Transformers War for Cybertron Trilogy: Earthrise (2020)


Name Japanese Name Size Class Notes Original Price ($) Gallery (Link)
Soundbarrier   Battle Master WFC-E1 5.99  
Smashdown   Battle Master WFC-E2 5.99  
Rung   Battle Master WFC-E14. Repackaged Siege Battle Master Rung 5.99  
Trip-Up & Autobot Daddy-O   Micromaster WFC-E3. Hot Rod Patrol 7.99  
Autobot Blast Master & Fuzer   Micromaster WFC-E16. Astro Squad 7.99  
Hoist   Deluxe WFC-E5. Tow Truck, based on 1985 Hoist 19.99  
Wheeljack   Deluxe WFC-E6. Sports Car, based on 1984 Wheeljack 19.99  
Cliffjumper   Deluxe WFC-E7. Sports Car based on 1984 Cliffjumper 19.99  
Ironworks   Deluxe WFC-E8. Modular base, based on Micromaster Ironworks 19.99  
Trailbreaker   Deluxe Retool of Autobot Hoist 19.99 Gallery
Sunstreaker   Deluxe Retool of Wheeljack 19.99  
Arcee   Deluxe WFC-E17 19.99  
Smokescreen   Deluxe WFC-E20 19.99  
Bluestreak   Deluxe WFC-E32. Walgreens Exclusive in North America 19.99  
Autobot Grapple   Voyager WFC-E10. Crane Truck, based on 1985 Grapple 29.99  
Optimus Prime   Leader WFC-E11. Tractor trailer based on 1984 Optimus Prime 49.99 Gallery
Sky Lynx   Commander WFC-E24. Based on G1 1986 Sky Lynx. Transforms from a Dino Bird & Lynx into s space shuttle & platform and base. 79.99  
Exclusive Figures
Ironhide & Prowl   Autobot Alliance Giftset Amazon Exclusive in North America. WFC-E31. A 2 pack containing Prowl, a repaint and minor remould of WFC-E20 Smokescreen and Ironhide, a heavy remould of WFC-S21 Ironhide from 2019 to resemble the 1984 version Nissan Cherry Vanette. 39.99  

Name Japanese Name Size Class Notes Original Price ($) Gallery (Link)
Decepticon Doublecrosser   Battle Master WFC-E39 5.99  
Bombshock & Decepticon Growl   Micromaster WFC-E4. Military Patrol 7.99  
Roller Force & Decepticon Ground Hog   Micromaster WFC-E15. Race Track Patrol 7.99  
Direct-Hit & Power Punch   Micromaster WFC-E40. Battle Squad 7.99  
Runamuck   Deluxe WFC-E37 19.99 Gallery
Fasttrack   Deluxe WFC-E35. Based on the small robot that came with the 1987 G1 Scorponok. This figure transforms into a tank and a Tyrant Spear to be held by Titan Class Scorponok. 19.99  
Decepticon Airwave   Deluxe WFC-E18. Based on the G1 Micromaster Base Airwave 19.99  
Megatron   Voyager WFC-E38. Remoulded Transformers Siege Megatron. TRansforms into a more earth styled tank mode. 29.99  
Decepticon Snapdragon   Voyager WFC-E21. Based on G1 Headmaster Horrorcon Snapdragon 29.99  
Starscream   Voyager WFC-E9. Jet, based on 1984 Starscream. Appear to be an upscaled version of the 2006 Deluxe Classics Starscream 29.99  
Astrotrain   Leader WFC-E12. Repackaged Siege Astrotrain, the toy itself does not feature any changes. 44.99  
Doubledealer   Leader WFC-E23. Transforms into a missile launcher truck, bird monster and a base. Based on G1 1988 Powermaster Doubledealer 44.99  
Scorponok   Titan WFC-E25. Based on the G1 1987 Headmaster Commander Scorponok. Transforms into a scorpion and base. 149.99  
Exclusive Figures
Centurion Drone   Exclusive Weaponizer Pack Hasbro Pulse Exclusive. WFC-E33. Based on the enforcers who protected Vector Sigma in the classic cartoon episode "Key to Vector Sigma". Silver repaint of Deluxe Class Decepticon Brunt. Comes with 17 G1 inspired accessories: Optimus Primes Energy Axe and Ion Blaster, Megatrons Energy Mace, Bumblebees blaster, Ironhides drill blaster, Cliffjumpers glass gas blaster, Sideswipes jetpack, Trailbreakers radar, mini alt mode of Refraktor (Reflector), Soundwave cassette player, Megatron gun, Shockwave gun, a cage for Ravage, Optimus Primes Roller, 2 Energon cubes. Also comes with a mini Optimus Prime to scale with Haslab Unicron. 29.99  
Wingspan & Decepticon Pounce   Giftset "Cybertronian Villains" WFC-E30. Target Exclusive in North America, Amazon exclusive in the UK. Rerelease of Titans Return Pounce & Wingspan which were previously packaged separately. 24.99  
Thundercracker & Skywarp   Giftset "Cybertronian Villains" WFC-E29. Target Exclusive. Redecos of Earthrise Starscream 59.99  
Ramjet & Dirge   Seeker Elite Giftset Amazon Exclusive in North America. WFC-E27. 2 pack of Voyager class Ramjet & Dirge, both remoulds and redecos of WFC-E9 Starscream. 59.99  
Thrust   Voyager "Cybertronian Villains" Target Exclusive in North America. WFC-E26 29.99  
Runabout   Deluxe Target Exclusive in North America. WFC-E41 19.99 Gallery


Name Japanese Name Size Class Notes Original Price ($) Links:-
Slitherfang   Battle Master WFC-E13 5.99  
Quintesson Allicon   Deluxe WFC-E19. Based on the Quintesson enforcers who transformed into a Cybertronian Alligator in the 1986 Transformers The Movie. 19.99 Gallery
Quintesson Judge   Voyager WFC-E22. Based on the Quintesson Judge as first seen in the 1986 Transformers The Movie. 29.99
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