Masterlord Convoy A-01
Alternity Grand Commander Convoy
Transformation: Nissan GT-R
Convoy's new form, which transforms into a GT-R sports car, is a very unusual transformation in which he uses the super-material frame built into his body to link with the hyper-being from the future, "Alternity." This body which is known as the "Auto-Avatar," is in a way an avatar of Convoy that has evolved into a higher form. Alternity includes a collective of many Convoys from different dimensions and each of them can have its own avatar. So far the two Auto-Avatars that are known to exist are the silver one known as "Vector 01" that was created in the "BT World" from which Alternity originates, and the red traditionally-coloured "Vector 109." Each has ranged space-time weapons on both arms called "Tachyon Blasters" and in car mode they can activate the Timaeus Drive that opens the super-dimensional portal. With these new abilities Convoy will continue his mission to protect peace on Earth and defend freedom and will thus challenge Megatron's ambitions.
10, 10, 9, 10, 10, 10, 9, 10, 78

Masterlord Convoy A-01 super black
Alternity Grand Commander Convoy
Transformation: Nissan GT-R
This Convoy who uses "Vector - 704" Auto Avatar, is one with a unique background; he was once a disciple of the evil until he was redeemed and joined Alternity.
He was once a Convoy in a world no longer exist. He was reproduced by Unicron and for several thousand years tormented then turned into a destruction machine without a soul. He was defeated by the Cybertron's after a fierce battle and 9 hundred thousand years later, in Alternity era, he was welcomed among the Convoys.
His soul has been healed by the power and mercy of the Superior One and reborn as V-704. He arrived in present time Earth to work faithfully for the Alternity mission.
V-704 behaves as a thoughtful and skilled warrior but sometimes fights quite ruthlessly because of his different past battle experiences from other Convoys. He secretly wishes to fight Unicron but to concentrate on the urgent mission, which is to deal with their arch enemy Hytherion and Megatron, he has buried his personal desire deep inside.

10, 10, 9, 10, 10, 10, 9, 10, 78

Master Therion Megatron A-02
Alternity Emperor of Destruction Megatron
Transformation: Fairlady Z
This Transformer has a god of war like appearance and the ability to transform into a sports car. He is an incarnation of Megatron who has evolved to "Alternity", a higher level life form and he has been sent to Earth to unleash his power.
These bodies are called "Auto Avatars" and are the embodiment of Megatron's supremacy as the divine being and they in fact demonstrate extra-ordinary powers that defy imagination. Like Convoy, Megatron Alternity also consists of collective body of Megatrons from various dimensions, and there are the same numbers of Auto Avatars as Megatrons. Known individuals include <Blue>, who is from the original "BT World" and his first ally <Silver>. They gather forces to their Megatron unity for more power, and are ambitious to defeat Cybertron Alternity to achieve their domination.
10, 10, 9, 10, 10, 10, 8, 10, 77

Master Therion Megatron A-02 diamond black ver
Alternity Emperor of Destruction Megatron
Transformation: Fairlady Z
A black Megatron of perpetual darkness comes from a world of an extremely powerful Destron army, unparalleled at everything. This “Unjust Strength” is an extreme phenomenon and is beyond the understanding of this Megatron and was a great mystery. In the remote future he became a member of Alternity, Megatron now understands everything, beginning a strategy of conquest by using the power of Alternity to evolve ground based Destron's. His old army’s strength was a result of Megatron’s own intervention in his past, using his celestial energy to improve their power. However, the route Megatron took across the multi-dimensions to reinforce the Destron army was shattered by a counter-attack from the indomitable Cybertron soldier Ultra Magnus. In order that he has his victory, Megatron masterminds the game and makes his first celestial move.
10, 10, 9, 10, 10, 10, 9, 10, 78

Trickster Bumble A-03 champion yellow ver
Alternity Intelligence Agent
Transformation: Suzuki Swift Sport
Though Bumble had eminent sharp insight out of the Cybertrons before becoming apart of Alternity, he now uses auto avatar "Radius 903" which polishes his power even further. He has a sensory organ which enables him to establish the complex overlapping structure of the multi-world. He takes an active role as he had before as a messenger and spy of Alternity. He passed a severe 900,000 years of the "BT World" and has accomplished his evolution; while his companions think his power unsuitable. He feels great joy at being apart of Alternity and is proud of his great power. His companions lose confidence with him as he deviates from his abilities as he acts mischievous and exercises his power to these means. However, he is cheerful by nature and has great friendship and is considered the most approachable out of the Alternity by low-dimensional races.
3, 8, 8, 7, 8, 10, 2, 7, 53

High Protector Cliff A-03 supreme red pearl ver
Alternity Soldier
Transformation: Suzuki Swift Sport
He is the first generation of Alternity; Cliff of the "BT World" comes from 900,000 years of evolution direct to a standpoint at Alternity. He enjoys combat styles of old and lives by simple sense of values. He doesn't participate in the word of Alternity as it is too complex and feels surrealistic for him. He became a member of an aid agency the "Protectors" who cooperate with Alternity. He is willing to take on missions in time-domains Alternity cannot reach. His present body uses the auto avatar of Bumble but has been tuned with "deep past" exploration. In addition, he can exceed space-time with a link to the Transformer warp ion bundle.
Megatron has gained power to accomplish a higher-order evolution, even in the world of Alternity. This has stirred Cliff's heart now that confrontation is inevitable between the Cybertrons and Destrons.
4, 4, 8, 4, 7, 10, 9, 5, 51

Questor Commander Starscream A-04 white pearl ver
Alternity Commander
Mitsuoka Orochi
Starscream has been appointed Commander of the "Questors" agents organisation, under direct command of Megatron. His body is infused with a large amount of Hytherion's somatic cells that are also the source of Megatron's power, and as a result he has been monstrously strengthened.
He is aware that he is known for his ambitious and treacherous nature, and receiving such powerful upgrades has made him feel more puzzled than anything else. He is always suspicious that he might be a test case of some experiment. Regardless of his situation, Starscream still intends to avoid every trap and seek every possibility of defeating Megatron. His new alternative form still retains a flight mode and space travel mechanism, and to activate the all-surpassing Timaeus Drive, his whole body changes into Auto-Form. His appearance is true to his old nickname "Silver Snake" and distinctly embodies his cunning.
9, 9, 10, 9, 9, 9, 8, 8, 71

Questor Warrior Skywarp A-04 witch purple pearl ver
Alternity Warrior
Mitsuoka Orochi
Skywarp has been chosen as a candidate of the Destron Alternity and joins the "Questors", under Megatron's direct command. He has been given a special body that transforms into a ground vehicle which is designed to become his "Auto Avatar" once he evolves into a higher dimensional being. The body is able to travel between planets and dimensions and has potential abilities to conduct various types of higher dimensional battles. Adding to his original teleporting special power, now he has a reality warping ability that "manipulates and distorts reality". He uses it to his full advantage with his characteristic cunning which is prominent among the Destrons. Because he lacks intelligence, he hardly understands the concept of higher dimensional worlds, thus can't use his newly acquired powers without the orders from Megatron or the commander.
7, 6, 10, 7, 5, 8, 7, 7, 57

Questor Warrior Thundercracker A-04
Alternity Warrior
Transformation: Mitsuoka Orochi
As a member of the "Questors" under Megatron's direct command, Thundercracker was given a special body which transforms to a sports car like the other aerial soldiers. However, as he has always been devoted to the sky and accustomed to looking down the others moving on the ground, he finds it ironic and cannot help feeling humiliated by the fact that now he has a ground vehicle body even though he understands it is necessary for the Questors’ mission.
In addition to his standard Drone Rockets and Flamethrower Cannons on his arms; as well as the Power Zap ability that steals energy from the enemy or facilities; he is now equipped with the powerful Lightening Storm Gun weapon mode. When on a planet, he favors the tactics of shooting a controlled Sonic Boom to stun and panic the enemy. In the space he uses his Nova Concussion Generator for the same effect.
Thundercracker is not fully convinced of Destrons' cause; on a subconscious level he has some strong doubts. His disposition tends to show especially clearly when innocent lives are exposed to danger, and might gravely hinder Destrons from completing their missions.
7, 7, 10, 7, 5, 5, 8, 7, 56

Transformers Alternity Translated Tech Specs

Tech Specs courtesy of  TFWiki Swift & Quez for Convoy & TFW2005 SydneyY for Convoy super black, Starscream, Skywarp, Megatron & Thundercracker.
Bumble, Cliff & Megatron diamond black Translated & Interpreted by Jeremy Barlow © Soundwaves Oblivion 2009

Note: Names in red are Cybertrons (Autobots); names in purple are Destrons (Decepticons)
(Note: Tech Spec numerals in order of: Strength, Intelligence, Speed, Endurance, Rank, Courage, Firepower, Skill & Total.)

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