Transformers War for Cybertron Trilogy: Kingdom


Name Japanese Name Size Class Notes Original Price ($) Gallery (Link)
Rattrap   Core WFC-K2. Rat. Based on Beast Wars Rattrap 9.99  
Optimus Prime   Core WFC-K1. Tractor Trailer cab. Based on G1 Optimus Prime 9.99  

Name Japanese Name Size Class Notes Original Price ($) Gallery (Link)
Vertebreak   Core WFC-K3. Dinosaur Skeleton 9.99  



Name Japanese Name Size Class Notes Original Price ($) Gallery (Link)
Warpath   Deluxe WFC-K6. Tank. Based on G1 Warpath 19.99  
Cheetor   Deluxe WFC-K4. Cheetah.Based on Beast Wars Cheetor 19.99  
Arcee   Deluxe WFC-K17. Cybertronian car. Repackaged Earthrise Arcee 19.99  
Huffer   Deluxe WFC-K16. Can tow Earthrise / Kingdom Leader Class Optimus Prime Trailer 19.99  
Airazor   Deluxe WFC-K14. Based on Beast Wars Airazor 19.99  
Autobot Tracks   Deluxe WFC-K26. Based on G1 Tracks 19.99  
Wingfinger   Deluxe WFC-K25. Dinosaur Skeleton. Released June 2021 19.99  
Wheeljack   Deluxe WFC-K24. Repackaged Earthrise Wheeljack 19.99  
Road Rage   Deluxe Red redeco & remould of WFC-K26 Autobot Tracks. Target Red Card Exclusive in North America 19.99  
Red Alert   Deluxe WFC-K38. White redeco of WFC-K42 Sideswipe. Released June 2021 19.99  
Slammer   Deluxe Based on G1 Slammer who came with G1 Metroplex 19.99  
Optimus Primal   Voyager WFC-K8. Gorilla. Based on Beast Wars Optimus Primal 29.99  
Inferno   Voyager WFC-K19. Retool & redeco of Earthrise Grapple. Based on G1 Inferno 29.99  
Rhinox   Voyager WFC-K27. Based on Beast Wars Rhinox. Released June 2021 29.99  
Blaster   Voyager Based on G1 Blaster 29.99  
Optimus Prime   Leader WFC-K11. Repackaged Earthrise Optimus Prime. Tractor Trailer 49.99  
Ultra Magnus   Leader WFC-K20. Retool of Siege Ultra Magnus which resembles the original 1986 G1 version 49.99  
T-Wrecks   Leader WFC-K20. Redeco of Megatron (Beast) based on Ultra Class T-Wrecks from 2000 Beast Machines Dinobots. Target Red Card Exclusive in North America. Released May 2021 49.99  
Rodimus Prime   Commander WFC-K29. Based on G1 Rodimus Prime. Car section can separate from the trailer. The trailer opens up into a battle platform. Released May 2021 79.99  
Autobot Ark   Titan WFC-K30. Comes with Teletraan 1 which transforms into Mainframe (based on the Actionmaster of the same name), Sky Spy and a miniature Optimus Prime 149.99  
Exclusive Figures
Tricranius Beast Power Fire Blasts Collection pack   Giftset WFC-K39. Hasbro Pulse Exclusive. Lava redeco and remould of Predacon Ractonite. Comes with 18 blast effect parts. Released October 2021 31.99  
Battle Across Time Collection: Maximal Grimlock & Autobot Mirage   Giftset WFC-K40. Exclusive with some stock available on Hasbro Pulse. Set of Autobot Mirage (redeco & remould of Siege Mirage for an Earthen mode) and Maximal Grimlock (redeco & remould of WFC-K18 Dinobot, based on Beast Wars Grimlock). Released November 2021 52.99  
Battle Across Time Collection: Maximal Skywarp & Sideswipe   Giftset WFC-K42. Exclusive with some stock available on Hasbro Pulse. Set of Sideswipe (remould of Siege Sideswipe for an Earthen mode) & Maximal Skywarp (redeco of WFC-K14 Airazor based on Beast Wars Silverbolt from the Magnaboss giftset but uses Takara's name from Beast Wars Second). Released November 2021 52.99  

Name Japanese Name Size Class Notes Original Price ($) Gallery (Link)
Soundwave   Core WFC-K22. Comes with Laserbeak cassette (non transformable) which stores in the chest. 9.99  
Blackarachnia   Deluxe WFC-K5. Spider. Based on Beast Wars Blackarachnia 19.99  
Paleotrex   Deluxe WFC-K7. Dinosaur Skeleton 19.99  
Ractonite   Deluxe WFC-K15. Dinosaur Skeleton 19.99  
Predacon Scorponok   Deluxe WFC-K15. Scorpion. Based on Beast Wars Scorponok 19.99  
Waspinator   Deluxe WFC-K??. Wasp. Based on Beast Wars Waspinator 19.99  
Cyclonus   Voyager WFC-K9. Cybertronian Jet. Based on G1 1986 Cyclonus 29.99 Gallery
Dinobot   Voyager WFC-K18. Velociraptor. Based on Beast Wars Dinobot 29.99 Gallery
Megatron (Beast)   Leader WFC-K10. Purple Tyrannosaurus Rex. Based on Beast Wars Megatron 49.99  
Galvatron   Leader WFC-K28. Based on Galvatrons appearance from the 1986 Movie. Comes with the Matrix and chain ad two additional weapons which resemble the "Revenge", a space craft given to Galvatron by Unicron. Early versions had misassembled shoulders, this was corrected for later releases. Released May 2021. 49.99
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