Fight! Super Lifeform Transformers Translated Tech Specs

Translated & Interpreted by Jeremy Barlow © Soundwaves Oblivion 2020

Autoceptor, Dirge, Warpath & Adams (Cosmos) tech specs are taken from the 1985 mailaway leaflet.

01 Cybertron Convoy Optimus Prime (Same as VSX Version)
Function: General Commander (Leader of the Cybertrons)
Transformation: Trailer
Ability: Can separate into 3 powerful machines.
-Commander Convoy is incredibly powerful and armed with a laser rifle.
-Buggy can undertake espionage activities up to 2000 km away.
-The Combat Container houses communication equipment and a cannon.
Character: His greatest strength is his intelligence. He has charged himself with the mission to protect Earth and the human race.

02 Cybertron Hound
Function: Scout (Spy Prevention)
Transformation: Jeep
Ability: His turret doubles as a laser scope; uses the laser for tracking. His Hologram gun can project three-dimensional images.
Character: Fascinated by Earth's natural wonders. A courageous and fearless Cybertron.

03 Cybertron Wheeljack
Function: Engineer
Transformation: Lancia
Ability: Uses the small rockets in both his arms to fly. His shoulder cannons fire magnetic bullets.
Character: His over eagerness with new inventions such as new weaponry can sometimes annoy others.

04 Cybertron Lambor Sideswipe
Function: Warrior (Combat Operations)
Transformation: Countach
Ability: Physically strong. Can fly using his rocket injection backpack. His flares light up a 30km square area as if it were midday.
Character: Is quite often reckless in order to accomplish his missions.

05 Cybertron Alert Red Alert
Function: Cybertron Security
Transformation: Countach
Ability: Has excellent sensors which can perceive a crisis. Has a Rocket Launcher and Particle Rifle.
Character: His superior defence senses ensure nothing escapes his notice. Deeply trusted by his comrades.

06 Cybertron Meister Jazz
Function: Cybertron Lieutenant, Assistant to Convoy
Transformation: Porsche
Ability: Carries a Photon Rifle and Spectrum Beam. Has a high performance stereo speaker system and is able to confuse enemies with light and sound displays.
Character: A competent Cybertron, his love and knowledge of Earth's culture allow him to safely undertake dangerous missions.

07 Cybertron Ligier Mirage
Function: Spy (Gathers Enemy Intelligence)
Transformation: F-1 (Racing Car)
Ability: By splitting photons he can turn invisible. Can also project holographic images. An expert with a pistol.
Character: A level-headed warrior; when behind enemy lines he often operates alone and in secret.

08 Cybertron Streak Bluestreak
Function: Gunner
Transformation: Fairlady-Z
Ability: Is the best Cybertron marksman. Fires 80,000 volt beams which illuminate the distance.
Character: Cheerful and although he hates fighting, he will do everything possible to eliminate the Destron threat of universal conquest.

09 Cybertron Prowl
Function: Strategist (Devises the Cybertron's strategies)
Transformation: Fairlady-Z Police Car
Ability: Has an excellent strategy computer and a variety of missile ammunition.
Character: Patient, will not stop until his mission. Remains quiet as he is constantly devising new strategies.

10 Cybertron Inferno
Function: Search & Rescue
Transformation: Fire Truck
Ability: Physically strong; can withstand high temperatures up to 8,000oC. Accurately fires his rife from any position he takes up.
Character: Patient and sincere, no matter what he is doing he will rush off when he detects a companion is in trouble.

11 Cybertron Bumble Bumblebee
Function: Espionage
Transformation: Wagen
Ability: When spying, uses his small body to his advantage. He can also operate underwater.
Character: Amongst the Cybertrons he has the best of intentions and personal conduct.

12 Cybertron Charger Windcharger
Function: Combatant
Transformation: Sports Car
Ability: The fastest Cybertron over short distances. Can attract and attack the enemy with his powerful magnetic force.
Character: Passionate about his mission and is quick to act.

13 Cybertron Cliff Cliffjumper
Function: Combatant
Transformation: Porsche
Ability: Fast and attacks firing a gas that turns metal brittle.
Character: Has a strong fighting spirit but can also be reckless.

14 Cybertron Drag Huffer
Function: Engineer
Transformation: Truck
Ability: Arm sensors can analyse enemies. Has superior mathematical abilities.
Character: Not social but absolutely reliable.

15 Cybertron Gong Brawn
Function: Assault
Transformation: Jeep
Ability: Physically strong with incredible destructive power. Also resistant to heat.
Character: Although he is powerful and combative, he loves his hometown.

16 Destron Megatron (Same as VSX Version)
Function: Emperor of Destruction (Destron Leader)
Transformation: Walther P-38 (Pistol)
Ability: His Fusion Cannon has tremendous devastating power. The Fusion Cannon links to a black hole where he draws out antimatter creating a fearful destructive force.
Character: The Destron Emperor is set on the conquest of the universe. He is determined to destroy the Cybertrons and plans to possess Earth's resources.

17 Destron Soundwave (Same as VSY Version)
Function: Chief Information Officer
Transformation: Stereo Cassette
Ability: Can monitor electrical brain impulses enabling him to read his opponents minds. Has a Vibration Blaster Gun.
Character: Can hear the most trivial of sounds and records them to advance his own ambitions.

17 Destron Rumble
Function: Specialist Saboteur
Transformation: Cassette Tape
Ability: Has missiles and machine guns of various calibres.
Character: Very aggressive and hostile towards the Cybertrons.

18 Destron Frenzy (Same as VSY Version)
Function: Specialist Saboteur
Transformation: Cassette Tape
Ability: Able to disturb his opponents circuitry by increasing the spin of the drum like devices in his torso.
Character: His strength and combat ability are highly regarded amongst the Destron ranks.

19 Destron Jaguar Ravage
Function: Intelligence Saboteur
Transformation: Cassette Tape
Ability: Has an electromagnetic radiation shield. Sensitive to light and can be subdued by too much of it. Carries 2 powerful Proton Bombs.
Character: A Destron spy who operates of his own accord.

20 Destron Condor Laserbeak
Function: Aerial Attack Soldier
Transformation: Cassette Tape
Ability: He can fly at super speed. Uses two independent laser guns.
Character: Uses his lasers with skilful precision on his prey but he stops functioning when the crystals that power his lasers run out.

21 Destron Reflector
Function: Optical Intelligence Soldier
Transformation: Camera
Ability: With high powered infrared vision he can detect enemies in the dark, even at long distances. Dazzles and confuses enemies with his powerful flash.
Character: Likes to observe the details in Earth’s geography; also has an interest in watching over his comrades. However, the complexity of his vision often confuses him.

22 Destron Starscream
Function: Air Commander
Transformation: Jet
Ability: The fastest out of the jet fighters. Fires cluster bombs and can emit a special radiation ray.
Character: Aims to usurp Megatron and take command. Overly confident.

23 Destron Skywarp
Function: Aerial Warrior
Transformation: Jet
Ability: Can instantaneously warp over a fixed distance. Uses heat-seeking missiles.
Character: Although he is faithful to Megatron, he is easily confused with inaccurate instructions.

24 Destron Thundercracker
Function: Aerial Warrior
Transformation: Jet
Ability: Creates a tremendous sonic boom whilst flying.
Character: Does not thoroughly approve of the Destrons cause for universal conquest.

25 Cybertron Trailbreaker
Function: Tactician
Transformation: 4WD Hilux
Ability: Can restrict radio transmissions and can form an impenetrable force field.
Character: Has a jovial nature and always cheers up fellow Cybertrons. His companions appreciate his excellent defensive capability and courage.

26 Dinobot Grimlock (Same as VSY Version)
Function: Dinobot Commander
Transformation: Tyrannosaurus
Ability: Powerful jaws can chew through anything. Equipped with an energy sword and double barrelled rocket launcher.
Character: A cool, ambitious Dinobot leader. Even his companions fear his powerful combat ability.

27 Dinobot Sludge
Function: Jungle Warrior
Transformation: Brontosaurus
Ability: Adept at jungle warfare especially if there is lots of water. Has a 40,000 horsepower kick that can crush mountains.
Character: Usually quiet and docile but when it comes to battle, nothing can stand in his way.

28 Dinobot Slag
Function: Flame Warrior
Transformation: Triceratops
Ability: Has a powerful laser rifle. The power of his horns can shatter buildings. Can breathe out 3000oC flames.
Character: His recklessness sometimes lands him in trouble, however he is brave and has survived many dangerous battles.

29 Dinobot Snarl
Function: Desert Warrior
Transformation: Stegosaurus
Ability: The metal plates on his back are solar collectors and the sunlight increases his power by 10 times. His tail is powerful enough to crush thick concrete.
Character: A quiet lonely soldier who loves his home and fights in order to return.

30 Dinobot Swoop
Function: Artillery Warrior
Transformation: Pteranodon
Ability: Can fly at a speed of 400km, equipped with anti-aircraft missile launchers under both wings. In robot mode he fights with a 4000oC thermal sword.
Character: Excellent at aerial combat, the enemy fear his dive attacks.

31 Buildron Long Haul
Function: Transport Soldier
Transformation: Dump Truck
Ability: Equipped with a heat-seeking missile launcher. Unites with the other Buildrons to form the huge robot “Devastar”.
Character: Builds huge energy recovery installations with fellow Buildrons; secretly desires to be a full-time warrior.

32 Buildron Scrapper
Function: Construction Soldier
Transformation: Shovel Dozer
Ability: By attaching the Levitation Wing he can fly up to speeds of 60 km/h. Unites with the other Buildrons to form the huge robot “Devastar”.
Character: Tasked with designing fortress and energy plants; takes pride in his duty.

33 Buildron Gren Hook
Function: Combat Medic
Transformation: Crane Truck
Ability: Has a rocket launch pad and laser rifle. Unites with the other Buildrons to form the huge robot “Devastar”.
Character: A perfectionist, proud of the precision of his work.

34 Buildron Mixmaster
Function: Camouflage Soldier
Transformation: Mixer Truck
Ability: Equipped with an 8000oC infrared gun and a distortion projector. Unites with the other Buildrons to form the huge robot “Devastar”.
Character: Uses anything, even living robots in the battle for global conquest.

35 Buildron Scavenger
Function: Mining Soldier
Transformation: Power Shovel
Ability: Has gas sensors to detect the presence of fuel. Unites with the other Buildrons to form the huge robot “Devastar”.
Character: Always works desperately hard on missions to prove his worth to his comrades.

36 Buidron Bonecrusher
Function: Destruction Soldier
Transformation: Bulldozer
Ability: Has titanium steel armour and short-range concussion bombs. Unites with the other Buildrons to form the huge robot “Devastar”.
Character: Has a thoroughly destructive mindset and will destroy anything without mercy.

37 Buildron Devastar Devastator
Function: Giant Soldier
Transformation: 6 Construction Vehicles
Ability: The 6 Buildrons unite to become the Destrons strongest warrior. Can destroy a bridge with a single punch. His Beam Rifle can fire a 10,000oC solar energy charge.
Character: When the 6 unite, their combined destructive power is frightening. One weakness however is when his power output is low, he will break apart.

38 Cybertron Broadcast
Function: Correspondent
Transformation: Radio Cassette
Ability: Can receive radio signals of all frequencies. Can detect radio waves as low as 1/1000,000 of a watt. Can produce powerful electromagnetic force waves. Equipped with an Electro-Scrambler Gun.
Character: Loves sound and has a huge interest in Earthen music. Greatly trusted and has become the Cybertrons Communication Centre.

39 Cybertron Perceptor
Function: Scientist
Transformation: Microscope
Ability: In microscope mode, can view objects at 1 million times magnification. view objects at a maximum of 10 thousand times magnification. Carries a Concussion Rifle and his Light Cannon has enough accuracy to fire through the eye of a needle from a distance.
Character: Has a wealth of knowledge and his data storage capacity is second only to Convoy. His main mission is to research how the Cybertrons can best adapt to life on Earth.

40 Insectron Kickback
Function: Espionage Soldier
Transformation: Locust
Ability: Has an incredibly powerful jump, and can also kick a hole in a steel plate. He carries a sub-machine gun that can shoot up to 300 rounds per minute
Character: Callous, will launch hostile attacks against humans and Cybertrons alike.

41 Insectron Bombshell
Function: Psychological Soldier
Transformation: Rhinoceros Beetle
Ability: Has a special stinger which can launch a 50 lb explosive in the air; whomever is exposed will come under Bombshell’s control.
Character: His abilities and personality make him popular amongst his peers and in particular he has Megatron’s trust.

42 Insectron Shrapnel
Function: Electronic Soldier
Transformation: Stag Beetle
Ability: Can generate 40,000 volts, can control almost all electronic devices.
Character: Enjoys fierce battles, the noises and screams of his enemy increase his desire to fight.

43 Destron Blitzwing
Function: Air / Land Staff Officer
Transformation: Jet
Ability: His rapid triple change doubles his functionality as a jet or tank. Equipped with an Electron Saber and a Gyro-Blaster Rifle.
Character: Cruel with an uneven temper, so reckless in battle even his comrades fear him.

44 Cybertron Tracks
Function: Warrior
Transformation: Corvette Stingray
Ability: His wings allow him to fly at subsonic speeds. Equipped with a missile launcher with heat-seeking capabilities.
Character: Interested in Earthen mechanical designs. Vain and loves his vehicular form.

45 Cybertron Smokescreen
Function: Tactician
Transformation: Fairlady Z (racing type)
Ability: Specialises in tactics which destroy the enemies detection systems. Has an Electric Disruptor Rifle.
Character: Though a new addition to Convoy’s ranks, he views him as the most trustworthy.

46 Cybertron Hoist
Function: Maintenance
Transformation: Tow Truck
Ability: Can fire heat-seeking missiles from his wrists. With his full spectrum sensor he can detect the position of his enemy, their size and energy properties.
Character: A cheerful personality, his main duty is the maintenance of his comrades. Fully satisfied with his job.

47 Cybertron Grapple
Function: Architect
Transformation: Crane Truck
Ability: Arc Welder Rifle emits concentrated heat rays; also wields a rocket launcher.
Character: He takes pride in his duties as an architect; when his buildings are destroyed in battle he can succumb to severe depression losing his offensiveness.

48 Destron Astrotrain
Function: Transport Staff Officer
Transformation: Steam Locomotive / Shuttle
Ability: Depending on the situation he can triple change into a steam locomotive or a shuttle. Has a powerful Ionic Displacer Rifle.
Character: Delights in causing confusion for the Cybertrons. Physically strong in robot mode and once he is on a rampage he is out of control.

49 Destron Laserwave Shockwave
Function: Military Operations Commander
Transformation: Ray Gun
Ability: Controls electronic cameras capable of monitoring distant planets. Using the electronic images and a sub-program he is able to view the details of all captured images simultaneously. With his destructive attachment he can generate an incredible destructive power.
Character: Has no ambition of his own, only driven by Megatron’s command. Main duty is to defend his headquarters ensuring intruders do not get past his outstanding surveillance.

Dirge (mail-away)
Function: Desron Aerial Warrior
Dirge’s greatest weapon are his jet engines which can generate Ultrasonic Waves. When the ultrasonic waves hit his opponents, they freeze in fear. Also carries two Sonic Missiles.

Autoceptor (mail-away)
Function: Cybertron Spy
Though he usually functions as a wrist watch, in times of emergency he will transform into a robot or a supercar.

Warpath (mail-away)
Function: Cybertron Warrior
An excellent shot and very strong, although if upended in tank mode, he is helpless. Is devastated if his gun barrel gets the slightest of scratches.

Adams (mail away) Cosmos
Function: Cybertron Reconnaissance / Correspondent
Operates better in outer space; his high-powered particle beam is accurate enough to pass through the eye of a needle. Not suited as a robot on the ground.
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