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Transformers Siege

# Name Western Name Notes Original Price (Yen) Links:-
SG-01 Firedrive     874  
SG-02 Lionizer     874  
SG-03 Roadhandler & Swindler     1749  
SG-04 Sideswipe     3402  
SG-05 Autobot Cog     3402  
SG-06 Optimus Prime     5346  
SG-07 Ultra Magnus     8262  
SG-12 Hound     3402  
SG-17 Ironhide     3402  
SG-18 Autobot Six-Gun     3402  
SG-20 Pteraxadon     874  
SG-21 Red Heat & Stake Out     1749  
SG-22 Chromia     3402  
SG-23 Prowl     3402  

# Name Western Name Notes Original Price (Yen) Links:-
SG-08 Blowpipe     874  
SG-10 Stormcloud & Whisper     1749  
SG-11 Skytread     3402  
SG-13 Megatron     5346  
SG-14 Shockwave     8262  
SG-15 Aimless     874  
SG-16 Laserbeak & Ravage     1749  
SG-19 Starscream     5346  
SG-24 Soundwave     5346

It is a world transformed. Where things are not as they seem. It is a world of the Transformers...A world of the Heroic Autobots and Evil Decepticons!


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