Micromaster Reissues Translated Tech Specs

Tech Specs courtesy of Doug Dlin



Micromaster Warrior D-Go #1
Steam Locomotive
The leader of the liner team and peacemaker of the Cybertron Micromasters. Contrary to his powerful outward appearance, he is a delicate logicalist. However, when his anger reaches its peak, not even his team-mates can restrain his power. He is also an expert marksman.

Micromaster Warrior Spark #2
Tokaido 100 Line Bullet Train
A young warrior who prides himself on his speed. Among his team, he's most compatible with Leif, and they often act in concert. Owing to his youth, he sometimes has his own way with matters and is something of a roughneck.  Specializes in controlling water.

Micromaster Warrior Alan #3
T.G.V. (Train à Grande Vitesse)
A quiet warrior, more of a logicalist than D-Go. Uses his skill at controlling electrical items. The mega-techvolt he wields makes the Destrons shake in their foot casings. In the opinion of the always cool and gentlemanly night, Alan tends to fade into the background.

Micromaster Warrior Leaf #4
Tohoku 200-2000 Line Bullet Train
Has a poetry-loving romanticist side, but his combat style is wild and destructive. Many are shocked by this gap, but when teamed up with Spark, Destron attacks are nothing to him. Manipulates wind to take down his enemies.

Micromaster Warrior Joe #5
Super Hitachi 651 Line Limited Express Train
A specialist in information analysis. Controlling his probe "gripper," he obtains all sorts of intelligence, analyses it, and uses it to guide battles to his advantage. He's a good sort, extremely sociable of character. His counselling abilities are outstanding, resolving the worries of many a Cybertron. Uses his skill at manipulating electricity.

Micromaster Warrior Night #6
EF66 Blue Train or Sleeping Train
A self-style ninja warrior. Operating in darkness is his specialty, and when the battle stretches out for ages, this tough guy can take it. Wields the all-purpose machine "Wingard," going into action on land, sea and air. Has a special ability to control darkness. Rather talkative for a self-styled ninja.



Six-Robot Combiner Warrior
This robot is formed when the six members of the Sixturbo team combine. Their combat ability is higher than Sixliner; however they utilise their power for disaster relief in cities and take an active part in saving lives.

Micromaster Warrior Road Police #1
White Acura NSX "Patrol Car"
The leader of the turbo team, Road Police has a warm central processor and a strong sense of justice. A gun collector without equal, he enjoys accumulating earth handguns, though he's annoyed that they're not the right size for him. A master of the fast draw, he's the best of the Micromasters in short-range marksmanship.

Micromaster Warrior Glide #2
Blue Goldwing "Bike"
Among the Cybertrons, this warrior is known to be the happiest about their coming to Earth. When not in combat, he can usually be seen having fun tooling around, giving rides to earthling females. He claims it's all a part of his intelligence-gathering activities. Though he appears frivolous, make no mistake, this fighter's got speed and strength in spades.

Micromaster Warrior Circuit #3
"F-1" Indy Race Car
Boasting of the highest speed of the turbo team, Circuit is often given reconnaissance and messenger missions thanks to his impressive scouting ability. Though unrivalled in driving technique, he is easily excited and often races around wildly. This has earned him frequent warnings from road police. Circuit has the special ability to converse with the wind.

Micromaster Warrior Neo-Wheel #4
Lamborghini Diablo "Supercar"
An aloof, nature-loving warrior, neo-wheel has little taste for following and participating in strategies with the rest of his team, save for those that require combining.  If anything, he is often found in the wild amongst animals. He won't say for sure himself, but he appears to have the special ability to communicate with the animals.  Neo-Wheel is indeed a warrior of many mysteries.

Micromaster Warrior Discharge #5
Red "Fire Truck"
Contrary to her robust outward appearance, Discharge is a female Cybertron warrior. Few Cybertron fighters have seen her true appearance, as she is usually equipped in her heat-resistant armour. Devoting her passion to fire fighting and rescue missions, discharge really shines, no matter how she looks on the outside. She doesn't enjoy aggressively participating in battle, but she can be rather scary when angered.

Micromaster Warrior Sireen #6
White "Ambulance"
As his appearance suggests, Sireen is a doctor who conducts the Cybertrons' health care and medical treatment.  The equipment over his head doesn't store offensive weaponry, but rather various medical tools and devices so he can deal with all sorts of emergency repairs. He and D-Go of the liner team are old friends, and the two of them work together as the "central processors" of the Micromasters for designing strategies.



Six-Robot Gestalt Knight
This robot is formed when the six members of the build team combine. Boasts the greatest strength among the Micromasters. Though they thoroughly display this power in their fighting strength, they actually want to use their abilities for creation rather than destruction.

Micromaster Warrior Crush-Bull #1
Leader of the build team. A designer, crush-bull prefers it when things proceed systematically. Deeply sympathetic and sentimental, he has a weakness for being easily tricked. Glide says of him, "he's one calculating city-'bot."

Micromaster Warrior Digger #2
Power Shovel
A mighty robot boasting of his power. Puts strenuous effort into construction operations in combat, skilfully operating the shovel of which he's so proud. The mood setter of the build team, he devotes himself to the care of his team-mates. His famous way of chairing recreational times is known even among the Destrons.

Micromaster Warrior Ironlift #3
Crane Truck
A martial artist versed in all manner of hand-to-hand combat, Ironlift is very agile and specializes in work at high altitudes. He has excellent jumping power, and rumour has it that, leaping about from building to building, he's more ninja-like than the ninja-esque night.

Micromaster warrior Gran-Arm #4
The joker of the build team, Gran-Arm makes use of his tight-turning vehicular mode to charge through the battlefield. While his offensive ability is low compared to the other five, his bulky armour ranks him high on the team in defensive power. At times he has teamed up with digger to perform on TV shows.

Micromaster Warrior Treader #5
Dump Truck
Destron soldiers fear this taciturn 'bot's great fighting strength.  Spark and Leif adore him like a big brother. Apparently, long ago, he incurred a debt to Crush-Bull that he could never repay and now serves him loyally.

Micromaster Warrior Mixing #6
Cement Mixer
Just like Road Police, mixing is quite the gun-nut. His knowledge of weaponry is second to none, and his hobby is modifying Earth weaponry for his own use. On the other hand, he is also quite a pacifist, and it's his pet theory that once all the guns are his, no one could wage war any more.



Six-part Gestalt Hero
A combiner robot born of the fusion of the six members of the train team. His red mode turns his whole body crimson when activated it, although lasts only a short time. It boasts of the greatest power of any of the Micromaster gestalt warriors. As mild a team as they normally are, no one can hide their surprise at their complete change in “red mode”.

Micromaster Warrior Desire #1
Tokaido Bullet Train
The train team leader. Has an uncrushably strong will and righteous spirit. Despite losing his memories from before he evolved into a Micromaster, he was chosen as leader owing to his high popularity among his team-mates. With a greater hatred for evil than anyone else on the team, he appears to be grasping for both the lost memories of his past and the key to activating his red mode.

Micromaster Warrior Atlan #2
A martial artist with a supreme love of karate, Atlan’s hobby is hardening his body. He enjoys special training and never forgets to drill. The intensity of his paired training with Ironlift fascinates all who see it, drawing them in and not letting them go. The strength of Sixtrain's punching power can only be due to his combining with the team.

Micromaster Warrior Raise #3
Limited Express
Possessing a precognitive ability, raise has saved his team-mates from tight spots countless times. Though he says very little, the accurate decisions he makes using his ability earn immense trust from his partners. A very early riser, he loves to watch the sun rise over the ocean.

Micromaster Warrior San D-Go #4
Steam Locomotive
An engineer by nature, he busies himself daily with the maintenance of their metro base headquarters. With the help of the build team, he endeavours to power up the Cybertrons with the new items he produces in rapid succession. Deeply impressed by earth culture, he's had an episode in which he was going to hold a wedding ceremony with discharge.

Micromaster Warrior Windy #5
Yamagata Bullet Train
Though a splendid female warrior, in fact, her mental age approximates that of an earthling teenage girl, and she is engrossed more with love and gossip than battle. With her beautiful singing voice, she's the idol of the Cybertrons. She even seems to have secret admirers among the Destrons.

Micromaster Warrior Convertor #6
Freight Train
A historian, he is interested in Earth's history and devotes himself to research centred on ruins around the world. Extremely well-versed in Seibertronian history, he will offer advice to his companions using historical facts as examples. Though he affects a youthful air, he is the oldest of the Micromaster warriors.


Six-Robot Gestalt Soldier
This robot is formed when the six members of the Destron Sixwing team combine. They have superior flight ability and attack in consecutive aerobatic displays; also able to combine and separate in the air.

Micromaster Warrior Chain Gun #1
Combat Helicopter
The Wing Team Leader. His high-performance hovering ability lets him Transform freely in flight. His preferred tactic is to circle silently around behind his foe and then attack. "The surest way to defeat an enemy is from behind," is his motto. Won the position of leadership by his strength.

Micromaster Warrior Missile Run #2
Sonic-Speed Bomber
A schemer, he is the team's tactical officer. Has high-performance stealth abilities. With his strategically instructions to his team-mates, he can provide more precise orders than Chain Gun. Harbours a strong rivalry with D-Go of the Liner team.

Micromaster Warrior Raker #3
Space Shuttle
Raker excels in outer space combat and can make atmospheric re-entry under his own power. He specialises in diving attacks from high altitudes. A real flirt, he has frequently fallen into crises through his relations with femmes.

Micromaster Warrior Supersonic #4
Supersonic Passenger Jet
Loves beautiful objects, hates taking part in operations that get his frame dirty. Since he is always seeking beauty, even in attacks and destruction, he frequently conflicts with Chain Gun over strategies. Prefers flying at high altitudes above the clouds so rain won't get him wet.

Micromaster Warrior Flanker #5
Jet Fighter
The kind who's out to please everyone, flanker specializes overall in attacking the weak from behind the protection of the strong. Always alternating in siding with either Chain Gun or Supersonic, he actually views them both as beneath him. Secretly aiming to take the leader's position for himself.

Micromaster Warrior Falcon #6
Jet Fighter
The hardest worker on the wing team. Terse of speech, this soldier follows orders faithfully. However, he is also the only soldier among the Destrons to wonder why he evolved into a Destron and not a Cybertron, even as he continues fighting.


Wing (Jet Fighter) #1
A strong sense of responsibility, as leader of the Multiforce, he brings the team together. Under Commander Star Saber, he was assigned the defence of the solar system district, but in response to the recent accident, he has resolved to fight alongside the Micromasters.

Waver (Hovercraft) #2
Waver loves children, and during his free time, he goes cruising on the lake, giving rides to them. His abundant knowledge proves most useful in his role as Wing's adviser. As he was the central figure in the stealth experiments, he feels responsible for the current accident.

Dash (Super Car) #3
Focusing on the highways, he mixes in with other cars and gathers intelligence on the Destrons. He has really taken to his Stealth Mode, and has made headlines as the "Ghost Super Car" from his habit of disappearing as he races along.

Tacker (Halftrack) #4
Amply learned in things military, he is well-versed in combat tactics, serving as the Multiforce's strategist. Considering his fear of changing history with the recent accident, it is most interesting that it was Tacker who proposed contact with the Micromasters.

Mach (Space Shuttle) #5
Though he can be quick to fight, this warrior is gentle towards his team mates. Among the team, he is especially good friends with Tackle. When Windy pointed this out, Mach revealed a past episode in which the two of them had a major brawl, and he and the Micromasters rapidly became friends.

Tackle (4WD) #6
With his love of things like mountain climbing and camping and with his hobby of fishing, this warrior has a real taste for the outdoors. A survivalist fighter, he can combat on just about any kind of battlefield. Among the team, he seems to work best with Mach, and even in vertical combination, he seems to combine
more often with Mach.

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