’t be stopped.
Weapon: Ion Rifle
STR…9; INT...7; SPD...10; END...7; RNK...6; CRG...7; FPR...6; SKL...8; TTL...60

Laserwave 49 Shockwave
Function: Defence Staff
Transformation: Light Ray Gun
Ability: His one eye is like an electronic camera which can view the planet’ furthest sides. With the image he receives, he can shoot rays from the electromagnetic spectrum to hit his target with tremendous destructive power.
Character: Has no ambition, moves only to the orders of Megatron. Main duty is to defend the Destron base and keep out intruders.

Autoceptor mail-away transforming watch
Function: Cybertron Intelligence Soldier
Usually functions as a wrist watch but can transform from robot to super-car to take an active part.

Warpath (mail-away)
Function: Cybertron Warrior
Transformation: Tank
Very confident in his shooting ability, very strong but is helpless is turned upside down in tank mode. Goes on a rampage is his gun barrel get the smallest of scratches.

Adams (mail away) Cosmos
Function: Cybertron Scout & Correspondent
Transformation: UFO
Acts better on outer space, his high-powered particle beam is accurate enough to pass through the eye of a needle. Does not function well on the ground.

Dirge (mail-away)
Function: Destron Aerial Soldier
Transformation: Jet
The ultrasonic wave generated from his jet engines is Dirges greatest weapon. Enemy robots freeze in fear when exposed to the ultrasound. Additionally he is equipped with 2 sonic missiles.
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