Binaltech Asterisk Transformers Translated Tech Specs

Translated & Interpreted by Jeremy Barlow © Soundwaves Oblivion 2020

Alert BTA-01
Motto: “I can't help it, geez!”
Transforms into a Subaru Impreza WRX Patrol Car. Partnered with Ai, together they carry out many patrols. His paranoid personality allows him to detect signs of incidents before they happen.

Ai Kurumi:
tto: “Stop that car!”
She's had a strong sense of justice since a child a
nd is now a rookie policewoman after always wanting to be one. Enjoys caring for others and treats Alert as if she were his big sister. On the contrary however, she hasn’t realised that someone else has been keeping her out of trouble. It would seem that there's been history between Ai and the Transformers even before she met Alert...

DoB: June 11 (Gemini)
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Drawing portraits
Specialty Sport: Softball
Favourite Colour: White
Favourite Food: Hamburgers, Soft Cream
Weaknesses: Garage parking, getting up early

Sunstreaker BTA-02
Motto: "Now THIS is how you race!!"
Transforms into a Dodge Viper. Takes pride in both his driving performance and appearance but finds it hard to take part in races when Junko is attracting all the attention. One of his favourite pastimes is to drive Junko around on weekends and show off his performance.

Junko Shirakami
Motto: "And I just wanted to enjoy a drive!"
The Race Queen for “Team Autobot”, she's rapidly gaining popularity due to her outstanding style and looks. She took the job because of her passion for cars. Loves driving but hasn’t had much luck with cars which is probably the reason she ended up with Sunstreaker.

DoB: November 5 (Scorpio)
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Driving
Specialty Sport: Swimming
Favourite Colours: Red
Favourite Food: Grilled meat
Weaknesses: Cooking

Broadblast BTA-03
“I’m fed up with this dangerous reporting...ahhh!!”
Transforms into a Toyota bB. Lumina's parents have entrusted him with her care and he even supports her behind the scenes when they are out reporting. He is gentle and shy. Struggles to summon up the courage in critical situations.

Lumina Hoshii:
Motto: “I got the scoop!”
A rookie announcer for a television station, she is passionate about reporting especially on location. As she grew up in a wealthy family she can be selfish and naive but this is her only flaw. Broadblast is both her transportation and relay vehicle, helping maintain her professionalism.

DoB: July 7 (Cancer)
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Reading (Detective Novels)
Specialty Sport: Tennis
Favourite Colours: Pink
Favourite Food: Kiwi, Prunes
Weaknesses: Heights, Horse Riding
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